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well, i just started working on a new rct2 park called six flags Canada (what an origional name!) I suck ass at making buildings and whatnot as you will see, and here are some screens:


just started work on the midway type area


overview of the parks 1st coaster... i still need to make the station building. (something weird is happening in the bottom right corner, dont know what that is)


the main entrance area (looking kinda bad...)

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k, i have done some more work...


a new coaster has been built, along with some more buildings for the midway, any comments/criticism would be nice...


ive finished the station and line for the woodie that is now called "the beast"


an overview of the new coaster


The new ride will be called the incredible hulk. (just cos i wanted to use my superhero theming)


the midway is almost finished now, and ive added a top spin and a HUSS frisbee

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A little criticizm:


The name of the new roller coaster is 1. Unoriginal and 2. Used by a different company/park chain! That was just really annoying me. Also, the coaster itself seems a little unrealistic. There is no break run that I can see on it, and also, that dive loop thing that comes after the first loop is a lot smaller than the first inversion, and it seems like it would be rough and really intense. Another thing is that the name "The Beast" really doesn't fit the color scheme of the coaster itself. Also, the name is also used by another park chain, so I think you should change it. Also, maybe add some more themeing.


Other than that, it looks like a nice park!

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k, ive scrapped "The Incredible Hulk" and have added a Volcano/tropical themed area. I also changes the woodie's name to Tornado:


The New monorail station at the entrance to the park


i was thinking a big new coaster, or a kiddie area..


the monorail station in the volcano area (with a shopping area attached to it)


view of the ride inside the volcano (called eruption)


view of the volcano and lake....

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