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Parc Asterix Discussion Thread

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  • 3 weeks later...

Some new pictures..


Roller Coaster: unknown

Amusement Park: Parc Astérix (Plailly, Picardie, France)

Classification: Roller Coaster

Type: Steel - Inverted

Status: Under Construction opening 2012

Make / Model: Bolliger & Mabillard / Inverted Coaster / Custom


Height: 35 m










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Curious to see if they've designed the pre-drop dip out of inverters as well. Otherwise, looks like a great layout.


The reason, so I've been told, for the the pre drops was to disengage from the the chain lift. The style of the catch car on the train required the pre-drop to disconnect from the chain.


B&M has redesigned their catch car system, so pre-drop are no longer needed (unless asked for).


This is going to be interesting! I wonder if the theming will be as good, or better than Montu's....

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  • 4 weeks later...

I've no idea if the ride is prone to doing this but Vol D'Icare at Parc Asterix stalled mid-way round today on a banked section of track some time around 12:30.


Engineers came out with ladders and strapped the trains to the tracks before evacuating guests off the ride using ladders with ropes to grab on to for support. Guests were (unsurprisingly) taken off on the side that the train was banked towards. I wasn't on time to grab any pictures of the guests coming down, I checked back just as the last one was mid-way down the ladder around 2pm.


The park rescued the train (I guess it got dragged / pushed to a high-point) before closing and all trains were stacked at the station when I was leaving.


Photo quality is bad, only had my phone with me...



Strapping the trains to the rails. You'll have to look closely for the people in there! Angle sucks.


Empty train after all guests exited via the ladders. (I'd have liked to try that!)


Has this happened here before? It wasn't a particularly windy day and I didn't see anything caught in the wheels that would have jammed it up. I guess it was just unlucky. The park did seem to do a very good job getting the people off so kudos.

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Sweet, Vertical Construction begins, woohoo, looking forward to following updates on this, looks like a good ride. Last coaster they had of course was the Bobsled in 2001 so its been 10 years sinse a new coaster so this will be exciting for the park

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Oh right! Didn't notice that!

B&M is loosing all their B&Mness


How so? As technology evolves, things such as pre-drops become unnecessary.


Technologically speaking, of course. That doesn't mean that little details like the dip didn't add to the ride. It's the little things that B&M used to do in their layouts that I found always added to the ride. An example is this transition right before Kumba's cobra roll.

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Oh right! Didn't notice that!

B&M is loosing all their B&Mness


How so? As technology evolves, things such as pre-drops become unnecessary.


It's just a matter of design. Maybe parks didn't like the pre-drop? The last new B&M coaster with a pre-drop was Phaethon at Gyeongju World (S. Korea) built in 2007.

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  • 2 weeks later...

While I do find the pre drop amusing and find it to be quite fun in the back row I really hate that they have gradually taken the sudden whip out of their corkscrews, those older corkscrews are so much more fun in my opinion than the new ones

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  • 2 weeks later...

Panoramix on Potionmagix has posted a bazillion photos of the construction site and I think I've finally figured out the whole layout in my head. Let's go through the layout, shall we?


Another lifhill section is getting lifted into place.


The first drop looks like it'll be pretty steep.


Just another piece or two to top out the lifthill.


The supports for the first drop and into the diving loop.


Soon to be the first dive loop on an B&M inverted coaster.


The view from the opposite side.


The immelmann trench.


The "under water tunnel" under construction.


The lake from opposite side with the diveloop, immelmann and loop in the background.


After the MCBR the train will dive under this turn and hopefully perform a zero g-roll between the station and brake run.


And then onto a close to the ground bit which transport you into the final helix. (Hopefully they'll excavate a bit or it'll be a footchopper for real.


The lower supports are for the final helix. And if you think it looks like it'll go between the legs of the taller supports. It does.


The final helix from above. First drop, diveloop and overbank in the background.


And before the turn into the brakerun. A corkscrew. I think.


And we're back home!

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Don't know how I slept on this one but just saw the thread and wow, this ride looks pretty damn wicked! Very cool, unique layout!! Have to agree with others on here - I miss the B&M kickers (pre-drops), they really add a lot to the ride imo. I hated seeing the hypers lose them, now it looks like their other models are losing them, too. That said, again this ride looks totally sick! Can't wait to see it completed, and hopefully we'll get some nice coverage once it opens from some enterprising TPR memeber. (Olov, perhaps?)

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