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Photo TR: Cliff's, Lakeside, SFEG, Elitch Gardens & More

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So yeah .. since we were bored, we headed out to West Texas, New Mexico and Colorado for a few days last week .. and since the flight was free, it made it that much better.


So after arriving in Albuquerque, we hit Cliff's first on Friday morning, after getting my fill of Del Taco after way too long without it. Cliff's is pretty much the same since my last visit in 2004, however, they do have the new drop tower from ARM/Larson and I must say, it's pretty frickin' sweet .. the instant drop at the top with no pause makes this pretty nice. I do not like ARM/Larson towers very much, but this one was run really well.


New Mexico Rattler was running very well and the crowds were a bit larger than my last visit, but still managed several rides on everything there and wtf did they do to Demolition Disco .. so much for the cool "in-the-dark" bumper cars since they redid the entrance and opened up the wall for viewing. Sadly, the old Banshee from Holiday World was down, so I didn't get to see if it's still run on setting 15 of 10.


Coming next, Colorado crap!


Ahh yes .. there is something good in New Mexico


New Mexico Rattler's first drop ... still one of my favs on a woodie


Yay for coasters finally after a little "off" time


Seriously .. I'm also still trying to figure out WTF a Water Monkey is.


Gets 2 thumbs up from me


Don't remember this from last time .. but it's nice for such a small park


Cliff's entrance .. looks not very crowded

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So ok .. after the long drive to Denver in the dead of night pretty much. We hit SFEG on Saturday, my birthday ... yeah .. I know .. don't go there.


SFEG for us was a little difficult to get too, but we ended up parking at the Pepsi Center and walking over, which was cheaper and gave us an quick aerial view of the park. Now, I've heard stories and reports and the park lives up to them, except the park is very very nice for it's location in a concrete jungle.


Our first ride was the flying rat cages or Flying Coaster. Now this thing HURTS, makes the one at Canada's Wonderland look like a B&M flyer. After that we hit Twister II, which I must admit was alot better than expected and had ALOT of serious track work done recently in the helix. After that, we got some lunch since it was already past noon. After lunch .. I became a credit whore and scored a ride on Great Chase (helps when you flirt).


After that we took it easy more or less and walked around and got photos and a Flash Pass since the lines were building. After watching the pathetic Batman Stunt Show, it was time to finish the credits and leave. Got 2 more rides on Twister II since they were slow and then hit Half Pipe, can you say OW?


After we got Sidewinder, Boomerang and then the crappy Mind Eraser ... talk about headaches, except when your Arrow Shuttle Loop is the best coaster in the park, you have some problems. Finished with some shopping for shot glasses and maps, then headed off to dinner where we got to celebrate some, then back to the hotel.


Up next, Lakeside !


Yeah .. I'm running too ...


F**K YOU !


Yup ... I MAY agree




This is NOT an acceptible amount of water ...


please ..


Denver is the Mile High City, this is the Two Mile High coaster


I liked this ride, just not the hike up the next mile


Ok, this wasn't AS bad as it could of been .. but still .. 3 of 7


Again .. Denver is full of masochists I think


pain pain pain ... 2 out of 7 hurt so far


Call me a whore .. thank you


This woke me up at least .. fire is always good


FALL ! ! !


Nice ride, and the stadium behind which looks as if the architect was drunk when it was designed


The original ... shame


Hmmm ok .. John Pierce woodie .. can't be THAT good


This part is like being in a slow blender inside a coffin


HOW in the HELL can you smile on this ride !?


These people are doomed .. little do they know.




Umm .. run?


Chance Ferris Wheel ... ok


At least they still have an original PTC Carousel, needs a rehab seriously however


Cool .. right inside the entrance, but in typical SF fashion ... closed.


The wierd entrance pavilion/covered park entrance .. strange


Welcome to hell !

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Ok, so we planned to hit Lakeside on Saturday night, but that didn't happen. So on Sunday, we got over there finally, a little later in the afternoon since Lakeside is all about the night.


We stopped at the old Elitch Gardens site, which is pretty much all removed of any signs of the old amusement park. The townhomes/apartments around there are nice tho and glad to see some stuff was kept. The old park entrance path, carousel house and theater. I would of like it if the sign was kept at the intersection, but sadly, it wasn't.


