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Chance Turbo info required

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weeow, check out the video from ride-extravaganza.com


The Chance Turbo ride is the BEST! Hands down in my opinion. It may look a little slow on that video, but it really tricks you. Halfway through the ride, it suddenly goes into TURBO speed..this is when the cages get fliped over in all directions. The forces are much like a Zipper, but so much more evil and twisted. The cages pivot from the back panel, and it is very strange when you get thrown over - sideways! You just don't know where you are heading most of the time. One minute on your side, next face down toward the ground, next up high upsidedown looking to the sky. It's so unique and fun.


I live in Australia, and at one stage we had 2 Turbos operating I believe (quite some years ago). At present, we have one I know of in refurb... hopefully it won't be too long until it get's back to our shows. It's a real beast of a ride. If anyone ever ever see's this ride anywhere, a fair, carnival, whatever, just do yourself a favor and go ride it. You won't regret it. Actually, you will probably go back for a 2nd or 3rd ride, it is that good.

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Bumpin' up this ancient old thread.

Got to ride one of these a couple times back at a county fair in the mid-late 70s.

Not too much info out there, but does anyone know if there are any of these still operating, or will be this Summer?


Some video:

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Definitely one of the more intriguing and eye-catching of the lost flat rides. I know a few years back, there was still one operating in Australia--is that no longer true, or has it just been overlooked lately? It seems like there are always carny types claiming they want to bring back rides like these, yet it never seems to happen. Hopefully someday.

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There are currently no operating Turbo's in Australia. I do know that Bell's Amusements are in fact refurbishing their model still but the exact timeframe is still up in the air. I did see some photos on a Facebook group dedicated to this ride, but it appears to have been deleted sadly.


I have been told by a friend that does work on the show circuit that the owner of the ride has uploaded photos onto his private Facebook page showing an update on the cars as of yesterday. I don't see the harm in posting the photo's that have been posted as it's not exactly hidden much.



A photo of the carriages



One of the two hubs in the centre of the ride

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Looks like the restoration down under is complete.



Reliable info is hard to come by but sure seems like this thing should be up and running on the Aussie circuit.

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There was one here at Maple Leaf Village in Ontario, Canada, but I heard it was scrapped. I believe this was the one sitting at Conneaut if I am not mistaken. Unfortunately I never rode it, I do have regrets about that but I was really too little to ride it and it sounds like its a very intense ride. I would have loved to have tried it though. I do remember sitting under it and eating ice cream.

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