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PTR: Jahan does Dreamworld!

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Hey folks,


Well for those of you who have been readin, I most recently took a trip to Thailand earlier this month.



Due to its theme-park-relation, I decided to post one day of my TR in the Theme Park thread! So enjoy!



Day 4--Dreamworld


Well, due to my rather boring day spent just lounging around in the hotel, we just had to arrange for me to do something! Well, my dad told his representative, Phaisan, that I enjoyed theme parks, and so Phaisan sent out one of his workers to take me to Dreamworld, the local theme park! That was very nice of him, and boy, was I in for a treat!



Yup...I took a piece of home with me on todays trip!





My ride finally showed up after an hour and I was on my way to Dreamworld, which from what I understood had 3 credits. Yesss! On the way down there I saw what we called the "Thai Stonehenge". You see, like a decade ago, they were building a skytrain project to run through inner/outer Bangkok. However, due to poor politics, they cancelled the project half-way through its completion! This left a ton of pillars just spread throughout the city! And you know how much demolition on this stuff costs. So to this day, the support arches just stand there--buildings, signs, and trees have all been built, erected, and grown in between them. I hear that they will FINALLY be completing the project, but who knows!



Yay! Thai Stonehenge!



It literally goes on for miles!



Quite often you will come across pillars that still have the rebar just sticking out the top, as if they workers just gave up one day and left!



...this looks like the place!



I approve of what I see thus far! Wait...what's that in the background?!



Ahha! Walt Disney was right!...It IS a small world after all!



I was very excited to get in and try out my first Disneyland rip-off! As most of you know, Nara Dreamland is the best/most famous Disneyland rip-off, but I think that this park comes in a fair second place!



Although I must say, it was very nice castle-work!



Even "World of Happiness" feels like "Happiest place on Earth".



The park is very long and thin, as it fits perfectly on a parcel of farmland.



While it definitely felt like a Disneyland rip-off, it also had quite a bit of Universal in it too, such as Jaws here, or the Hollywood-stunt-show.



They also had those funky-mascots that we love so very much!



AHHA! I knew I would find a Sleeping Beauty's castle somewhere around here!



Of course their Sleeping Beauty's castle wasn't the centerpiece of the park, like in Disneyland or Nara Dreamland, however was used in their defunt Storybook Canal Boats in the way Disneyland uses Cinderella's castle.



Yay for defunt Storybook Canal Boats!



...I assume that this is the Canal part....similar to Nara Dreamland's malaria-Jungle Cruise.



What on Earth could that architectual-wonder be?!



Ahha! Space Mountain! I love enclosed Vekoma rides!



No, this isn't the one with station-clone of Disneyland's Space Mountain...that one's in Taiwan.



You know, for being the cheap, rip-off version of Space Mountain, this one was actually pretty cool! Unlike the new Disneyland version, this one actually had like, show effects other than stars! It had space ships attack you and stuff, pretty cool! And the weird part was, though it had a totally different layout than the Disneyland version, I only counted 2 left turns!



Mark? ...Mark Twain? ....Is that, you?



Yay for the Skyway!



Oh crap! I didn't mean that I wanted to ride it!



Here is the two lovely ladies who were kind enough to take me to this park! No matter how I tried to explain it, they never understood a "credit".



Is this where they show Fantasmic!? Ok, ok! Thats pushing it, I know! But still, it was cool too see all that I did! I even forgot to take a picture of the Haunted Mansion!



Up next was the totally random, out of place, but still fun Vekoma suspended coaster! I guess it was like Aska, just not as good!


Yay! My first Vekoma suspended!



Lift hill shot!



The ride was basically a ton of helixes of deaths, back to back!



Me, uh....dying in the helix of death!



I'm sad because Super Splash actually got me wet!








After. ::(



Alright folks....If the Trip Report hasn't scared you thus far, be warned...you will be scared.....





















Yes, these naked babies stood near the location of every restroom! They scared the crap out of me! First, what the hell is it doing? And second, if its doing what I think it is, why is it so unsatisfied?!








The Grand Canyon was like, the most boring rapids ride I've ever been on.



Yea...it was pretty boring.



Why get wet when you can just move seats?!



Holy Crap! Its just like a supervisor back at SFMM!




....I choose to leave the caption off right there. Use your own imagination as to what I fully mean by that.



Yes!! A credit!!!



Ah man! Its closed!



