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UK Photo TR: Derek's version


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And now, for all those folks who decided not to do the add-on, here's what you guys missed out on. Don't worry, you'll have a chance to hit all these parks and more on the Scandinavia trip, which'll most likely happen within the next few year.


Saturday night we drove to Stansted and were up and at the airport by 4am to catch our flight to Gothenburg, Sweden. Everything went very smooth, thanks to our wonderful tour organizers. The flight was pretty uneventful, lots of sleeping took place. Then it was a 3 hour bus ride to Oslo, Norway with no stopping. Everyone survived, even though Robb and Elissa couldn't bring 400 bottles of water, grapes, fans, and random foot massage oils to please everyone.


Norway was a really beautiful country, lots of evergreen trees, hills, and moosen. The weather was weird, going from hot to cold to sunny to rainy all in a matter of minutes.


Tusenfryd was a really cool little park, built into the side of a hill. Not a really big park, but there was plenty to do, and loads of walking up and down hills. All their coasters were really good and unique, like Teeny Weeny the smallest coaster ever, a fairly nice Vekoma loop screw, a Mack water coaster, a great Vekoma woodie, and Speed Monster, an Intamin launched. I'm looking forward to returning here.


Too bad Speed Monster didn't cooperate for our ERT. This is as close as I got to my front seat ride, and missed all of Thundercoaster ERT too =(


The Norwegian Waffle ruled!


Good thing Nicole made me watch this before we rode. No thank you, evil hidden water ride


And it was pretty cool, even though we couldn't understand the signs or the language


But this one actually WAS a haunted house!


Ut oh, Spookslut!


Cute little Intamin rocket. Not too intense, but fun


Every other credit obtained, its time to get the Speed Monster ride in


Sure, kids were taking shortcuts thru the flowers, but they were actually careful about not walking ON the flowers!


You know we're not in America anymore


Lots of pretty flowers and stuff at this park too


This drop was airtime supreme


And it ran insane during the ERT in the rain, I guess


Thundercoaster was another great Vekoma woodie


Its got more track than either Journey to Atlantis


SuperSplash is the Mack Water coaster, totally a credit


We had no idea what was in here, but it turns out it was a pretty cool Viking boat simulator that told the story of traveling to America


Jeff is pleased to get a credit, be back in California, and have a chick in his car (even though she's married)


Teeny Weeny was really small, but easy to spot right on the main midway. The cars were pretty roomy though, lucky for Casey


Hello Norwegian vertical loop!


Our first credit would be Loopen, a Vekoma loop screw in a compact layout, much like Whirlwind


Taking the escalator up to the park, you cross right under and over Speed Monster


We ain't too sure how to dress for this weather


Dave was here before and he says it rocks, though the weather is a bit odd


Here we are at Tusenfryd, where the new coaster welcomes us by showing that its running


Crossing the border from Sweden to Norway

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2 drops not into water, on COASTER track, yeah its a coaster. Besides, its got more track length than some other coasters. Besides that, Roller Coaster Database says its a coaster. They may say powered coasters are coasters too, and they are, just powered, which I don't count, but I could understand those who do count them.


Tidal Wave is marketed and sold as a Shoot the Chutes, not a Water Coaster, and as far as I know it doesn't have coaster track, nor does it have a drop that doesn't end in water.

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I wan't to see some pics from the side trip to Skegness!!




Well, you'll just have to wait for Robb to post the official update on it. I only took like 4 pictures there, and the weather made them look really bad, too foggy out. I will say though that Jubilee Odyssey was a big surprise hit with us. We went in expecting to get beaten up like on other SLCs, only since this one was super-sized we figured it'd be a super beating. Ended up that the coaster was pretty much smooth and painless, with only a little rough spot coming out of the sidewinder element. We were shocked, and ended up reriding it several times.

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So, Derek, are you going to tell everyone why you REALLY missed out on the ERT on Thundercoaster?

Or will Nicole shed some light on that subject?


