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So, as of today I am employed once again by The Dollywood Company.


I will be on Rockin' Roadway for the first bit, I hope to make my way back to Tennessee Tornado later this season and hopefully onto the 2012 coaster next year.

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I just finished my second week as an Engineering Intern at VLOC-(Virgo lightning Optical Corporation)

I work in the UV Filter Growth area.

(Translation for non-engineers/chemists)

I make Cyrstals for Lasers!

It is really interesting, My boss believes in not making Interns do stupid tasks (AKA- Running Errands) so I get to learn the processes and gain valuable learning experience.


Oh and I get paid too!

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I just finished my 6th week as H&S Intern (Health and Safety) at All Clad Metalcrafters (they make pots and pans). This is my final 12 credits for graduation, then it's out into the rat-race looking for a H&S job of my own!

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I haven't worked at this job yet, but in August I start working in one of the dining halls on my university's campus. Not exactly an ideal job, but it puts money in the pocket and helps pay off student loans!

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Teller at the customer service desk at a local supermarket, Tops

Full time student studying web production, as well as digital media audio/video

Part time wedding / events photographer

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English major sophomore at a rural California community college. I'm going to transfer somewhere next year... hopefully Cal Poly, but if they're going to be a stickler about the required transfer courses, I might not be able to.


Currently I tutor like 6 different subjects at the college's Learning and Resource Center, most of the courses are various levels of Algebra. I also do the crisis line on some Saturdays and I get a stipend for that. I also do a TON of community-service type stuff. Like volunteering at the Chamber of Commerce doing stuff with SIFE (Students In Free Enterprise) that does lots of community service activities.

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Glad to see this was revived again.


I'm still practicing as an attorney here in Atlanta. Got caught up in a layoff from my firm in 2010 and now work at a large financial technology company in their legal department... I basically write technology contracts all day... (exciting, I know).

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I am an aerospace engineer and use to work at the Johnson Space Center as a Space Shuttle Safety Engineer for On Orbit Flight Operations.


After being laid off due to budget cuts, I worked as desktop Support for Exxon Mobile which paid twice as much as my aerospace job.


After that job I became what I am today, a web applications developer. I program in Coldfusion with sql server or oracle database backends.


I am also a mobile DJ for about 24 years and DJ weddings and corporate events on the weekends. I have some of the most portable and high tech DJ gear in the business.

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Well, about a year and a half ago I started out with a restaurant company as a sever. After all the work I put into my job, and after as much as I had to prove my self, I finally got my promotion to management. About 3 weeks ago I finished my 3 months of management training, and I am now settled into my new location with my job. I can honestly say that this is the most stable, and most happy that I have been in a long time. No plans on leaving this job.


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