Seeing our curiousity from afar, this ride op, climbed up the tracks, turned the power on, and let me ride! He would have been sooo fired at SFMM, which is pretty hard to do! Oh wait...not hard for everyone! ::)



Me happy to have gotten my 3 credits!



I wonder if she knows where she's standing?


...Yea, I think she knows.



All and all, I admit it was a real nice park, albiet a bit boring.


We finished the park in 2 hours, and that was strolling/taking our time. The thing is, with your park admission, they only let you ride the attractions once! Therefore, we had no need to stay in the park any longer than we did! The trick is, if you want to make more money, to keep the guests in your park as long as possible. By alloting us only one ride, we were pretty much forced to leave!


On the way out, I ran into a good friend!




I may have been smiling, but I was really crapping my pants! Those things are huge.



Dreamworld was kind enough to slap an advertisement on the back of our car!



I saw the monorail on the way out.



Finally I left Dreamworld, 3 credits more, and definitely proud of the expirence.



Have you ever seen Pirates of the Caribbean? You know that scene where Kiera Knightly Makanvand says "But it says in the Code!" and Barbossa goes "The Code is more like, mmm, guidelines!". Thats how they treat the traffic lanes in Thailand....




Well, I hope you enjoyed the Trip Report!


Thanks for reading!



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OMG! That was freaking funny! Great to see pics of the other Vekoma suspended coaster! I have to say that Air Race at Bobbejaanland, while it looked really awesome...was really quite boring as well.


Nice to see you got some bizarre-o outside the US park credits in!



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Taiwan has two of those enclosed Vekoma coasters. One is the Space Mountain rip-off. The other one, in which I do not rmemeber its name, is at Windows on China and it looks pretty much the same as the one you rode in Thailand.

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Hey, Jahan, Nice to see someone getting the weird credits besides me!


Would it make you sad if I told you that Lisa Scheihin told me that if I want to get to EVERY park in Thailand with a roller coaster in a single day, all I need to do is pay a taxi driver 40 US Dollars?



I'm hoping to duplicate the feat in August.

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Great pics Jahan, and the captions were hilarious! What the heck IS the point of those babies, I'd be more than slightly scared...


I've somehow missed the rest of your PTR on the other board, off to check it out now....


Glad you had fun at the park!

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  • 8 months later...


Pictures worked for me this time


Jahan those pillars you saw on the way out of Bangkok are part of what is known as the "Hopewell Project". unfortunatly it seems they will never be reused. http://www.2bangkok.com/2bangkok/MassTransit/HopewellMain.shtml Due to its topsy turvy politcal past there are plenty of such projects around, although hopewell is the most obvious. another good example is the Lavalin Skytrain.


Anyhow onto the park, a great TR and was nice to see the park again.


Back in 2004 Space Mountain didnt have any effects. it was just dark. so those are new (or just switched off when i was there). Did you see the deer that pees on you on the rapids? or the dog that pees on you when you walk past? 2nd only to bon bon land for odd humour


edit: Jahan do you have any more pictures of the kiddie coaster?

just noticed its changed since i was there in 04.

Heres the picture i took back then



certainly not the same ride...

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DeJa Vu!


I went to Dreamworld this summer too! It is a very nice park, but there aren't many rides...still though, Thai people really don't have much else and everything that's there, they think it is awesome.


There is a new park being built, or has been built, maybe about 30 minutes away...it has a huge modern ferris wheel and a roller coaster that goes through it. I'll have to post pictures from my trip! I pretty much have all the same ones.


Also, did you get a sticker that you had to wear all day? Locals get wristbands and locals get stickers. AND there is a price difference lol.


Also, did you go into that snow area part of the park? I wanted to but never got to. It looked really unique.

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^ Thanks for the response!


I cant say I remember getting a sticker! But I do remember we got a brochure thingy, where they stamped out each ride after we rode it.


And no, I never made it into the snow thingy! We literally did a credit run and about half of the flats!





Thanks for your nice responses guys! Oh and onewheeled, the other days of the PTR have pretty much died. Maybe if I ever get the time, I post a full PTR! Sorry about that!




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Oh, so you got the booklet where you get to ride everything with the stickers and once they run out, you have to buy more to ride again? The sticker that I got is for unlimited all day.


And speaking of the bathroom signs/examples...did you see the old man in the tub?









Why would they have this store in a theme park?!?! lol





More weird signs




Surrouned by fields

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