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What is your Job

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Full time videographer/AVID editor for the largest hospital system in Florida. I shoot and edit procedures/techniques and hand the video out to media doing stories on it. Also produce a ton of videos for websites and presentations. Beats my old news reporter job!


I also coach and ref soccer.

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I work in shipping at a commercial nursery. Mainly I gather orders, load and unload trucks, and work in the plastics area. I've also helped in production, which can either be agreeably mindless or, more often, mind-numbingly stultifying. The season peaks at Mother's Day, but we should continue to be busy into June.

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I'm currently in my second season as a ride operator at Valleyfair. My primary rides are Wild Thing and Xtreme Swing, though I've also worked Mad Mouse and Renegade. While my job sometimes entails long hours in the hot sun, I mostly enjoy it since I get to be at an amusement park every day.

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I work in accounts payable for a travel company. Basically when you give my company money for a reservation, I make sure that money goes on to the people providing the services you've booked. It's not glamourous, but the pay's decent, and discounted travel as a fringe benefit is awesome, especially in this hobby.

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I'm a Realtor. I basically work 24-7. Even when I'm on "vacation" I'm still working. But I love my job, and I REALLY love my income.


Ohhh... And my partner has 2 degrees. One in chemical engineering, and one in physics. . . However his day job is a chemical engineer.

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Starting a job as a Geospatial Anaylst for MDA Information Systems tomorrow morning! Most of their work is for the government, so it's top secret stuff. However, this job is a M-F job with consistent hours and puts me closer to theme parks

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I don't think I ever answered in this string.


I'm a Senior Planner -- ie: I schedule the Mfg Floor/Test Floor (s) for a company that does CPU/GPU.


My specific function is on the team that does New Products, with a focus on Gaming chips.


I work with Singapore, Suzhou, Dresden, and Markham (Canada) -- so yeah, I'm on conference calls all day all night (whee).

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I'm a financial crime compliance officer. My department is responsible for the firm's anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing investigations. My current role is within quality management (I analyze quality trends throughout the department and build training material to target the observed deficiencies) but I've also been an investigations manager as well as part of the initial launch of a centralized case review team. I also regularly administer classroom training sessions on developing investigative skills for advanced and complex typologies (various types of fraud, human trafficking, trade-based money laundering, OFAC/sanctions, IVTS/BMPE, etc).

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