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I'd think you would worry about, oh, NYC, Chicago, LA, Atlanta, Seattle, Boston, Philly, or any of those other densely populated areas. I could care less if the entire Six Flags chain got blown up as long as a dense urban area isn't hit.

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You guys are all missing the part where the long range missile failed and crashed into the ocean. The fact of the matter is that even if NK gets a missile that could potentially reach the west coast, they aren't even advanced enough to make it hit a specific target.


North Korea is just like an internet troll, they make a lot of noise and threats, but have absolutely no real way to attack.



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I'm mad about this situation. Do I care?


They were just celebrating July 4.

The reason I'm so mad was that I was in the middle of watching Ellen DeGeneres ride the mummy and for some reason they think this is more important, and interrupt my show. I hardly EVER watch TV!!! So when I do, DON'T mess with me!

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LOL Joey!


I got yelled at the other day from some random guy who just started talking to us about North Korea firing missles at California!


Anyways, I'm not too concerned. I just think it's funny that we have so many resources in the Middle East with stuff much more serious going on in so many other places. (But I'll save this rant for OFF the internet!)


Here's to Japan not getting blown up!

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They call them "Dong Missles"... uhhh huhhhh huhhhh huhhhh.


All Beavis and Butt-Head jokes aside, this is very serious. North Korea obviously doesnt care about anyone trying to regulate or keep them in check for the good of the world. I feel sorry for who ever feels their wrath if they have to push out whatever they have stocked up if an invasion on them becomes imminent.


North Korea knows full well that they have no firends to their north, south,east, or west and that an invasion would lead to their downfall. It's just that they dont seem to care to awful much about taking as many people down with them; via whatever weapons they have stocked up, if they are to fall as a nation under invasion or even just harsher U.N. sanction or threats. Their obvious prolonged build up in military and weapons research speaks volumes about just what this country wants to do. Hell over a million people died in this nation over starvation in the past ten years because too much money is allocated to weapons exppenditures and the government has had virtually every sanction and embargo possible thrown at them. They could import food for their countries well being but that apparently isn't on the agenda.


Expect gas prices to be well over three dollars by Sunday because of the fear over this whole N. Korea issue.

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Selected quotes from http://www.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/asiapcf/07/05/korea.missile.us/index.html


The missile causing the most concern, the Taepodong-2, which some analysts say is capable of hitting the U.S. mainland, was fired in the morning. It failed after about 40 seconds and landed in the sea about 200 miles (321 kilometers) west of Japan, U.S. officials said.


The short-range missiles also all landed in the Sea of Japan.


Jim Walsh, a national security analyst at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said the tests "do not represent an immediate military threat to the United States."


"It's very difficult technology. They very clearly have not mastered it," he said. "Most estimates are they will not master it for another 10 years."

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For those of you getting really scared about this: don't panic.


The last thing we need is for them to think we're scared, even though their missles are crap. They probably won't do anything anyway. If they want some quality missles, they should go to Cuba! (Cuban missles are powered by swimming Mexicans. It's true!!!!)

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I'm not as terrified now that I know the missles can't get passed Alaska unless they are fired from some place in the ocean. I hope Japan is in good shape. I also feel sorry for the people in the Middle East that have to deal with Iran.

Good Luck, JAPAN!!!

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Kim-Jong-Il isn't stupid enough to launch a missle at the USA. He must've seen what happened to Baghdad, and the Iraq's didn't even attack the USA!


I actually know someone who went to North Korea on a holiday... Well more of a cultural visit you could say. They drove for 2 hours down a motorway/freeway without seeing one car once, except their own of course.


The sad thing about North Korea is that many people really do believe that it is an amazing place to live. The amount of propaganda that is plastered throughout the country shocked me.


Something which is quite amazing from the country is Arirang. A sort of celebration based around Kim-Il-Sungs birthday (Father of Kim-Jong-Il)



The pictures can change into anything in one second. The performers are children mostly and they practice all year round for it.


I'm actually quite interested in the country and it would be definately an amazing experience to go there. As proven by the lengthy post...


So yeah i'm not too bothered about this "missle" testing. What I find quite stupid, is that American and Britain and all the other superpowers always say "No you can't have nuclear weapons" yet we ourselves with our trigger happy leaders pose the biggest threat to the world.



Oh and if you're still worried. Go watch Team America.

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