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Wonder Days! A Fair That Stayed And Grew! [RCT2]

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A Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 park I made long ago, and never thought to post. I was around 9 when I made this park, and my skills [in RCT2] have developed much since this. But I'd thought I'd show you one of my first parks in RCT 2! The story is that it was an old fair that was so popular the company started to expand and eventually made a theme park that stayed full-time. It Got larger and better and eventually turned into a thriving amusement area!


Reversify's Awesome Station. I'm still amazed about how well I did on this at tnine. I saved this park on my old Windows 98 SE computer then and realized I still had it on my old computers hard drive and never deleted it. I put it on a compact disc and transfered it to my laptop and took some pictures. (Thanks Aoshi for telling me how)


I love this ride and station too.. To bad RCT3 doesn't include these awesome support structures. I could do so much with them.


So unrealistic, but so cool. I titled this coaster "Lunar." I should import this into RCT3 because it looks like it would be a blast to ride.


An overveiw of the midway, with some more recently added "Amazing Earl" rides. I have worked on this park slightly since I started it, but I had forgot about it till about a week ago. All I did was add rides though, the theming is the same as it was previousely. And if you notice, the flat rides have almost no theming.


I still love this station, and nothing will change that


But anyway, I hope you enjoyed one of my first parks! Have a greeeeat time.

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How do your guests go on those cutom flats (amazing Earl). When I build them, there excitment rating is low and no one goes on them. They say "the ride **** isnt thrilling".



thats werid, i built a park and everyone wanted to go on them. maybe there's something you can do with a trainer...

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