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Photo TR: Derek does the OC

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With a free weekend, I figured a good day trip was in order. Wasn't too fond of Knoebels with company picnics and a newly reopened pool, Dorney is meh, SFGAd is a big oh hell no, so when I discovered the new L&T coaster was finally opened down in Ocean City, I set my plans.


Earlier this year you may recall I went down to OC, Maryland. While the places share the same name, I much prefer the Joisey one. Its not as redneck, the beach seems equally as nice (even if you do have to pay to get on it), and the traditional food is definitely worth the trip. So what if its a dry town!?


Its actually Gillian's Waterpark. Never been in it


Heehee, it looks like Gilligan's Island, but its not!


Its kinda like Grotto's in Rehoboth, its just ok.


Mack and Manco's is the most popular pizza in Ocean City


SharkTums does NOT like this minigolf!


I guess its what happens if you try to teach monkeys to make cinnamon buns, its a Jersey thing


And Monkey Bread! WTF IS Monkey Bread??


But who cares about the coasters, lets get back to the food. Like Kohr Bros Ice Cream!


They've also got a highly unthemed Flitzer


I already got the credit, but I can still take a picture of the Vertical Loop for all my fans


Oooh goodie, Pinfari looper, no Ocean City would be complete without one


Like this kiddie coaster (yes, adults can ride)


Castaway Cove is another little park in Ocean City, home to 3 coasters


More minigolf!


Good stuff, save some for later!


While we're here, lets grab some Fralinger's Salt Water Taffy


Ike's was a pretty good stop for lunch, though I preferred the lobstercake to the crab


Guess I'll be calling off of work tomorrow!


Here's my crabcake served with butterfly fries, fresh made


The fruit iced tea was pretty tasty too


Ike's was featured on the Food Network for its awesome crabcakes


The red and blue monsters say "Hi Robb, please come eat us!"


Oh yeah, and minigolf, which is probably why Elissa still doesn't have these credits, she's afraid she'll have to play a round with me


Like many beach towns, you'll find a boardwalk with lots of t-shirt shops and pizza places


The reason I came back is because there's 2 new credits for me at Gillian's! But they're not opened yet, so lets get food


Welcome to Ocean City, New Jersey!

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And now, our feature presentation:


Lots of dips and turns, and even a helix!


And a tad different layout from the Joyride at PowerPark


Really compact little thing, I wasn't expecting it to be located here


Exclusive shot! (though most of these are probably since it just opened!)


I approve


Roomy with nice T-bars


The trains are comfortable too, although a little coffin-y


I guess they worked with Stengel and Intamin again on this project


Surprisingly smooth, and fun


Here's the newly constructed Runaway Train from L&T




Joe is probably crying now, knowing that this is where the City Jet used to reside


OMG, its a Wacky Worm, another staple for a town called Ocean City


Finally Wonderland was opened!

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Mas fotografias!


Awww, thanks. It was shore nice to get 2 more credits too, and lots of food!


Where other parts are booming!


Some parts of Ocean City's beach are really quiet and laid back


"I've got my tub, lets hit the road!"


And Johnson's Popcorn is the staple souvenir from every trip to Ocean City


Grab some fudge for the road


Credits achieved, it was back to food


"I'm a bear and I want Robb and Joey to spin inside my tummy, har har!"


They've even got a cuddle up


For all you pirate ship enthusiasts


And we can't forget about Dick!


And have a monorail that circles the park


They recently added a drop tower too


And one more credit for Robb and Elissa (2 for Jeff Johnson!) ((4 if he rides it today, on his birthday!))


They've even got a permanent log flume


And I don't think I've seen one of these since Knoebels got rid of theirs!


An Elissa approved ride


Lots of kiddie rides


The ferris wheel can be seen from the Garden State Parkway


Playland may have like 30 rides, but I prefer Gillian's assortment

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Nice pictures. I like Ocean City a lot, enough that I go 5 - 6 times a summer.


I also had the chance to ride the new coaster this past Monday,


Overall I thought the ride is fun and a decent family coaster, not too intense but fun. I thought the ride forceless except for the last helix and it didn't go that fast.


It's not something I would ride more than once a visit (since it's pay as you go), but for what it is, it was fun. I also wish they would have kept the City Jet because I thought that was a more fun ride and those Schwarkopz spiral lift hill rides are hard to find today.


I prefer Playland to Gillian's because I'm not into flats that much and I think Playland has the better coasters.


I didn't know adults could ride the Miner Mike without kids. I don't have that credit yet but I'm not sure I have the guts to ride that coaster (I rode the kiddie coaster at Playland over Memorial Day weekend and it was uncomfortable being the only person over the age of 8 riding alone)

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Were you at the FLCC meet at Old Town like 5 years ago where we all rode that Mixer death trap thing and I could get out of my restraint?!! I thought you were there too and we both were demonstrating how safe that ride was!


Nice TR! I'm kind of confused by this whole L&T doing decent midsized rides thing!!!

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^Oh yeah, I remember that! I'm not sure though, but I think Knoebels still had their Axis then, or had just gotten rid of it. In any event, I'm sure you're aware I skipped riding it at the pier.

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^I think the Drop Tower you're thinking of was the S&S Double Shot down at Playland Castaway Cove.


The tower at Gillians is fairly new, within the last 2 years I believe, as I don't remember it being there before that.


And yes, the airtime on the double shot is terrific. I wonder if S&S ever developed a larger version of it like the rumors were saying way back in the day.

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That little train coaster actually looks like fun. I've never ventured onto the Jersey shore, mainly because I've been too busy crusiing on the Turnpike toward NYC.


Thanks for the pics.

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Nice photos! Ocean City NJ looks a lot nicer than the Ocean City in MD.


There's quite a few parks along that Jersey Shore that you could kill a couple of days at.

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