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Spiderman 3 Discussion


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I just saw the new trailer for Spiderman 3, looks very good. Luckily we know that this film will not be the last (most likely a quadrilogy). The whole Venom will probably just be an opening for the next film like Harry was for the third one.


Comicbookmovie had a cool rendering of what everyone will look like (and its official) and they look pretty cool. http://comicbookmovie.com/news/articles/3136.asp



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Interesting...it looks like like Harry is going take up the Hobgoblin mantle, even though that's kind of screwing with the comic book's plots. Fine by me though. Only difference I've noticed in appearance is that in the trailer, Harry's not wearing a mask. I guess Raimi and Co. we're afraid they were going to get the kind of criticism they did for the Green Goblin's mask in the first film.


I'm a bit nervous about this installment. There's a danger of the "too many villans" syndrome that plagued the Batman movies until recently. And I think people are going to go into it expecting Venom, and they'll likely only get a brief glimpse of him at the end. That in turn is going to leave audiences feeling screwed, and others will stay away in droves. Ultimately, that may lead to no next movie at all.


But you never know. Sam Raimi seems to know what he's doing with these films, and may have found a solution to this quandry already. We'll all just have to wait and see.

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^no harry is being the greengoblin II like in the comics. As for too many villians Sandman is the only major one with venom being a no show so far. As for harry it seems that black spidey is going to pwn him pretty quickly. Also i think spidey going to ask harry for help to get rid of the symbiot in the end.

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Spiderman 3 will be coming to IMAX theatres, so be sure to check it out there if your area has an IMAX theatre.


The IMAX experience is phenomenally better than the regular cinema/multiplex experience. Batman Begins was excellent in the IMAX format, as was Superman Returns.


You can go to IMAX's official website, http://www.imax.com for theatre locations, listings, and more.

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WHY, oh, WHY did they keep us waiting for so long? I can't wait for it to come out. 3 villains? It's going to be the best yet. I remember thinking after seeing the 2nd one that the 3rd one wouldn't be as great. I might have to eat my words, after seeing that trailer.


Is it May 4th yet? Is it? Is it?

-MummyAW 8)

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