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Photo TR: Disneyland 6-30-06

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Disneyland Friday June 30, 2006


My best friend and I decided to head down to Disneyland last night in order to go on the new Pirates of the Caribbean (POTC). Frankly, I am getting sick of constantly having to worry about seeing a spoiler on the internet and wanted to experience it for myself. POTC is my favorite Disneyland ride and I have really missed it these last few months!


We got there about 6:30 and the lines to get into the parking structure were crazy, this was not helped by the fact that they only had 2 lines open! I am guessing that they were short-staffed as this was a holiday weekend and that is the only logical explanation for having to wait that long. I am a genius and thought I would be a complete passhole and try to drive over a cone in order to secure a better parking spot. I ended up dragging the cone under my Explorer and totally humiliating myself as everyone stared at the retarded girl that drove over a cone. I yanked it out from under my car and we proceeded in.


The lines at the main gate were surprisingly short and we got in quickly. People were lined up for the parade and being entertained by what I think is the college band while waiting. I took a picture of this drummer that was totally awesome. I normally don’t pay attention to stuff like that, but he was really good. I think that he would be perfect if ever someone wanted to engage in some sort of band geek fantasy. Anyway . . .


We immediately went to Pirates and got in line (on-line?). Why does everyone always say “on line” instead of “in line”? I don’t get it. The line was 25 minutes and passed by quickly. We decided to take pictures of things that did not change since everyone is so obsessed with the things that have changed.


There was actually a wait for the front row! I felt like I was going on Xcelerator or something because we are dumb and had to go in the front row like the true Disney freaks that I pretend to be irritated by but really am one at heart. Here are the spoilers, so don’t read if you do not want to have your entire life ruined forever:


1. The ride seems much darker at the beginning, which was nice. It was weird to not smell that musty smell, it kind of smells clean now! I am sure that will not last.

2. The sound system is much better! It is weird to actually hear all the music and dialogue.

3. The Captain Jacks are all pretty lifelike and look like Johnny Depp. I did think some of their movements were strange though.

4. The Davy Jones thing is cool! People were really impressed by it.

5. Captain Barbossa is the one thing I don’t care about. Is he really that popular to need to be included?

6. There are tons of bottles and things in the water now as props.

7. Everyone is taking tons of flash pictures on the ride. It was really annoying, but since everyone is doing it, you kind of have to get over it. I hope that eventually ends.

8. Overall, I was pleased with everything and I think that the additions were well done and do not take away from the appeal of the ride.


We then decided to try the new Café Orleans table service restaurant. There was no wait and we got right in. This restaurant closes at 8:30, which is completely ridiculous as all the eateries were totally impacted at this time! The food was good, but expensive. I guess that is expected at Disney. The most annoying thing was the 4 dollar fee to split the Monte Cristo! All in all, a decent dinner though.


We went on Haunted Mansion after a 5 minute wait. Nothing much to report here. They do have the new bride, which I like and the creepy skeleton face in the séance room.


I begged my friend to go watch the fireworks and she begrudgingly obliged. I love the fireworks and almost cry everytime! I haven’t seen them in forever so it was nice to watch! We were on the hub near Tomorrowland waiting and they made everyone stand up 15 minutes before they started. People were majorly ticked off! I have yet to figure out where you can stand and where you must sit. They allowed the people in the section behind us to sit, but made us stand. Weird.


We had FastPasses for Indy and headed over there. The ride was really bumpy! I swear I almost came out of my shirt! I have never felt like that before. Our entire car noticed it and I was actually glad when it was over.


We had wanted to go on Pirates again, but it was extremely crowded and stuffy in Adventureland and I needed stuff from Sephora, so we headed out.


It was a pretty good night. The weather was perfect, if a little warm in the crowded areas. The crowds were heavy, but manageable. The stores and lines for food were ridiculous though at times.


Pirates is great! I am so glad to see that Disneyland appears to be heading in the right direction!


Here are a few pics:


We ended the night with me unsuccessfully trying to whore myself out in order to get into Club 33.


When I have kids we will start a stroller gang. Here is where we will meet and what sign we will throw.


This is how I would look drinking Diet Coke with a partial-grill.


This is how your check looks when yu have to pay 4 dollars for them to throw half your Monte Cristo on another plate. I am not cheap, but come on.


This is half of the Monte Cristo.


These are the fancy 5 dollar fries they serve at Cafe Orleans.


This is how we felt about the ride!


I have changed greatly since POTC closed, I have my Master's and have paid off my Orlando trip!


I think this is a new chain. It really adds to the ride. I am sure Walt would be glad to see it.


Was this paint scratch here before?


This is the drummer I spoke of.

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