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Photo TR: SFMM - July 4th!

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Had a few of us get together today figured we'd check out the mountain to see if there had been any improvements and to check out the 4th of July fireworks...I'll let the pictures tell the story but first a quick rant...


I really like Tatsu, like really like it!... but every time I go to the mountain it is being run worse and worse. Tonight we were witness to six minute and worse dispatches, ride ops asking each other what's going on and if so and so quit yet, (all over the main microphone), bad queue management, spitting and smoking in the station, it was just awful. 31 minute wait with flashpass with half of the rides capacity going to the flashpass queues! It's breaking down all the time, ride ops don't seem to care or know what to do (in fact one of the green tags was ranting about how much the park sucks and hasn't trained them for any of this). This was also all going on with a supervisor in the station. It is really hard to convey how disappointing it has been trying to get on and enjoy Tatsu lately. Thanks for reading!


And finallly, Joey and the defunct Freefall. We've been hearing that it will open up in 'two weeks' for about 4 months now!


Last train of the night on Riddlers (which misses it's only good rideop!)


I want to go to this park!


Riddlers misses Hypotenuse, so now it's only called 'Revenge'.


Mmmm, Fireworks through Deja Vu (which was actually running until shortly before this picture was taken!)


Oh yeah, it was some holiday today too! But they were playing Knotts music so I felt dirty.


Even Sylvester was trying to escape!


Same Shop, Different Employee, Same Apathetic Nature.


It took 31 minutes with FlashPass. Keeping in mind flashpass was getting half of EACH train and the line was down the stairs.


Ugh, I don't even know what to say. The Tatsu operations were so HORRIBLE that we couldn't' take it!


I got Joey and Joe confused! =)


We get to the top and see the friendly ride operator sitting down half asleep!


Yay, Sky Tower was actually open! Joey got his first ride in 6 years!

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You know, earlier in the season seemed as if they were really improving operations, but now it looks like it's back to classic SoCal park style.


Is Tatsu the only one with bad operations? How were the dispatch times for the other rides?

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Superman: Ultimate Flight wasn't much better on Friday at SFGAm. You'd think that they'd be doing SOMETHING different to try and improve throughput on a signature ride. Line was back into the queue mazes all day, and it took well over an hour to go that distance.

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Even if the Park is up for sale the employee's attitude should be a good one to all visiting the Park.


I hope SFMM does not get sold as it has been the Theme Park leader of installing new and bigger rides.


If the park did get sold which other SF Park would you like the rides to go to..?


Why install the new ride "Tatsu" and then the park closes after a year, seems a bit dumb and waste of money.

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^^I agree, the operations were crap!! Not just on Tatsu, but almost everywhere. Jessica and I were there most of Tuesday afternoon, and Tatsu went down twice in less then 45 minutes. While standing in line for Superman, 1 disabled person=2 full cars of people. 20 people with 1 disabled person and a few of them even rode twice. WTF!! On the plus side, the event staff on Deja were checking numbers on boarding passes and did not let a few line jumpers in .

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That SFWoA cup reminded me of Wyandot Lake's souvenir cup ads which say "Six Flags Darien Lake". But, then again SFDL hasn't been closed for 3 years.

Sorry to hear about the horrible employees, I guess parks are enforcing their rules for employees less and less.

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Both employees pictured were internationals.

Regardless, they should be standing at all times like everyone else. However, if left alone, the internationals will do whatever they want.

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Well, Six Flags is the bad operations leader. I think they even take the title from Cedar Fair hands down... Sad, sad, sad... It's truly a shame to see such a good coaster (Tatsu) running that way. It isn't B&M's fault. Just a shame.


^ And the internationals that I worked with at King's Island were some of the best workers there, so don't blame them for being foreign. It's the supervisors fault if they don't make it clear and enforce good behavior from any employee, regardless of what country they're from.

-James Dillaman

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All rides were pretty poor operations wise. Batman, Revolution, Psyclone, and X were both one train on a Holiday!