Once again, Chris, we have no clue what the heck you're talking about. We got in line for Speed Monster, wanting a front seat ride after it broke down but they tested a train. Got in line and then 45 minutes the park closed. Figured we'd just hang out there, especially since it was now raining and we didn't want our jeans to get too wet for a nice 3 hour bus ride back to Sweden. The one op told us we could wait and it should be opening up shortly, but then he went over to Thundercoaster. The mechanic also allowed us to wait, as we were the only ones there. Another employee translated for him that it should be up in about 10 minutes, we should go ride Thundercoaster and come back in 10 minutes. Since it was about a 10 minute walk to Thundercoaster in the rain, we decided to just hold off for a few more minutes, and if it didn't open, we'd just head over to Thundercoaster then. Well, around 7:30 we gave up on Speed Monster, as the mechanics were still running around trying to figure out what the problem was. As we were heading over to Thundercoaster, we were told it was closing and the crew was going to be moving to Speed Monster. So we just used the bathroom and headed back to the bus, figuring Speed Monster probably wouldn't reopen and even if it did, we were tired and didn't feel like walking back over there. And then my mom called and told me that a snake was trying to eat one of the pies she had cooling in the window.

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We had no idea what was in here, but it turns out it was a pretty cool Viking boat simulator that told the story of traveling to America


I'm so pleased you said that, I really wasn't sure... I know we saw you and Nicole coming out of there and you said to be sure to get headphones, but when we got in there and we offered we thought it might be funny to watch it in Norwegian... It was, but a little confusing in parts! I knew that they were travelling SOMEWHERE....


Great TR Derek!

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I will say though that Jubilee Odyssey was a big surprise hit with us. We went in expecting to get beaten up like on other SLCs, only since this one was super-sized we figured it'd be a super beating. Ended up that the coaster was pretty much smooth and painless, with only a little rough spot coming out of the sidewinder element. We were shocked, and ended up reriding it several times.


I finally got my Jubilee Odyssey credit for this year last weekend, after 7 visits already this year with it being closed. The only really rough bit I found was the Sidewinder, especially as I was in the front seat, my head got a major beating.


What else did you go on up there?

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Great trip report from Tusenfryd! Its always fun to read trip reports from what I call my homepark, although its 300 miles away. Actually its my second closest park, with the closest one being "only" half the distance south from where I live. But they only have a vekoma family coaster so no reason to go there.


It sucks that you were a bit unlucky with rides breaking down, but its nice to hear that you still had a good time. Speedmonster is a really good coaster! I wouldnt mind some stronger airtime, but it feels kinda pathetic to complain about such a great coaster. Besides, theres plenty of insane airtime on Thundercoaster, atleast when its raining.


Im not sure if I agree about the "10 min walk to Thundercoaster" part though

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It looks like Robb and Elissa were saving the best for last, ending the trip with a big bang. That bang, of course, was Liseberg and Balder. Everything was wonderful, from the free porn in the hotel room to the hotel breakfast, to the awesome welcoming reception we received at Liseberg, and the almost 3 hours of ERT on Balder and Kanonen, it could not have been a better end to the trip.


Where else do you see unicyclists in a park?


Too bad we couldn't get Elissa on the spinning boat ride


We cut our time at the bar short though so we could experience the Pepper Steak, which was everything it was said to be and more!


So guess where I was at 5:00 on the dot? :)


I was most excited when we found out that day there was an Ice Bar at the park and it'd be opened at 5pm


We did this only because the Observation Tower preshow told us to, honest! =)


Like most of the layout of Lisebergbanan


The observation tower and the ferris wheel offered great views of the park


Its always a good idea to have Dan with you. He'll be the bag bitch while you ride the log flume (the bags were all gifts from the park!)


The haunted hotel was included in our VIP wristbands, so we did that as a group after Operation: Apollo's Chariot


We were told this was running pretty good, but its too close to Balder, we couldn't pass up short lines on Balder to justify a ride on a Chance


and Robb tried the strange throw the fish at the seagulls game


Back at the park we checked out some weird flatrides


For lunch a few of us had to check out the McDonald's across the street to see if the hot chick was still there. I was also intrigued by the Delirium Cafe


Liseberg is another beautiful park, with lots of lush landscaping


The first riders of the day even got to go backwards a bit


Once the park officially opened, we all headed to the banana ride


and who couldn't love a zero g roll threading the loop!?


With a vertical loop, I just had to ride it though


Kanonen was also opened during ERT, but we could hardly take ourselves away from Balder to ride it


It may look small and compact, and it is! But it still provides awesome airtime. Its things like this that rank it so high with me, along with Phoenix


We managed to ride every row, and could not find either a bad row, a row that provided more or less airtime than other rows, or even a favorite row. Balder is THAT awesome


Then we rode Balder until our hearts were content


We quickly formed a Union though and started taking breaks, to drink free beer!


