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What will be your best ride ever besides rollercoasters?

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not really a ride, more a show, but totally breathtaking and very impressive even if you like Fire (don't know how different in feeling to Backdraft in California) ... but for those who rode Spiderman ... when the flamethrower is in action .. imagine that for 10mns and hotter ... feels like 150°F sometimes on your face


it's in Spain, at Port Aventura (formerly Universal Studios park)




a video of the show


starts in a room with a flat dome ... where it changes from the bright sky to thundering dark sky with spirits.


then after a while, you go into the temple room ... where you will experience a furnace.

when I was there I had a women that did the show!

but it is hot indeed!.. it was 35 celsius outside, but when I came out of the temple it was pretty cold...

it was really fun though, in the end the floor bounces (AIRTIME:P)

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My favorite non coaster ride.....


generic - either Tilt-a-Whirl or the Scambler


custom - ToT @ MGM, Test Track @ EPCOT, I sorta consider Test Track a coaster just in a different form.


Does the monarail that goes from the ticket center to EPCOT count as a ride? I love that trip.


Favorite shows, Sinbad @ IOA and Lion King @ Animal Kingdom.

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The Skyscraper definetely, no question about it. With other rides (coasters included)you only get maximum intensity for a few seconds. On skyscraper you get it for a couple of minutes. Plus the unpredictability of position leads this as my favorite ride of any kind (coasters included).

I completely agree. Skyscraper was absolutely insane. It was SO COOL! In a really scary way. See the second quote in ParkTrips' signature? Yes, I really said that, and I was talking about Skyscraper.


Theres a 160 foot, 60 mph one of these about 15 minutes away from home. And it's a=only $9 a ride, not $10 - $30 like some of the others that are exactly the same.


The other ride has to be the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman. But both these rides are better than any coaster I've ever been on.

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For Thrills: Intamin drop rides, 1st and 2nd generations. YOu cant go wrong with these puppies. Their tall, scary, fun. I think its the greatest thrill ride ever created (besides roller coasters)


For Family Fun: Chairlifts, ITs relaxing and you get a nice view of the area


For Flippy Rides: CHANCE CHAOS, these thigs go crazy, and its extra scary when you know they have had problems with the restraints


If i had to pick one, it would probablyy be the CHAOS. Ive just always had a really strong liking for them. They spin, tilt, flip. Plus one of the good things i think is that they are very common so that you dont have to go halfway across the nation to ride one



CHAOS RIDEs overly rock IMO





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oh mine would love to get on huss's all TOP SPIN yay!

gotta do hands up right off coz i don't needa worry on

restraint's tightness yeah it's not loosen one like TOPGUN

at nasu highland park. mine had realized i was gonna fall

outta ride of TOPGUN so i got shaked down a lot 'round one

inch. never ride it but i'm willin' to ride TOP SPIN yay!


for mine TOPGUN is 404.

but TOP SPIN is 777 yeah!


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Riding on a B-17. What's funny is that I throw up on normal planes because of nervousness, but no barfing here! Also, they had the roof open... it was SO awesome!



Andrew "Not very much headroom, though!" C.

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