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Niiicolaaah's TPR UK Trip Photos

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Originally I wasn't going to make a photo trip report, but as you can see, I changed my mind. This trip was all kinds of hilarious fun. I really enjoyed hanging out with people I've been talking to online for many months, as well as those who I did not know previous to the trip. The coasters and parks were great, but I would not have had nearly as good a time had the people not been so awesome.


Page 1: London, Legoland, Chessington Worlds of Adventure, Coney Beach, Oakwood

Page 2: Alton Towers, Drayton Manor, Pleasureland Southport, Blackpool Pleasure Beach Part 1

Page 3: Blackpool Pleasure Beach Part 2

Page 4: Blackpool Pleasure Beach Part 3

Page 6: Lightwater Valley

Page 7: Flamingoland, Pleasurewood Hills

Page 8: Joyland, Thorpe Park

Page 10: Tusenfryd Part 1

Page 11: Tusenfryd Part 2, Liseberg


Day 00: London

I flew over with Paul. At the airport we met up with Jay and went for a little afternoon sightsee. It was a billion and a half degrees that day and we were all drenched with sweat. How pleasant! lol.


And the London Eye! Next up: Legoland!


Globe Theatre


Other cool stuff we saw: Big Ben


I did get to see some cool armor though


It's really nice, but I didn't get to see anyone being tortured. :(


I love visiting historic places like this.


Next, we went over to the Tower. My main goal was to see some torture.


Paul, I didn't know you opened a patisserie in London!


We're so awesome


It provided us with a beautiful view of London, and the stairs scared the heck out of me


Our first stop was St. Paul's Cathedral


"This train is for Cockfosters." Tee hee hee!


Welcome to the tube, please mind the gap


"It would be even better if it was a carpet service!" - Paul

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Day 0: Legoland


Legoland is a fun park that has the best teacups I experienced on the trip. I also got my #50 coaster credit: Jungle Coaster. In addition to Jungle Coaster, Legoland has two kiddie coasters by WGH Transportation: Dragon and Dragon's Apprentice.


Despite all the cool stuff at Legoland, I managed to take startlingly few pictures!


"Hmm, I wonder what this sauce sounds like."


They're Doritos with random lettuce on top. WTF


That night, we had dinner at the pub across the street. These are Elissa's "Nachos"


Like this murder scene and shoving the dead body in the luggage compartment!


Miniland was really neat, and had a few hilarious things


Robb is Elissa's knight in plastic armor


Derek goes the wrong way and almost kills a child!


Elissa demonstrates the proper way to ride a slide

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Day 1: Chessington World of Adventures


Chessington is a park that believes strongly in the use of stairs. Stairs going up, stairs going down, many for no reason at all. They have a really cute zoo section, which we checked out after conquering the park in less than two hours. Well, the morning ERT helped.


No disco dancing on the monorail!


Finally, after searching all day for the entrance, we rode the monorail


Chessington has a cool log flume also.


Score on the left = mine = 10800. Score on the right = Derek's = 800! Ha ha!


Tomb Blaster is a fun dark ride that you have to climb up two flights of stairs, and then back down two flights of stairs, to get to


Why did I take this picture? You decide!


Burnt Stub???????


In the zoo section, we found out that Derek runs faster than a skunk (and smells better than one also)!


We watched the Sea Lion show. There was one sea lion that just swam back and forth and didn't do anything; we named him "Robb"


House Bastard!


Up next was Rattlesnake, mouse with very cool theming.


Finally, Derek decides to grab somebody else's boobs for a change! ;)


I LOVE this ride!


And boy, did it spin us good!


Next up: Dragon's Fury, a Maurer Sohne spinning mouse


I found the ride to be boring, but I guess no suspended can beat Vortex at PCW. ;)


Morning ERT started off at Vampire, an Arrow suspended with Vekoma floorless trains. The station was AWESOME!

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Hey Nicole! I'm glad you decided to do a Photo TR for the UK Trip. I'm encouraging everyone who took photos to post their photo TRs because I think it's GREAT to see everyone's different perspectives from the trip.


Everyone has something different to offer which is why, at least for me, I want to see as many photos as possible!


When I'm done with the TPR updates, I'm going to make a page that will tie together everyone's updates so people who are interested can see all the photos and reports from all the different points of view.


Great TR, keep them coming!