Before we were allowed to ride, they asked us to do some work on the coaster, complete with Balder hammers


Our welcome reception from the folks at Liseberg took us inside Balder to check out the little cottage inside the ride


Here we are, finally, at Liseberg. Built right in the middle of the city of Goteborg

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Im not sure if I agree about the "10 min walk to Thundercoaster" part though


Well, its not 10 minutes to Thundercoaster, but its about a 5 minute walk there and a 5 minute walk back to Speed Monster. Plus the queue walk at Thundercoaster which isn't really short (and the fact that if we passed a bathroom, Nicole would have to stop and use it) and we would have been giving up our spot in a line we already invested about an hour of our time at.

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Sorry to back track 2 pages, but is that boomerang going in at Pleasurewood hills a Arrow boomerang? I didnt think they made boomerangs, but RCDB says that its an Arrow! Well anyway, nice pictures Derek, makes me wish even more that I had gone. Oh well, next year maybe...


Colin C

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Well, no, we haven't met. I suspected you did. I didn't know if you had some type of beer collection you were saving them for once you got back to the states. I used to save the empty bottles from some cool ones I like, but that got to be too much of a hassle carrying them all over the place.


If you go on the midwest TPR trip in '07, we'll meet - I'm going to try like hell to get a spot. I'm in search of a Sam Adams Triple Bock. The beer selection here in Louisiana sucks, but I'm moving to Connecticut in August, so hopefully I'll have more to select from.


Anyway, I'm completely jealous of the UK trip. Thanks for all of the great pics.

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Sorry to back track 2 pages, but is that boomerang going in at Pleasurewood hills a Arrow boomerang? I didnt think they made boomerangs, but RCDB says that its an Arrow! Well anyway, nice pictures Derek, makes me wish even more that I had gone. Oh well, next year maybe...


Colin C


Most likely it's the trains that are made by Arrow. The ride itself is still made by Vekoma.

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So after an amazing organized trip is pulled off, what do you do next? Well, if you're Robb and Elissa, you test the waters for future trips. A few of us old skool friends were given the opportunity to explore with them for this extra add-on to the land of SharkTums, Finland!


Once again it was back to Stansted to fly Ryan air to another rinky dink airport, this time in Tampere, Finland. Everything went smoothly again and soon we were greeted by Tommi, a Finnish TPRer. Then it was off to Helsinki with Robb behind the wheel for a stop at Linnanmaki.


Linnanmaki was a nice little park surrounded by the city of Helsinki. It seemed more geared towards kids, as all of the coasters weren't too intense, and there wasn't one loop on any of them. The park was somewhat busy with buy one get one wristbands, but we never waited more than 10 minutes for any ride. Onto the photos:


The finale slide alone was worth the trip to Linnanmaki


But we couldn't pass up the funhouse, no matter how long the line looked to be


They also had a nice ferris wheel, but it actually had a line and we skipped it


The park had a very nice setting and some nice gardens and flowers and fountains


Elissa must have had a major moment of weakness, because she agreed to ride this evil Huss ride with me. We flipped 11 times, yet she didn't get sick


Dan enjoyed squishing Elissa on the powered coaster after she told him he wouldn't get wet on the water coaster


We got wet enough on the water coaster, so we didn't bother even attempting the rapids


This was Space Express, an indoor space themed Zierer. It was cool, I guess


Which just baffled us


They also had a clown darkride


The darkride was recently updated, and was really good


Its like a wild mouse with shock absorbers, very odd


Linnanmaki also has a Mack e-Motion coaster, which we all pretty much said "WTF?" to


It was fairly short and not Dan approved, though he did ride it for the credit


Up next was the only remaining Premier water coaster


The scenic railway had a nice layout but only offered a few moments of airtime, the rest of the time it was fairly slow


The park was fairly busy, but not overly crowded


On this one the brakeman sits in the very back so he can get the most airtime


Our big draw was the scenic railway


After 3 hours on a plane and 2 hours in a car, we're finally at Linnanmaki


On the way Robb and Elissa enjoyed a few moments of peace and rest


Its back to Stansted to fly to Finland

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