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Photo TR: Adventureland (Iowa) 7/5/06

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With a season passes to Adventureland, we decided to head down again. The place was pretty dead (one train/cycle waits for most rides). Tornado was running much better than a few weeks ago, which was really nice, because it was pretty kick butt.


Lunch was a sub at the sub place in the park. You fill out your order on a sheet of paper (with check marks), and give it to the cashier, where you pay for it. Then you pick it up. I had a great 6 in. roast beef sub and a drink for only $6, which is acutally close to normal Subway prices. Very reasonable.


Overall, it was a great day. The employees were great, and it was just really fun.


If anyone would like larger versions of the photos, please let me know. I am heading to Adventureland again next week, so let me know if you have any photo requests. Additional Adventureland photos are located in this photo TR: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=26042


Let's go through the prison exit.


Riding the A-Train is fun... with friends!


Hey, I though Fuji-Q was in Japan!


All the guys are getting their balls squashed into oblivion. But, if you put your feet up on the bar, like some are doing, you are fine.


Ha, a pirate ship credit that Tommy and James don’t have!


They do some flippy goodness, and here she is at the end of the ride. She looks to be doing better than the girl on the right! WTF?


Here she is meditating before the ride.


This really old lady went on the mini Top Spin, Splash Over.


Really politically incorrect, and so great. (BTW, check out the stoned pink rabbit on the left side of the picture).


There are a few things in this picture that you don’t see much on coasters anymore. The lack of airgates, buzz bars, and skid brakes. The brakes are manually controlled with a button on this ride and Outlaw, so the operator has to pay attention.


Dragon is incredibly forceful, and it feels like your lungs are going to be ripped out on the first helix. Greying out is extremely common on the second loop. Too bad the ride sucks as a whole.


This is a great first drop in the back seat (as is the Tornado’s), although I feel that both are front-seat rides. (Though the famed PTC 1-3 trick holds true for the Tornado, also).


Someone asked for a view of the rest of Outlaw’s layout, here it is.


Outlaw may be small, but it packs a nice little punch in a small package.


This hill here produces some of the most intense lateral air, ever.


Outlaw is a fun little coaster; the second CCI coaster, but designed by (now of) GCI’s Mike Boodley.


On-ride shot of the Outlaw (in Robb's words: some twisty goodness.)


View from the top of Outlaw’s lift.


Saw Mill Splash is a fun little spinning rapids ride.


Worse than any Vekoma or Arrow… the only Hopkins with OSTR’s. Ouch.


I guess we won’t be riding the Lighthouse today. (It seems to me that it’s getting removed).


Adventureland is a really well-kept and photogenic.


There are actually some pretty good rapids on this ride, and we got soaked.


Here is the ‘wave pool’ section of the ride, which most parks have removed because of how unpredictable it is. (The Parc Astrix accident occurred in a section similar to this section). The water is pretty deep here.


This ride had the longest line of the day, at 20 minutes.


This hill has some of the weirdest airtime ever. It’s really bouncy airtime, and you do two bounces. However, it is surprisingly intense air.


It had much more airtime and was just a better ride.


The Tornado was running considerably better than during my last visit a few weeks ago.


This animatronic that tells you the story of the Underground (a CCI coaster/dark ride), needed a refurbishing pretty badly.


This is the only bad thing about Adventureland… the line graffiti. It is pretty bad in some places, but can be very amusing in long lines.


This was the only car out of commission, which was great to see. Most parks have 5+ cars broken, even in smaller fleets.


The bumper cars were a tad slow, although the huge arena and large number of cars made up for it.


We all had fun Breakdancing...


We have a really well-run Falling Star. It has some crazy airtime.


Nice mullet…


It’s a really nice, relaxing ride.


As you can see, Der Flinger (a paratrooper) has really complex controls.


Adventureland is a really nice looking, clean park.

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I never thought i would see an Adventureland TR. Well done. I live in Omaha but haven't been there in years. I think the last time I was there the space shot opened. The underground is really a dissapointment though. There is a lift hill so you think you are going down at some point, but it seems like a dark train ride. The Outlaw is truly an underrated woodie though. They can blow up the dragon for all that I care, will never ride it again.

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^ Both of Adventureland's woodies are nearly at the bottom of Mitch's poll, which is quite disappointing. They're actually pretty darn good rides. Not intense, but really, really fun.


The Dragon, however, needs to go. You know that it's a bad sign if it is rough just getting to the lift. Even the straight first drop is rough, as are the loops. It's just a terrible ride!

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Yet another nice Adventureland TR. I'd get a season pass but it's way over priced, as is admission. $30 to get in would be great anywhere else, but it just doesn't work for Adventureland.

Bigstevet07, this is pvcoasterguy's second and I posted one a while back.


I bet Dragon would be a better ride if we put got some dynamite to go off in its helix.


Pvcoasterguy's most recent Adventureland TR


My Adventureland TR


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