Didn't really look at most of the other rides, but they weren't constantly out on the circuit.


It's just kind of sad. We all saw what the park was capable earlier in the year (friendly staff, rides running multiple trains, clean park, etc.) and now the park is back to its old habits and some new ones!

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It was my first visit to SFMM since the takeover, and since Tatsu was built. I was hoping to see all these improvements I'd read about online.




Instead I saw one train on X with 7-10 minute dispatch times, one train on Batman with 6 minute dispatch times, taking a train off Psyclone even though there actually was a wait in the station, one train on Revolution. Minus Batman and X, the rest were fine because the waits were in the station for each of those. Still not ideal because it almost triples the wait time, but 10 minutes isn't bad for anything. However X was awful, we were all the way in the station, and we still waited over an hour.


Ok, so operations aren't better, but the employees are better and the atmosphere right?


Um, I have never seen the employees be more apathetic at SFMM. It was horrid. I've never seen so many employees just hanging out a park ever. Two people checking restraints, 4 sitting on the ground on the other side of the station. If you're on break, leave the ride so it doesn't look like you're just being lazy. It's about image people.


And then my biggest pet peeve of the day.......the lines for food. We stopped for lunch at two places since the group of 4 I was with wanted different food, both places had one line open, with about 3-4 employees standing around inside doing nothing. Later when getting an ICEE, we waited in a line 10 people deep, again 1 window open, and employees sitting around doing nothing.


All in all though, we had a good day, but I didn't expect too much. The lines were short throughout the park. We managed to hit every coaster (minus Goliath Jr and Shockwave), and I was really impressed by Tatsu.


Met up with the fools up above near park closing for one attempted Deja Vu ride and a Riddler round. I still enjoy myself at this park, but the operations really get on my nerves every time I go.

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Great Photo(s)......or ?


...Sad to see those photo's actually. It makes me feel much more proud to been a past manager/maintenance technician at BGE..lol If BGE managers seen some of those pics, I think they would just have a heart attack. Interesting perspective on how the park is becoming progressively worse (each day it seems).


The employees apparently know something is up at MM (or Tragic Mtn. as some refer too). But, I also blame mid/upper management for the lack of employee training (and reinforcing) of its policies, if there are any now. The attitude and lack of positive-reinforcement has really drawn down to the employees and the "I don't give a sh*% attitude" really shows in the pic(s).


It really does not take much effort to clean up the trash in those que-lines. Moral seems REALLY low and if the ride capacity is what was stated, then its only a matter of time before the Shapiro regime will finally put the lid on the coffin for MM (and other listed parks). I really can't see current management turning the park around at this point.



Whooo-500th post..lol

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^ What? Seriously, what? I'm sorry, but I really hope you were kidding about the bonus thing. Paying teenagers a "bonus" for actually doing the thing they were hired to do in the first place is, um......well, downright stupid.


No, I mean going above and beyond what they're supposed to do. For example. I think they might already have something in place because I know at SFNE, we have those cards all over the place where you can write an employees name down if they went above and beyond to make your day a whole lot better. I'm not saying they should get bonuses for something they're supposed to do in general.

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Well usually in cases such as these you would imagine that a corporation would hold local park management responsible for poor park presentation (i.e ride operation, park cleanliness, employee behavior) and be strongly advised to shape up or ship out.

Although given the fact that Mr. Snyder and friends seem to be more interested in real estate (IMHO) then in making these current parks top notch. I do not see the will to hold Mr. Holland responsible.

Frankly I Would hope and imagine that Mr. Holland would on his accord make sorting out the employee moral and presentation issue a top priority. Especially with now being the time to really prove that this park should stay.

There is always hope!

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International or not, this is not how people should see the employees. In fact this was his 3rd day at work. While up in the Sky Tower this guy was told by the elevator operator not to worry about cleaning the windows until later in the night "right before the suits arrive to watch the fireworks."


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