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Six Flags Terricona (RCT 2) FINALLY FINISHED!

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I've been working on my "Six Flags Terricona" park for over a month because I just recently discovered how to construct my own buildings for themeing purposes. Sad huh? lol....I know...funny things is, I own all the RCT games and the exspansion packs and never knew how to build my own buildings... Anyhow..Since i'm a bit of a newbie to themeing my park, tell me what you guys/gals think..suggestions and tips are encouraged!

With that said, the park has three themed areas: Japan, Egypt & Brazil. Now for some reason, the park mission I used to construct my park ("The Build your own Six Flags Texas" mission) doesn't have the japanese themeing...with reaserch funding to the max and finished... I do have both Time Twister and Wacky Worlds installed...(I guess it depends on what park you use ) On to the pics:


Another shot of some of the rides in the Japan Area.


An overview of what's done in japan so far, but I still have LOTS to do. I have made the "Fujin River" run through Japan.


The "Soon-to-be-constructed Egypt" area.


Tyjuk-Ei the ride. Two different ride layouts, blue rails layout and red rail layout.


Here's Tyjuk-Ei's ride station and Eatery, also the info/atm/bathroom building.


Here's Andaconda, partily built over water with 4 inversions. I'm thinking of re-tracking it. Also in Brazil.


Here's Panthera (yea yea...Scientific name for Panther) Parts go underground. Also constructed in Brazil.


Here's Jabiru (Scientific name for some bird in Brazil/orange & red coaster) and Black Widow (deadly spider of course/ black, purple and green coaster) also in the Brazil Area.


Here's Tigra (Scientific name for Tiger), the first ride constructed in the Brazil Area. A twisted hyper.


Brazil's Entrance from Lobby


Egypt's Entrance from Lobby


Japan's Entrance from Lobby


SFTerricona's Lobby Area


SFTerricona's Entrance


Overview of Six Flags Terricona

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but your coasters are unrealistic.


Maybe your right, but I kinda wasen't aiming entirely at building a "close to real" park...But at the same time, I was thinking of what ceartin things would look like in real parks, and try to incorporate it into the park. As far at the coasters go, i'm gonna re-do the "Anaconda" coaster. I don't think there's anything wrong with "Panthera"...um...and maybe I should re-track Tigra...it'll be a bit hard coming up with a new layout in that small area. But, i'ma gonna do some exstensive work....i'll update as I go along. Also, I will re-paint Black Widow.

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they are pretty unrealistic now that i think about it...


like panthera's airtime hill after the drop is tiny compared to the drop, and the layout is that good, and that big inverted one is pretty unrealistic to, because you'll probably be going like 70mph through the in-line twist...

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SO, It took almost a year or two (for one reason or another), but I finally finished this park. If you go back to the first page, you'll see the park in it's stages when I started to revamp the project again back in 2006.


Then, the park was broken up to 3 different themed areas (Egypt, Japan & Brazil.) Since 2006, I've changed that drastically! There are still three different areas (World of Fun, World of Chaos & World of Terror) all named according to how the rides are in that area of the park. You can't really tell that there are three different divided areas unless you go to the parks lobby right after you enter the park. You'll see each entrance to each of the three areas. they are all separated by a fence all around it's border...the same color of it's entrance. I have a tram that rolls over head all three entrances as well all over the entire park!


Now along with the park, I built two Hotels on the Beach Front I made (and those hotels alone took some hours!) I also built a "Kid's Kingdom" (basically, it would be a arcade/playhouse like Chucky Cheese---if it were in real life that is lol)


There are 16-17 coasters and numerous thrill rides scattered about. I was new to custom building things like ride stations, hotels, eatery's ect. so some rides have custom built stations and theming, some may not. Though I landscaped the park well (imo anyways!) so those rides without custom stations didn't really stick out.


Below are a few pictures of the park, check the park out to see the rest! (Turn back to page one for the older version of the park!) ENJOY & LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK, GOOD OR BAD! Later! P. S. the saved game is in a .zip file at the bottom of the page and you'll also need "Wacky Worlds & Time Twisters" Expansion Packs!


Last picture, this would be my shuttle coaster (that boasts only a heartline roll) titled "Steel Bullet". Now go and experience the rest of the park!


This inverted beast was originally going to sport a Yellow/Black color scheme under the name Batman: Dark Flight, but I changed the paint choice and named it "Fiasco".


In this picture, this area is not part of any of the 3 divided areas. this was a last minute addition due to the fact that I had so much unused grass! You can see "Tombaé" (Red/Purple-Hyper), "Trithar" (Yellow/Orange-Triple looper) & "Hawk" (The Grey Woodie)!


What's a Six Flags park without a Superman Coaster? (lol) This is Superman: Ride of Fear and partial of the water fall in the middle.


This huge hotel is the: "DajQuina Knight Inn" and you can see partial of it's guest pool area on right and part of the parking lot on the left!


This somewhat huge hotel is: "Crown Bay Express!" Also you can see the guest's pool and relax area to the hotel.

Six Flags Terriconna.zip

Six Flags Terriconna Resorts!

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^Darn it...I forgot that I renamed it at the last minute because I used the maximum amount of ride signs allowed. "Steel Bullet" used two so I changed it to just "Stealth" so I could use the other sign on another ride. Thanks for the comments, more are welcomed!

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Nice park! I love it how everything is packed; there's alot to explore in the park. Theming is great. Coaster are most of the time unrealistic (like the final turn of Dracuhen - ouch!!), but (strangely) that doesn't bother me at all! You did a great job.

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^=) , thanks...yeah, after I built it, I was ready to re-do it over because it is a bit unrealistic...but I figured the guests love it, so i'll just leave it as is. I didn't want to re-vamp it so I could, focus on the layout of my next park. In which I will begin the tedious task of starting, right after I get the basics thought out...Only this time, I'm not going to take extremely long to finish!

Also, yeah, I packed the rides and scenery because I wanted to put the right amount of rides in. Also I wanted whoever is checking the park out to be able to explore the park non-stop. You don't have to scroll halfway across my park just to see the next ride because everything is nicely packed closely. It also allows for rides and the neighboring rides to interact (in real life giving riders awesome visuals and experiences!)

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