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Medusa at SFMW to change name to Nitro?

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^too late there are 2 other Superman: Ultimate flights


we only have 5 orginal names

El Toro

KingDa Ka

Rolling Thunder

Skull Mountian

Great American Scream Machine




SFoG had the GASM name first. Make it 4 original names.

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And the fact that there are three Superman: Ultimate Flights, not two.


I am a marketing major and I love marketing and advertising. I understand the motive behind this, but I really did love the name Nitro and I thought it was very original. As a parkgoer and park enthusiast, I don't like it when original names like this are used over and over again, even though I understand the motives behind it. I get it as a business guy - I hate it as a park enthusiast.

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Wow, that sucks on so many levels. I could see them possibly giving the name Nitro to another BRAND NEW coaster that was similar in style as Nitro. But renaming a old ride to, Nitro!? That is just asking for bad karma.


Shame on you Six Flags.


I'm goiong to go outside now and blow up something with an M-80 to release my anger over this

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Ah, I'm sorry to jump the gun on that. I didn't read it correctly. I will give you credit where credit is due.


I still don't think you should freak out about this though. It is just business. It's something that I don't like either, but I have come to accept.

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