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Photo TR Six Flags New England July 5th

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Went to Six Flags today with my sister, two cousins, and my friend Mike. Got to the park at about 11:45 parking lot about half full. Got my friend Mike in for $15 and my cousin had to play another $20 cause she lost her season pass.


First ride was Thunderbolt. We waited i think it was 2 trains and then got on. Good ride as always. Nice ride to start off the day. Next was Superman, the line started uner the bid Superman symbol and quickly moved with 2 train operation. Later on in the day the line started right infront of the stairs. Total number of rides - 4


Next we went to ride Catapult since i have not been on it yet. It was a really fun ride! Opening day i only got to ride it half way up so i was glad to actually ride it this time! After this we hit up Cyclone. both trims on today... the second one was on hard and we barely mad it over the last hills into the brake run.


Then we went to eat at that place right infront of where the candy of fudge shop is... i can never remember the name lol! Some pizza and cheese fries. Then we went and rode Twister since i have not been on it in a while. It actually slipped this time i believe 5 times or maybe 6 so i ride it again and then i was really dizzy and decided to stop.


Next was Splash Waterfalls... fun ride, that dirty water in the middle of the boats is kinda disgusting but overall a good ride cause my cousin hates apinning rides so she screamed the whole time lol!


Decided to skip Mind Eraser and we to Batman. Line started on the stairs. Two rides total today.


All in all it was a good day! i hate that you still get a tan/sun burn through the clouds! I forgot my sun tan lotion so i got a little burnt on my face lol!

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Some pictures!




close up of Nightwing!




Superman about to go into the second tunnel!


Catapult! those restraints hurt my shoulders! lol!


Catapult again


Catapult changing directions


Random shot of my sister, cousin and my friend on Splash waterfalls lol!


Cool shot of Superman going into the second tunnel!


Awesome shot of Superman from the top of Scream!


nice look from the top of Scream!


Batman goin through the dive loop!

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Awesome TR! I was there on the 5th as well with my brother, we decided to take a trip to SFNE since I've never been there before (I'm from NJ). Anyway, all I can say is that SFNE seems to be a much cleaner and more family-oriented park compared to GADV. I had a great time, and S:ROS is without question my new number 1! (El Toro is a close second though!)


Some pics I snagged:






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Nice pics as well. i want to make it down to GADV this summer. A 3 hour ride shouldnt be too bad. once my sister made it to Philly in 4 hours... i dunno how she managed to do that! lol!


I'm about an hour and a half north of GADV, so it might take you around 4 hours depending on how far up past SFNE you are. I'd recommend visiting GADV atleast once this summer, to ride Toro and KK if nothing else. If there ever was a wood equivilent of S:ROS, El Toro is it!

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Nice pics as well. i want to make it down to GADV this summer. A 3 hour ride shouldnt be too bad. once my sister made it to Philly in 4 hours... i dunno how she managed to do that! lol!


If she took I-84 instead of trying to get through I-95, then you can reach SFNE from Philly in 4hrs since I got relatives down there, and it takes me that long to reach them in Bucks County, PA.

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How was S:ROS and B:TDK i didn't get those credits last year but i plan on getting them this year when i go with one of my friends.


S:ROS was amazing. Not as in-your-face intense as El Toro, but overall a better experience due to the length and variety (I love the 2nd misty tunnel! )


B:TDK was just ok, I wasn't really impressed at all. It was very rough for a B&M, and just was too short. Medusa is bigger, longer, smoother, and better in every other area I can think of (except it needs a paint job, bad!)


Superman was really the only coaster that really impressed me at SFNE, but they do have a TON of flat rides, some of which are really cool. Plus, most of the flats are walk-on's. Just don't go on Tomohawk if you have a weak stomach! Spinning rides never bother me but I was reaaaaallly dizzy after riding this!

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