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Photo TR: Camden Park - July 1

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I hadn't been up to Camden Park (Huntington, West Virginia) yet so I decided to take the West Virginia Turnpike (I-77), pay a few tolls and check out the park.


It was an OK park at best. They had some cool old flats though and the two coasters weren't bad. Weren't great, but they were ok.


To check out all my photos visit here. http://community.webshots.com/album/552028896gHlNCi


Hey kids! This is rusty the clown! Come on in to my dumpy little park! Ok it wasn't that bad.


Big Dipper - A pretty nice old wooden coaster. It has the single lap bar, no seatbelts and one massive ejector spot and then some nice air on the other hills. The guy is saying "Grrrr. I'm being anti-social. Throw me out of the park. Please!"


Bull Eye. Another classic flat ride.


Go already! This is like being on the West Virginia Turnpike!


Like yo. I'm not going to ride with my restraint down!


Log flume.... remind anyone of a certain road in San Francisco?


Smallest lift on a log flume ever!


Zamperla flying ride. It was ok, but it reminded me of riding a paratrooper on your stocmach.


Worst mini golf ever!


Haunted House. This thing should count as a credit!!! It has a LIFT HILL and it runs on gravity! It's not scary at all, but it's still fun twisting and turning on those cars that feel like they will fall apart any second.


Jr. Whip. Everyone say it together... Aweeeeeeeeee!


The kid in the second row is like freaking out! He must have seen a picture of Robb!


These people are having way too much fun on Lil' Dipper.


They had a new set of flyers. But no snapping was possible. At least for me. :(


The swan is thinking... ooooh! That feels good!


I finally got to ride my first whip! It was a lot of fun!

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Glad you survived the trip. Is the shuttle loop still standing? How long did it take you to get there from Charlotte?


The shuttle loop is no longer there. I didn't even know they used to have one till I was planning this trip.


Drive time is about 5 hours from Charlotte (not including stops).

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Grrr. I was planning on going last month, but I could never get transportation...It actually looks like fun though...Oh well, I'll be back in Huntington August 11th. Until then, I'm off to Holiday World

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Great TR Wes, one question though.. is the Skydiver still there? Thats probably the thing I'm looking forward to most when I go in a few weeks. Here is a pic of the one at Lakemont if you aren't sure...



The most insane flat ride ever.


Once again thanks for the TR and now I'm REALLY looking forward to my visit later in the month!


EDIT: Durr a look in your pics reveals all..


Why didn't you ride? Was it down? Or did you just chicken out..

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^ I was going to ride but they don't allow single riders.


I was by myself so I didn't have a way to ride. There weren't but two teenage girls in line for it and I wasn't going to do the creepy old guy thing and ask to ride with one of them. lol


It looks fun though.

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Yeah Skydivers are real rides.


It looked fun, but like I said no single riders.


It's like a Ferris wheel gone totally wrong.


It appears to have a wheel inside that you can control if you are upside-down or not.

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Pretty much Wes. At the one at Lakemont I just spun the wheel like we were in some Teacups or something, it was the most crazy, intense, maddening, insane, flat ride ever. I'll have to get some video (maybe even POV) in a few weeks. I think Skydivers and Zippers are probably 1-2 in my 'favorite flat' category.


-J (Mmmm Old School Chance..)

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^^ Skydivers are pretty insane. We always had one at our yearly carnival all the way through grade school. I can't ever remember anyone being able to ride solo. I believe they required a second rider to act as "padding" to compensate for what little there is in those cars.

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