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Unlimited Money To Spare?

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If I was a Billionaire and had lots of cash to spend/give out, I would help out the smaller Theme Parks like "Joyland" and "Williams Grove", build new rides and refurbish their classic woodies.


I would rebuild some of the "lost" coasters like the Rye Airplane Coaster and Crystal Beach Cyclone.


I would re-profile SOB so it is not rough and has a better layout.


Give my local Theme Park money to build a massive Woodie (4000+ feet long) as they need one, (Thorpe Park UK)


What would you do if you had Billions to spend..?

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Top Posters In This Topic

I would build a medium-sized park and all of the revenue generated would go back into the park (reinvest). But, the main focus of the park would be something similar to the Make-a-Wish Foundation & the Victory Junction Camp






The premise of the park is to have children/adults from all over the US (diagnosed with terminal illness/diseases) and have them spend a week at the park and the events that are sponsored (concerts, misc.). It would be a way to give back to the community, but be able to put a smile on someone's face (similar to programs that Disney offers)

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I would take where my home park is, Playland, and make the wooden coaster the focal point.


Then, on the east side of it, where the Empire Stadium used to be - and on the west of it where the rest of (ahem) "Western Canada's Premier Amusement Centre" (oy) lies, plenty other space beyond that towards the new park area allotted by the city for park rebuilding, etc...


I would dig the hell out of both areas, reshape the soil, landscape it up like a West Coast forested area, bring in new flats and rebuild a couple of the old thrills (Wild Mouse, Corkscrew) and finally turn it into the


Theme Park that Playland should have been made into, a few decades ago, or more.


If I only had a million dollars.... or several.

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In my neck of the woods, I would spend it on a Theme Park that is in desperate need of a major cash infusion. That Theme Park is of course Disney's California Adventure!


This "Poorly" Themed Park needs a more thorough makeover than a typical Dr. Ray patient. (From Dr. 90210)


Since I couldn't trust Disney to spend wisely, I would have to hire experts to determine how best to retheme this park. These experts would bring it up to the standards that Disney should represent. Naturally, I could only trust that crucial duty to Robb + Elissa, since they have visited more Theme Parks around the globe than the typical Disney Imagineer. Because of their extensive travels, the Alvey's have a unique perspective of what works and what doesn't.


At Disney's California Adventure, the entire California theme just hasn't worked out the way Disney had hoped. DCA draws much of its attendance from locals who really aren't interested in the whole California theme. (Disneyland/DCA doesn't draw attendence like Disneyworld)


But, DCA does have many great attractions, which could only be enhanced if this Theme Park reinvented itself. With Robb + Elissa's guidance/instruction/discipline this Theme Park could be reinvigorated and become the success that it should have been!

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