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Here is my coaster, Atomic Coaster from Mitsui Greenland. (really simple i know but i suck at curves so this is what i had to do, and the loop was HARD since it is behind the station the is no way to insert a premade one and i couldn't use the relative rolling.)

Atomic coaster.zip

Atomic coaster at Mitsui Greenland!

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So is CoasterBuzz out of the contest?

I seriously doubt that!


A guy with as much "criminal energy" as him will soon pop up with a different username again (as could be seen on other sites already). Although it might be quite hard for him to hide his oh so very special attitude.


So I'd bet we'll see soon. Very soon...

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^Yea, theres user banning, and IP banning.


thefitness- I think a good track for you would be a Schwarzkopft(sp?) shuttle loop such as Greezed Lightning, it still woulg be challenging because of the loop, yet still easy.

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After much continplation (sp?) I have decided that I will join this contest. I will be trying my best to do a recreation of Batman The Ride at Six Flags St. Louis, as I was just there yesterday (Sunday, July 10th). Sadly, I have no way to make 3Ds so the recration is simply the track itself. Here is a little snapshot of my progress:


H00RAY for perfecting the zero-g!

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