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Photo TR: Coaster Palooza X.2 The Texas Version

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oh and i stuck my head in the mr freeze que, and it was very very creepy...all the music was on and it was doing that hahahahahahahaha creepy laugh when you wait in line...BTW, that awesome themeing in that que is what makes the ride that much better!!!

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Just one more day to add here Soren. I hope you have fun on your days off and I am looking forward to some trip reports from you too.


Oh yeah, I can´t wait to see the rest! Hehe... I was at MGM with Chrissie on my day off and I have some real good pictures! I will post them soon!



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Day 3 – July 3


We had planned to use the Q-Bot system today to get through the lines we were anticipating. Unfortunately we didn’t arrive when the park opened. We were pulling in around 10:15. We paid $20 to park in the premium lot, which was fine since we didn’t pay yesterday, and headed to the Q-Bot station. We were told it would be $45 for the 2 of us, or we could get a VIP tour and exit line entries to the rides we wanted for $60. We thought this was the better idea of the 2 and decided to take it. It was by far the best decision of the trip!


Our tour guide was Annessa. She really knew the lay-out of her park and the rides. There were 2 other people in our group, Rich and Jordan, it was Jordan’s birthday and Rich, his father, thought this would be a great treat. It turned out that it was. All 4 of us had an awesome time. We started out at Titan, then Texas Giant. Both rides were in the front row! We got our picture from Titan since we didn’t get it the night before. Next, we went to Runaway Mountain, followed by Superman and then the Oil Drigger. This was a good move because later in the day it was closed due to high winds. Just behind Oil Drigger is Shockwave, so we rode that, then Mine Train and skipped Mini Mine Train. No reason to waste our time on that ride today. Unfortunately Mr. Freeze is down, but we rode Flashback, and Batman. At this point, we had 1 more hour left. We rode Superman again and then headed to the front. Last night we rode Judge Roy Scream a few times and didn’t feel we needed to waste time going over there again today. Annessa gave us each 3 Flash Passes to ride 3 rides on each one and we could go up the exit line on all those rides. It felt like our on personal ERT of the whole park!


We went to La Vibora for our final ride with Annessa. She said to be at the Chinese acrobat show at 3pm for our exclusive VIP seating for the show. It was 2pm and we decided to have lunch. Rich and Jordan went to the same place too.


After lunch, we thought that we could get a ride on Texas Giant before the show. This turned out to be a really bad idea. We rode in the last row, first bad choice. The ride sucks in the back. It is almost as bad as Son of Beast. Finally the ride ended, but the damage was done. I think my video camera broke on the ride. I don’t know what’s wrong, but every time the sun hits something I was filming, it is extraordinarily bright. I don’t have the backlight on and I don’t know what to do except take it in to get it fixed. Enough with all that though.


After the ride, we headed to the show. This has to be one of the best shows we have seen. The Chinese acrobats are very talented and they do a great job. If you have a chance, go see it. There are some amazing twists that this old body can’t do and probably could never do!


The rest of the time we just bounced from ride to ride going up the exit ramp with the flash passes. We saw the cowboy show at 7pm. That was a good one too and not that well attended. We were a little worn down at this point and thought it would be good to have dinner outside of the park. We went to a BBQ place called the Memphis Red and Blue. They had Sam Adams Summer Ale on tap! After a good dinner, it was back to the hotel for some sleep.


We slept in on July 4th and flew home in the afternoon. A great trip to Texas!


Some final thoughts: The parks weren’t that crowded for 4th of July weekend. SFFT is a neat little park as is SWT. SFOT is big and if you don’t use the Q-Bot, that’s fine, but I would suggest using it or the VIP tour. The VIP tour was just $15 more and we felt like we had a personal ERT the whole day!


Thanks for reading!


Nothing beats a first class flight home. Thanks for looking!


MMM dinner at the Red Hot and Blue


Now they're leaving, and it is on with the show.


They bring all the flags out.


Here is the speach of "One Riot, One Ranger!"


That's the painted horse you saw earlier.


We are ending our day at the park with the cowboy show.


I had Gyendolynne show off our 3 flash passes that contained 3 different rides on them each for us the rest of the day.


Here we are waiting to ride the parachute ride.


This was our tour guide, Annessa. We are sitting in our VIP seats for the Chinese acrobat show.


I thought something was beginning to smell...


Daffy Duck stole this basketball from a kid. It was pretty funny.


Rich and Jordan are behind us on the ride. It was Jordan's birthday too.


This was our last ride on the tour. It's a tobaggon (sp?) ride. Really neat!


We decided not to ride Flashback, but Rich and Jordan did. They're in the front row.


One of the MANY neat flat rides here.


Are we back at SFFT? We were told that this was from the movie set and they decided to give it to Texas.


This is how far away we actually are. That is the Rangers' stadium in the background.


and a quick zoom in on Texas Giant


I was able to zoom all the way over to Titan


You get a really good view from up here.


I don't think I have ever seen this photo posted before.


Us up at the top


Wow, no high winds. :)


Then we went backstage at the cowboy show to find this bull. He loved to be pet, so we did and Gyendolynne got a tongue licking on her hand!


We were able to take a back way to the back of the park from RW and this horse was out for a little petting.


Some neat theming at Runaway Mountain


Our Exclusive on-ride photo! Thanks for the shirt Robb.


Always one for safety!


We didn't get a chance to ride Runaway Mountain last night, so here's our opportunity with no wait!


After we got our VIP tour, we headed straight to Titan for a quick ride and then the Texas Giant. Here is our on-ride photo. The two behind us were on the tour too.


Just inside Six Flags Over Texas

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Nice TR!


Apparently Six Flags is testing these VIP tours at Over Texas and Great America. Then they want to roll them out company-wide. Sounds like they're a great deal, and not terribly overpriced. ($30/person? Not bad at all for a experience like that. There were only four people in the group!)

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^^^I can't recommend the VIP tour enough! We were only going to be there for the one day, but we were able to go the night before also. Our plan was to get the Q-bot, but when they said the VIP tour was $60 and the Q-bot for the day was $45, I figured it was a no-brainer. They have two tours a day. One starts at 11am and the other one starts at 3pm. There were only 4 of us in the group which was great too.


I am looking forward to Six Flags having them at other parks. I didn't know SFGam had it, or else we would have done it there too!


Thanks Julie and Soren! I enjoy your TRs also.


Sorry for such a late reply, but we're having work done on the house and my computer access at home is a little spotty at best.

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