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Best First Drop on a Wooden Coaster? Which one do you think?

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As far as best airtime on the first hill, I would have to say El Toro and Voyage.


However, my favorite and possibly the biggest surprise roller coaster was Tremors. The drop is nice and the gift shop tunnel at the bottom makes it even better. Great ride.

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Although it isn't the greatest coaster, I'm always impressed with Son of Beast's giant first drop...sure it may be a bit rough, and not the steepest drop in the world, but riding in the back car, there is some pretty wicked airtime all the way down that seemingly-endless, 200+ft. freefall.


(But the Boss and Voyage are definitely my favorite drops on wooden coasters.)

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El Toro obviously, and more under the radar I'd say Cyclone at SFNE in the backseat. Halfway down the drop off the chain there's one of the most violent moments of ejector air I've felt.


Cyclone was even better pre neutering.


I would have said El Toro, but then I rode Balder with its turn into the drop, crazy negative g's annnnd HEAD CHOPPERS THE WHOLE WAY DOWN!!!! For me, Balder clearly wins.

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Terminator Salvation looks amazing, and probably would be my number 1 woodie but since you have to have ridden the coaster to vote it, Id say Tonerre De Zeus at Parc Asterix!


Balder and El Toro are amazing woodies, if you don't believe me look at what others say about them! Unfortunately I can't vote for these as I have not ridden them. So Tonnere De Zeus for me!

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I say T-Express!!


That massive airtime spike in the middle of the drop is awesome!!

And it's so big that you can't see the bottom of the first drop.

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Boulder Dash: In the back seat.


Being pulled around the drop, flying by rocks and trees, and the high speed laterals...I miss Boulder!


First drop overview!


Approaching the first drop!

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