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Day 1: Coney Beach


What can I say about Coney Beach? It was pretty ghetto and scary. But I got two credits, which compensated for the two coasters that would be closed at Southport later in the trip!


Some lovely theming.


I feel so safe!


Then a bunch of tools valleyed the powered coaster


Look at all those credit whores.


Jeff and Lou risk their lives for a credit!


Next up was Nessi, a lovely kiddie coaster


I was expecting it to be a lot more painful than it actually was. The sandbag theming was a nice touch.


Credit #1: Megablitz, my first ever Pinfari


Welcome to Coney Beach, be sure to wash your hands after touching ANYTHING

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Day 2: Oakwood


Oakwood was one of my favorite parks on the trip. New for this year is Speed, a Gerstlauer Eurofighter which I LOVED. The vertical lift hill felt very cool and odd, and the airtime hill was INSANE! It gave me a bruise on my right shoulder that didn't go away until the add-on.


Another cool thing we did at Oakwood was the Crystal Maze. My team won even though the computer crashed during one of our games. Go team Lady Gay! I also rode my first alpine slide, but refrained from the vertical slide cause I didn't want to die just yet.


I thought Megafobia was awesome, but we only had time to ride it twice.


Oakwood was a really cool park; I will definitely try to get back there some day.


Bye bye Oakwood, we had a lot of fun inside you today


Oakwood has a vertical lift, more than vertical drop, vertical loop, vertical slide, and vertical water ride!


Why is Tom so mad at his shoe???


Yo yo yo, it's Homie Clown Bill!


Tom yells at the sheep, but they are too far away to be frightened by him!


Here are the Coaster Sheep that created the minefield of poo


Signature shot!


During the Megafobia walkback, Derek discovered he has the power to turn into a tree


We got a photo walkback and had lots of poo to avoid stepping in


Mmm... Megafobia


Either Tom is hungry or he's about to hurl!


Treetops is a fun ride!


This does not qualify as credit whoring.


The only person who looks excited in this picture is Paul!


Helix of awesomeness... I seriously LOVE this ride. We need some in the US (closer to me than Dollywood!)


Oh how I love this ride.


Here come a train full of happy riders. Check out what Speed did to Bill's beard! :)


On the first ride, we heard someone yell "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!?!" at this point. This saying was repeated many times throughout the trip and became its theme


We had morning ERT on this delicious creation

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Oh Lord, it's all coming back to me now.







Team Lady Gay kicked some serious ass in the Crystal Maze that day as well, that was an awesome day!

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Another cool thing we did at Oakwood was the Crystal Maze. My team won even though the computer crashed during one of our games.


Only once? Ted,Catrina, and I managed to crash them 3 times I think.


We really sucked at that game, though at least we didn't finish last. Still fun though.

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Great TR Nicole!


And thankyou for the 'nose shout out' heh heh heh.


I am getting to be curious as to how many of us actually road HYDRO there at Oakwood. Me, and a Jim and Chris B. I rmemeber... Anybody else? Just curious of me.


My f-i-l-m is being done this week. Then, onto a disc and .... who knows what shall be revealed???


Your/this TR is an excellent one, Niiic. I hope I can do as well as you have.


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Ah, yes--I remember "What the hell is this?"


No vertical slide? Heck, I survived the vertical slide (only to nearly crash and burn on the wooden slide at Flamingoland). You so have to try the vertical slide next time, Nicole.

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Day 3: Alton Towers


Alton Towers was another favorite park of mine on the trip. One reason for this was I have been wanting to ride Nemesis for like ten years, ever since I saw it on a coaster TV show. Nemesis was the most anticipated coaster for me anywhere in the world because I have known about it for so long. Actually seeing and riding it for the first time was like a dream. For the first time, it really hit me that I WAS over in the UK, doing something I have always wanted to do. OK, I'll shut up now.


Fast, intense, fun, and crazy. Mmmm Nemesis.


The station is themed to be the Nemesis monster. Its legs turn into "track". It's SO DARN COOL LOOKING


Seriously, this thing was built 12 years ago! And it's AWESOME!


FINALLY, we rode Nemesis. And, oh my God! It was amazing!


This part of the ride was a little confusing, but still felt cool IMO.


I really enjoyed this coaster; it was my first B&M flyer. I found the restraints to be very comfortable and the flying sensation was very cool.


So we rode Air instead. Prepare for Air!


Derek tortured me with nemesis. We had to ride like everything else in the park before we could ride Nemesis!


