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"Formule-X" New Launched X-Car for Drievliet Famil

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^^ Not for the park, this is something big for them, they now have a major (cough) coaster, they could possible start to add other things after and expand


I personally think it looks reasonable, nothing great by all means but I would ride it

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Yesterday was the testday of Formule X!

500 people were invited, including me!


It's very short, but also very powerful!


The launch is good, down in the loop lots of g-forces, then two nice hills, a strange inversion with incredible hangtime, and the final overbanked turn.

All this is very smooth, and that in combination with the restraints makes Formule X one of the best coaster I've ever ridden!

The G-Forces are from -0,8 G to 4,3 G, you can feel them while riding it very clear!


Enough talking.



Looks like an inverted...





My favourite point of view, beside the looping.








This train had a tripple rollback on the end of the day!


Looks like my best picture...


In reallife is it bigger than on most pictures


The whole coaster



Some + and -:


+Very, very silent!

+Superb G-Forces!

+Nice layout, beautiful for making pictures.


-Low capacity

-Few theming, this will be improved next months

-Awfull soundtrack

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Wow! Some real nice shots there dude! Keep it up.


The coaster looks OK. My first X-car experience in Ge-Force at Drayton Manor was quite disappointing. But I guess Maurer Sohne's X-cars will come in my "cool book" after I've been on this one.


How was the lap bar? I hear a lot of complaints about the restraints in other X-cars.

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That was really clever of MS to make the launch track completely flat. Not like those twits at Intamin who launch up an incline so that the train resets itself without assistance after a failed launch...


Yes, I'm still rolling my eyes at the fact that somebody else bought one of these. MS coasters are nice concepts with appalling build quality. They're like the iPods of the coaster world.

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Offride movie!



So when it breaks down, the workers have to push it all the way back?


They're working on it.

When it's totally finished the rollbacked train will be relaunched automaticly!

Also, there will be a roof over the station and more theming but just some barrels and tires.

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Great! I am definitely looking forward to checking this coaster out, when I'm there on May 3.


Another G-Force wanna-be to check out! Who knew, hmmm?


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That was really clever of MS to make the launch track completely flat. Not like those twits at Intamin who launch up an incline so that the train resets itself without assistance after a failed launch...


Well... it's not flat... There is a decent slope in it, only not as big as a Intamin


The ride itself was awesome, great g-forces and airtime. The hangtime was just perfect, not to long but also not to short. The only thing I didn't like was the length.

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Great pics, thanks for posting them! The coaster sounds good, good to hear the restraints didn't bother you (after hearing all those bad reviews on the other MS X-cars). Personally i'm really looking forward to riding it, i might even go there next week!

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Got my return ticket to Den Haag centrall for tomorrow's visit to the park.



And got the instructions for getting to the park from the station, itself.



So - although it'll be a small park to visit... well, there ARE a few credits to be gotten there, heh heh. And I am looking forward to a smaller park to visit and enjoy, having overdosed on DisneyParis (and it's crowds) in the last couple of weeks, LOL!


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And there we are now!!!


Four creds down and... done, heh heh heh.



Wasn't expecting a bit of a wander around - looking for the park's entrance - after the tram ride, from Den Haag centrall stn. But, found the back-butt end of the park (eventually), and walked and walked AND walkd up the crowded entrance "Parthenon" Gate. A hoot to see.


Then, getting in, you are plunged into sudo-space adventureing with several thrill flats (Enterprise, being one of them, lol). All purple fake moundscape in the grass! Hid the Enterprise really well I must say.


"X Formule" is what has replaced the (still listed at RCDB) Xtreme coaster. My old map I bought still shows Xtreme there, where X-Formule is now.


Good little launched ride. Didn't have the overhang time with the harness/belt, like at Drayton Manor's version. Launch was fun, and it's all over in less than a half minute! Only got a one-ride on it. My timing with all the (four) coasters proved better than what I would have to face later on in the afternoon.


So, got a ride each on X, Tristrix, Mine ride (mouse), Dynamite Express (powered minetrain)...


Four out of four.


Exhausted train back to Amsterdam Centrall, but worth it.


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Here’s a litlle ride report on Formule X:


The coaster is very smooth and it hardly makes any noice. The lap bars are the same as other Maurer Sohne X-car’s. Some hate them, others are quite tolerant for them. You are strapped in only like 40 seconds and there is no ultra-long-hangtime, so not too much lap bar misery for anybody here.


I loved this little coaster. Especially those new inversions. Formule X did not disappoint me like Skywheel, Geforce and Abismo did. Maurer Sohne made a good choice to go to single car and launched X-car coasters. Here are some pics with some comments.


In the back you see the final turnaround. Not the best finale ever. Nice little coaster. Best X-car coaster in Europe. Equally as much fun as Kanonen at Liseberg.


Hang time


This is a fantastic new inversion. It’s like halve a corkscrew and halve an inline twist. Both in the same direction. Anyone has any idea for a name for this new element?


There’s some fine airtime on this bunny hop.


Then a Horseshoe.


Quite a weird – but fun, and above all original – inversion.


The launch: 0-70 kph in 2 seconds. Comparable to lovely little kanonen at Liseberg. Formule X has a “rolling start” though. See that first loop? It’s stretched in the left to right direction.

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Maybe my opinion on this ride was wrong, and maybe these will now be fun. Formula-X looks like a decent coaster, and I was not expecting it to launch immediately after the turn. The ride looks like a lot of fun, but the train seems to barely make it to the heartline twist. Hopefully similar ones can be built in the US as these coasters finally seem decent.

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