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I Challenge Robb Alvey

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Heh...I appreciate the offer...but I'm just not much really of the "competitive" type. I honestly don't think what I do is really that amazing anyway and I'm just apprecaitive of everyone who likes our stuff for what it is!


Also, for our BBQ's the apartment complex has strict rules about what you can and can't do, which is why in the past we've done the cooking ourselves or managed the catered food - no pot lucks or anything like that.


--Robb "Not out to win any competitions." Alvey

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Wow! Wallys wings look about as good as wings can possibly get! I'll be stunned if those came out of some frozen Costco bag.


Nothing that I've ordered from the local "Wing-Stop" looks as good as the wings you cooked up today. Eventhough, I haven't had the chance to try the Alveys infamous Hot-Wings, I have heard that they are painfully delicious!!!

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Exactly the reason I don't like competition. Nothing I have done with my wings has ever made me think that I'm better/worse than anyone else. Worthy of "winning" anything, etc. I just make them how I like them I hope people like them too. Never felt like I had to make them a certain way or meet a standard, or that I would doing anything special, etc.... I honestly would NEVER, EVER do anything like this, because if, for whatever reason, people did say they liked my wings better than someone else's I wouldn't want someone else to feel badly about that.


Now with this added pressure, I think I'll just order pizza for the next party.


--Robb "Thanks guys...." Alvey

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