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Long wait times?

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The longest I've ever waited was 3 hours for Superman: Ultimate Flight in 2005. It was at Coasters After Dark(which has no real benefit), and there were mechanical problems.


The second longest was 2 hours(twice) for Dark Knight on opening day. Again, there were frequent mechanical problems, and the fact it was opening day, which lead to the long lines. On the plus side, everything else had a short wait due to everyone else being in line for Dark Knight.


While not the longest wait, the worst wait I've experienced was one that was over an hour for Viper during Fright Fest. There was no line in the queue itself, and everyone was in the station. It was completely chaotic with line jumping, although there were no real sections for rows, and confusion as groups tried to organize so they rode together.

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The longest I have waited was a little over 2 hours for Kingda Ka back in 2006. It was running two trains but broke down as well. Besides that I have waited an hour an a half for El Toro, Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, Maverick, and Talon. But most of the time I hit the parks on weekdays so I never really wait more than 30 minutes tops.

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In the hallow tradition of finding and retrieving old post, I have found another one to bring back!


In the almost ten years since the last time someone posted, have any wait time for any ride in any park approved some?


Last time I posted on this thread I reported that I spent nearly two and a half hours to ride KINGSTA KA. I even went back and edit that last post because light green text was much easier to read than green text.




I haven't been back to Six Flags Great Adventure, but now that coaster is a few years old, did anyone wait as long as I did to ride KINGSTA KA? In the past few years I've been inside of a park, the longest wait time was 75 minutes to ride Batman the Ride at Six Flags Fiesta Texas (and that was in 2015).


Any one else have recent long wait time stories to tell?

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I distinctly remember waiting 4 hours to ride Skull Mountain at SFGAdv its debut year. I was like 14 though, so my memory may be foggy.


I positively remember waiting 3 hours with breakdowns to ride Maverick at CP in 2008.

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Most memorably, I remember waiting over two hours for the Millennium Force pass that gave you a one-hour window to return in order to get in the actual line, which was also several hours with the pass and a breakdown or two. Millennium Force was so busy those first couple of years that it felt like a pop culture event to wait and actually get on it, and it was worth it.


Most pleasantly, the longest I ever waited was my first time on Dragster. It was down so often in 2003 that it was rare to see it testing let alone to ride it. My group decided to camp in front of it on a Sunday after we'd already ridden everything else that weekend, and we eventually got on around 6 p.m. -- seven hours later. Since the line was unofficial and outside the closed Dragster entrance, we'd tag in and out for bathroom breaks and food/drinks (I'd never wait that long otherwise!). And sure enough, it was down again not long after my initial ride.


Most UGH-ly, the original X. I don't hold it against Magic Mountain or the X2 crew today, but the line was "give me my money back" slow. I remember empty trains just sitting for a few minutes before the gates opened, and then loaded trains would also just sit with riders wondering what was going on. I had whatever the premium tier of Flash Pass was at the time and still waited a few hours, but the entire stand-by line was horrifying -- it had to be 5+ hours.


Most understandably UGH-ly, any wild mouse on a Saturday at a packed park. Steer clear!

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I don't remember the last time I waited over an hour for any coaster, 30 minutes is about my tolerance threshold before I break down and buy fast passes. We did wait a little over two hours for Tollway Terror at Kings Dominion last year and it was totally worth it.

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