OBLIVION, the coaster my mom's obsessed with. It was merely "OK". I was quite impressed with the size of the trains and the track.


Next was Spinball Whizzer, which did not spin us nearly as much as Dragon's Fury, and I therefore did not like it as much


The day started out with Rita, my first Intamin launched coaster. It was fun but not anything special.


The Towers... we did not go inside, but I will make a point of doing that next time I'm there


Hey, look, there's Oblivion peeking out from behind a bush... and Tommy peeking into the shot


Alton Towers has lots of purple flowers

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Day 4: Drayton Manor


Drayton Manor is home to that X-Car Coaster called G-Force. I had been looking forward to that ride, but once I saw it in person, I knew it was going to be painful. The "lift hill" was cool, but after that my restraint killed me. I will definitely not be riding that again.


We rode the standup with floor side of Apocalypse; that was fun and a unique experience for me. It is only the second Intamin drop tower I've ever ridden.


Storm Force 10: We did not ride


It's fun, I guess


WOOT, a Buffalo themed powered coaster!


Was this the indoor Waltzer?? I can't even remember!


If this door is in frequent use, why is it padlocked???




Time for my 69th credit and first Intamin standup: Shockwave


Ok, it really wasn't THAT bad, but I have no desire to ride it again.


Here is where the fun quickly ends!


This part was cool



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Day 5: Southport Pleasureland


Southport was kind of disappointing to me. Two of their coasters were closed, and the flyers were dismantled. The funhouse was fun, I guess.


Dave Thomas is my hero!!! :)


Again, James leaves me speechless!


Oh look, another closed coaster. :(


I thought we had left Coney Beach behind us!!


Hmmm... I don't quite know what to say! :)


"Keep your butt in the seat at all times!"


This ride is fun!


I see you, stupid closed SLC




Crazy crooked lift hill


Cyclone ERT!


I guess we won't be riding the flyers today!


It really hurt, lol.


King Solomon's Mines


It's a cute little park.




I was a little afraid of the wheel at first, but once I did it I was addicted. Derek didn't go on it a single time!


James gracefully exits the slide.


ERT in the funhouse!

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Day 6: Blackpool Pleasure Beach part 1


Blackpool is my favorite park anywhere, due to its crazy dark rides. I would have loved more time at this park; I will DEFINITELY be returning some day.


Pretty and random. More pics to come!


It was fast and intense, but over way too quickly!


Avalanche was my first bobsled coaster


After riding King Solomon's Mines, I was a little nervous about this ride. But it was AWESOME!!!! So much INSANE airtime!


Somehow, this turns me on!


Somehow, this turns me on!


But that's just because it goes straight the entire time!


Irn Bru Revolution: Proof that an Arrow ride can be painless


I really love this park!


Rollercoaster was fun, but I wish there hadn't been seatbelts. That would have been a crazy experience.


Tommy, James, Dave, and Jody look SOO excited!


Time to ride the soda can hypercoaster


Blackpool has all kinds of crazy odd stuff. For example, this strange ticket booth


No comment!


It was fun!


We also got some Bling action. What a strange name for a ride!


Morning ERT started off on Steeplechase

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If you're talking about Vortex at Paramount Canada's Wonderland, then I'd have to disagree. I highly doubt that there's any coasters worse than it.


Well, that's probably because the last couple times I rode it, the cars smelt like someone had puked in them, but they hadn't been cleaned right.

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Nicole - Black Revolver was the indoor waltzer at Drayton. Also, you would had had more fun at the Funhouse if you and Derek had joined the B.O.T.B.C. earlier.


The B.O.T.B.C. enjoys the situation no matter where they are. OK - maybe we didn't enjoy the rest of Southport, but anywhere else.

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If you're talking about Vortex at Paramount Canada's Wonderland, then I'd have to disagree. I highly doubt that there's any coasters worse than it.


Well, that's probably because the last couple times I rode it, the cars smelt like someone had puked in them, but they hadn't been cleaned right.


Jeeeeez, what a downer!


I was half teasing, because the only other suspended coaster I've been on is Iron Dragon.

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I too have only been on two - Iron Dragon and Top Gun (PKI). I like them both - though Top Gun is more fun. I bet Vampire has to be awesome with those trains. My only question about them is that the seats look like the exact same thing as the Vekoma Suspended Junior Coaster aka Rugrat's Runaway Reptar. I couldn't imagine getting high amounts of G force in those.

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