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PTR - Busch Gardens Williamsburg - 06/24/06

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Friday, I get a call from a friend saying he’s got a spot open for his family’s trip to BGW. Naturally, I accepted. It’s a two hour drive from Harrisonburg to Williamsburg without traffic, so we were up at six to get there at 10 for the opening.


Once in the park, we took the chairlift back to France. It was to be the longest line we stood in for the entire day. Light crowds rule. Josh’s sister wanted to take a spin on car ride, but it was at least a 45 minute wait. So while they did that, we headed over for Le Scoot. 30 minute wait – not bad on a summer day (by the end of the day, though, the line was out onto the path). One of the better log flumes I’ve been on. The only negative thing is that it reacquainted me with falling and how much I despise the sensation. Needless to say, I got no credits. Because I’m a wimp.






Done laughing at me? Ok, good. Those of you who can actually enjoy zero-g – feel thankful.


Anyhow, after the log flume, we hit up Corkscrew Hill 4D. They had one theater down, so it was supposed to be a 30 minute wait, but enough people left that we ended up getting on in 10. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but still a good ride.


We got lost on our way back to France, ended up in the zoo (which, it turns out, is actually on the way, but both of us were too stupid to check our maps). Bald eagles and wolves. Yeah.


Josh’s parents were over at Alpengeist, so we met up with them there. His sister, Jim, and Dale decided to ride. Sierra came off smiling, Jim was shell-shocked, and Dale was… bored? We moved through Germany, looking through the shops for a bit, and then went to Oktoberfest for lunch.


The food was alright. Good bratwurst, but the ribs and chicken were dry. The entertainment was interesting, to say the least.


Following lunch, about half the group went on Curse of DarKastle, which, by Josh’s reckoning, was pretty lame. I gave it a pass. Just after they got inside, the sky opened up and it started POURING rain. It let up about twenty minutes later, and then I saw the strangest thing: they SQUEEGE the paths. Am I the only one who finds this odd?


Soon after, they got out of DarKastle. Josh headed over for the Big Bad Wolf, and what looked like a 40 minute wait while the rest of us hit up Katapult. Dale rode with Sierra and Tammy, all three of which insisted that he sit in the middle. Anyone with an understanding of physics can figure out the rest. Josh was still in line, so we walked over to Italy. He rejoined us pretty quickly, raving about his ride. Apparently, I’ve turned him into a credit whore now.


In Italy, we did Roman Rapids and Escape from Pompeii, then headed back to Ireland so Josh and I could take his sister on Corkscrew Hill. They had both theaters running, so the wait was only 10-20 minutes. That was good, because that was the worst quere I’ve ever stood in. A group of kids behind us were being obnoxious – yelling, complaining, and line jumping. The pair in front of us told them to “shut the **** up” and it went downhill from there. I was half expecting the guy in front of us to attack someone. Not a good situation, especially when you’re responsible for a pair of 5th graders. But I digress.


Josh’s parents wanted to go see a show, but we weren’t all that interested. So we followed his sister as she went around to a series of shops. When the show let out, Dale and Jim wanted to take a run on Corkscrew Hill. I passed.


When they got out, we wandered back over to Italy to Apollo’s Chariot. However, Josh was having his doubts, and Dale didn’t want to ride, and the only one up for it was Sierra. So, noone got the AC credit. Instead, we got ice cream, walked back through to England, had fun in the hat shop, and left.


All in all, a great day. BGW is the best park I’ve been to. Wonderful atmosphere.



If you just read that essay, congratuations. If you just look at pictures, here you go:


More fun in the hat shop.


Yours truly.


Fun in the weird hat shop.


Is this what we think it is?


No comment possible.


I can't get over how freakin' huge that support is.


Apollo's Chariot.


Nessie. The generic shot that fourty billion people have...


Katapult - "through Jim"... ok, that was lame. You can see Dale getting ready to crush Tammy.


Carousel "through the trees". BGW has lots of wilderness areas throughout - really nice.


It's hard to see here, but it's POURING rain.




Watching for Sierra's train - and Dale's high pitched scream.


Look at that beautiful tangle of track...


Alpengeist... and Le Scoot!


Alpengeist's Immelman.


Bald eagle!


The future credit whore glares at the picture whore.


The longest line all day.


From right to left, front to back: Josh, his mother and father, Dale, Jim, Sierra's friend Tammy, Sierra.

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Ahhh... the first park I ever rode a coaster in. Loch Ness Monster back in '86. Good times. My home park Six Flags Great Adventure was so jealous. We weren't on speaking terms for many years because I whored out my first "real" credit to another park.


Anway, good pics. I'm going to get back there one of these days. I think.

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