Lakeside was next, the place rocks. It's a TAD ghetto, but hey what can you do for a park who's admission is $2. The Cyclone is a great confused coasters, doesn't know if it is a Twister or Out & Back ... and you can't forget the Wild Rodent err.. chipmunk. The rest of the park is a blast with the classic rides and not to mention almost the entire O-Plane series of rides. Some points tho, the flyers are run a tad too fast and they have a serious issue with their train .. I though it was going to blow up when we rode it after waiting 60mins for the damn ride.


This park at night is amazing, words can't describe it, but I will OWN this park one day .. oh yes, it will be mine.


Up next, Air Force Academy, Western Playland and more whoring.


Prepare to be scrambled .. like eggs


no comment


Yeah, this place is magical at night


hells yeah ...




Even more .. woot !


More points !


Cooler sign tho .. take THAT disney !


Sweet .. just like the original Jets at Disneyland




Well damn, I felt like speeding on boats


Neon rocks your face


This looked like it was insane


retro retro retro


Waiting on it to explode


Yeah .. I love this place


They have a whip .. more points added






FLYERS .. shame they ran so fast


Ferris Wheels .. totally love the sign


The old lost Traver Circle Swing


Cool bumper cars building, crappy bumper cars .. why they remove the Lusse's?


Nighttime ...


Powered credit whoring


Yup .. I whored it .. wasn't easy


Lakeside, home of retro rides and signs


Elissa approved ride


Zoomy ... go rodent, go




The fat people honored the coaster .. suprised it didn't break or they didn't try to eat it


Yup, #350 for me .. good move I think


Why it's called Lakeside .. it's on the side of a small lake


Welcome to Lakeside


Elitch Gardens Players Theater, being rehabbed, she shouldn't of hit the pipe so hard, crack kills


Carousel pavilion


Old entry walkway


Old sign outside the old parking lot

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I had no idea Lakeside had that many rides! Flying Scooters. Cool. I'm not too in the know about those, so I assume you can't snap them too well when they're run fast. Is that right?


Man, I've got to make it to Lakeside while I'm in Denver. I need a car!

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Awww, Rodent Rides!!!


That sucks about HalfPipe, I really liked it! What did you find painful about it?


BTW, I still think that Water Monkey is some kind of racial slur!

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^^ I think water monkey is a racial slur


I've heard so much about Lakeside know and it looks so cool with its retroness feel to it. I love how no matter what the ride is they put attention to it with its big neon signs. The rock-o-plane sign looks like the Match Game logo.

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Half Pipe was cool .. until the airtime and twisting bashed my head against the harnesses ... lapbars could work on that.


At least I rode the rodent alot.

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OK so now to finally finish this ... SO after Colorado .. had to drive back to Albuquerque, then El Pasi .. err.. El Paso ... which is .. nevermind. Stopped at the Air Force Academy, where they tried to get me to join, until I told them unless I could bomb people or flying the F16 or F/A-22 .. I wouldn't .. and then they asked why I couldn't .. so the discussion began.


Got to see the cool B-52 they have near the North entrance and some parachute training. On the way back, ran through a pretty cool wildfire started bu lighting the day before. After the crappy night's stay in the Albuquerque hotel (horrible) and arguing with the manager who barely spoke a word of english .. head to El Paso to catch my flight home, but not before Credit Whoring at Oasis Lanes and checking out the progress of the new Western Playland .. and yes .. some casinos .... dammit, no free alcohol tho, stupid New Mexico.


Photos !


Arg, I'm angry snake ... gimmie some children!


Let the credit whoring begin !


Ahh ... bowling alley with rides ... only in EL Mexico .. I mean Paso


El Bandito got moved .. yay?


Well they got a Miler, appears to be from one of the closed Jeepers! .. maybe Kansas City's


Hi, I'm Western Playland, still not open and across from a Casino .. good family fun


ah damn Western Playland bought some larson flyers, guess I'll have to come back when it opens


oh no, just the massive wildfire we are about to drive through


Colorado .. that a tornado on the horizon!?


Arg .. the chute .. oh wait it's open


bye-bye awesome plane


See it killed alot of people ...


Stats of the plane behind me


mmm B52 goodness

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My girlfriend is in Denver right now and I told her to get over to Elitch Gardens thinking that it was something for her to do. I knew they had some rough rides and stuff, but it would just be cruel to tell her to go anymore after seeing when the park really looks like. She drove by it the other day and said it looks old and run down. The place looks pretty ugly and really does look like hell.

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^^ SFEG is actually very nice landscaped wise and clean .. not alot of trees, just horrible rides and bad operations spoil it. I did like the park however, though it was cute.

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