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Mini Photo TR: First "Sign" of BGE's New Ride

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^ We're sending them George Bush. We're tired of dealing with him.


Watch it be a SheiKra clone, painted white, and called something french, like "Le Bird!" or something...


Colin C


I doubt it will be a clone of Sheikra. The poster did say like "nothing else in the world"

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Why is it that all Busch parks are B&M heavens?


Because they're smart. Comfortable, good looking, people-movers with excellent reliabilty that open on time (aside from weather related delays).......that's why Busch chose B&M. They haven't let 'em down yet, have they?

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Also, since A-B has installed their B&M products within the varied park chain, their maintenance costs (coaster-budgets as they were referred to 8yrs ago) have been reduced by 19%. They also have a reliability rate (uptime parameters..etc) of 91% (as of 2004) and the ease by which management can train their operators. Some say less lawsuits (although 'actual figures' that has yet to be proved, but not as much incidents/injuries when compared to the other product line of coasters currently operating).

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**Couple of "destruction" pic updates. Within the next week or two, LMR will not only be a memory, but some will forget it even existed. It's always refreshing how BG tends to be careful with the environment (saving trees, etc). Also note how much of Nessie you can see now with the trees/land-clearing.


Link: http://matt.coaster-net.com/images/pictures/displayimage.php?album=24&pos=237




**BGE's website is giving clues almost weekly. Check-out some interesting additions to the 07 teaser.


Link: http://www.buschgardens.com/bgw/ar_rides.aspx



**Host: William Bernstein, Jr. of CWN interviewed Diane Centeno, PR-Mgr for BGE/WC/Kingsmill. Although no specifics on the 07 ride, they discussed several interests within the park (including WC). Interested parties can watch the video at the following:


Link: http://www.coasterworldnews.com/v2/?cat=media&page=player&address=EXCLUSIVE%20BGE%20INTERVIEW.wmv

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Good Morning, All,


I spent last night at BGE to look at the progress on the destruction of the old LeMans Raceway, as well as to check out Kinetix (the replacement for Imaganique) and do some ridin'. Kinda hot and sticky, but there was a light crowd, and I was able to get some great after-dark rides on all the coasters, with DarKastle thrown in for good measure. (Note to Ryan King: There's a "living statue" dude in the DarKastle queue who will totally pound it with you.)


And now, a look at the devastation that was LeMans--BGE is moving pretty quickly on this.




PS--Kinetix was OK, but I'm not exactly an aficionado of theme-park shows. Like Imaganique, this is "Cirque d'Soleil" lite, only with an onstage rock band and more dancing. The trampoline act was probably the best part.


Remember--nothing runs and digs and crushes and destroys like a Deere!


Hmm--move this shed to So Cal, and it's a $1.5 million fixer-upper opportunity.


OK, I want hard hats and goggles, people!


A refugee from the ruins makes off with a precious piece of waffle cone.


. . . and "immense strength" is required. Perhaps BGE will offer "Griffon Super Stick" deodorant as a tie-in.


. . . of a "vertical" nature . . .


So there's "flight" involved . . .


Even Alpengeist is impressed by the destructive forces that have been unleashed.


Boy, those crepe myrtles are tough! Wonder how much time they have left?


. . . the devastation being wrought less than 100 yards away!


From the skyride: A Clydesdale grazes peacefully, totally unaware of . . .

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That is the new ride at BGE now.


The John Deere Classic bumper car ride (staring Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman).


Great Update on the pic 'ye rebel hunter. They sure did not waste any time in getting the land prepped for its newest beast. I'm curious how the feeling was riding Nessie when you first come out of the station. It has to be a sort-of eerie feeling seeing all those trees missing. Still somewhat saddened that LMR is gone, but it ran its course (and mileage). I really can't wait to see how the ride will utilize the terrain and the landscaping that follows.


Awesome update.

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It is a rather eerie sight when you round the turn out of Nessie's station and encounter all the devastation--and when you fly by on Alpengeist. I, too, am looking forward to seeing how Nessie, Alpie, and Griffie (?) interact with one another.

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