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What is your Job

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Ummmm, I'm a debt collector. Not the door-trapping type, although I did used to do that for a Local Authority in Scotland. It's largely housing related and has recently extended into credit control for our manufacturing services.


I'm also at college one day a week learning to be an accounts technician but I bloody hate double entry.... book keeping!!

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I work for a regional IT Managed Services Provider where I am an associate network engineer. The place where I work is about as cool as an IT company can get without being Google or Microsoft. There's a 52" TV in the lounge with a Wii and an XBox 360 and... get this... there is ALWAYS beer in the fridge in the breakroom. I work from home though in my beautiful home office that David redecorated for me.

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So I have two jobs, one as a sales associate at Bath & Body Works one day a week, and one as a dog groomer at PetSmart. I'm second-guessing the dog groomer thing, though. I've only been at PetSmart for like 5 months, my arms are already scarred from bad dogs, and yesterday one of our more experienced girls got pretty much attacked by a dog. Stitches around her eye and everything. So yeah, I'm now considering starting to apply around again. That stress of possible injury plus certain difficult people to work with are starting to really not look worth the good hours/pay. I might go for something closer to my field of study - tourism. Any suggestions (I live in a fairly small town about an hour outside of Toronto)?


Jazz - I worked for a hotel for a long while and got alot of experience in the tourism industry. Our city has a Tourism and Leadership Council as well. I'd recommend starting there. Learning about different reservation systems and such really comes in handy as you move around in that field.




Thanks so much for the advice! It's much appreciated!


In other news, I got a call today with a job offer for a Showroom Assistant position for a window place in town. It's actually a really great job, with hourly plus commission, and the hours are exactly what I was looking for and will work well with my school schedule in the fall. It's just the job I need to help me pay for and get through college. I'm still going to continue to look for tourism-related work for my co-op next summer, but until then I'm happy to say that I have a great job, and tomorrow I will be handing in my resignation as a dog groomer!

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Well, lets see. I have had a few jobs, but never paid. I interned for California Assembly Member Jeff Miller, and later I got the chance to intern for Congressman Ed Royce. Both were great experiences, and I'm honored; however, I wish I could find an actual paying job!


Right now I'm on the hunt, still, but not giving up. Also, it will be intresting to see how I can juggle a job and 18 units in college.

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I don't know if I have posted in here lately, so things have changed in my job situation.


I was working at two jobs, a grocery store p/t and a tv station full time. Some things happened and I was let go of my p/t job. I used to work 55 hours a week and since I don't work p/t anymore, I am down to 40. I never realized how much that extra 15 hours was actually draining me. It has been a month since I no longer work two jobs and it has been wonderful.


Now for my current, only job. I work at a television station. I have been here since 2001. I started part time in production doing the small things (teleprompter to cg to camera operator) and back in 2005 I got full time as Mastor Control. Back then, it involved a lot more then what it does now. Back then, I used to work mornings, overnights and afternoons in a single week. My job back then involved recording shows, running shows, injesting commercials, recording other things. Then a couple years later I was given a m-f shift and included all of those job duties, plus I did audio for the two newscasts at night. We about 6 years ago and the people that bought us ran about seven stations out of Indianapolis and we were transitioned into being ran there (my old job). My shift stayed the same, but the job duties changed. Now I run audio for the late shift when needed (or morning or weekends when I fill in), send commercials and promotional spots to Indianapolis via a computer, and stream news stories to our website.


What can you learn from my post. Never work so much that you wear yourself out, it isn't worth it. Also, no matter what you were hired into your job for, be willing to learn other jobs when you can because you never know when your job duties will change. I am looking forward to saying I been here at work for 10 years next April 12th. There isn't many employees who have been here longer (one guy who retired from here was here for 50 and 1/2 years).

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Currently, I am finishing up an engineering coop/internship (paid of course) at Alcoa Cleveland Works.


I am working on the 50,000 Ton Forging Press rebuild project. It is the second largest forge press in the world and is currently being rebuilt. It forges aluminum and titanium parts for the joint strike fighter military jet, along with civil aircraft fuselage ribbing (such as the Airbus A380).


Other products they produce at my facility though include truck and car wheels. I went to the car wheel building the other day where they are making wheels for the new Chevy Volt... Very awesome to see all the robots and machinery producing those wheels. They also do wheels for Porsche, Ferrari, GM, and many other exotic and everyday use vehicles. The wheels are extremely high quality, forged from raw material (not cast). Higher durability and lower weight.


Previously I have also Intern/Coop at PCC Airfoils which makes airfoils for power generation and commercial/military aircraft jet engines. Awesome stuff.


And my first Coop was at Philips Medical (the same Philips that makes TV's and whatever else you can think of), and I worked on CT, MRI and PET machines. Was awesome stuff.


And as far as "normal" jobs, I work for my uncle doing a vending machine type route, but with gaming machines. Been doing this for the past five years or so.


I also worked at Geauga Lake as a ride host and ATL on XFlight and Steel Venom. And I also worked games at Conneaut Lake Park (uncle ran the games for a few years there). So yeah, was a carnie.



I have been fortunate to have excellent jobs to work at and look forward to coming back where I am now. If I come back in May when school is out, I will get to see the press assembly be complete and hopefully run again by the end of the year. I was able to see the entire disassembly and currently is just a big hole in the ground. To give an idea of scale, the press stands 10 stories tall with about 4 stories of it being under the floor level. It is incredibly huge.


I have enjoyed what I have done so far... Thankfully, getting the experience while still in College that will be very useful. I highly recommend doing intern/coop programs if you can at all costs. Worth the extra time in school, for sure. By the time I graduate, I will have well over a year of engineering experience already done at three very large, well known companies. Can't beat that.

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TODAY recently did a piece about where I work-- Give Kids The World, a non-profit resort for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. If you're interested, check it out.


The next time you're hitting up the Central FL amusement parks, consider taking some time to pay us a visit. We're not open to the public, so appointments are needed but I'd be happy to show any fellow TPRers around! And, of course, gladly accept any monetary donations or donations off of our Wish List .

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I place trades for a "mega-bank's" investments branch. I basically buy and sell stocks, bonds, options and annuities for a group of financial advisors and support each of their client lists.


This is not what I had in mind for when I "grew up," therefore - I mustn't have grown up yet .

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Since my home away from college is in the Florida Panhandle, there are NO parks there whatsoever. I used to work at Rave Motion Pictures movie theaters for 2 years. I now have a job working at Destin Laser Tag and mini golf and love it. What is not to love about working in a black-light environment while listening to techno all day long!

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