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The best discount for Carowinds

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Ok, what's the best deal on Carowinds tickets out there right now? I'm looking at the "pay once get in twice" ticket since I am planning on an evening and a morning in the park. But my mom will probably only go one day.

Are there any soda can or fast food discounts that beat the $34 online pre-purchase price?




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Try Harris Teeter, I bought a buy one get in twice ticket last year. Actually, it was like a credit card that you had to sign at the front gate. I'm not sure about this year, since I decided to take a year off from Paramount parks.

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I recall last year seeing several people in line with either Pepsi or Coke cans to get a discount, but those were for only one-day passes. Hooraay! Julie is finally going to Carowinds... Make sure you ride the Phantom Flyers while you are there.

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The pay once visit twice deal is about the best you'll find.


I haven't seen any Coke cans with the $5 off or whatever this year, plus I don't buy sodas anymore.


I live about 25 minutes from Carowinds. Hope you enjoy Top Gun and the Phantom Flyers. Hurler is really good in the front seat as well.


When are you going? Please don't go in August unless you want to burn up.

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