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  1. So, no thoughts on the "Finish My Park" Jurassic area contest idea? Still haven't started that area myself. Been busy the last few weeks. Since I haven't worked on it yet there is still time to put the contest on.


    Anyway on with the park, this update is all about the dark side of life. The haunted area of the park is one of the larger areas. We have 3 coasters and a total of 7 rides (8 if your into doubles). We are finally getting into some of the bigger rides. At the time of building the SLC had the most inversions and the Woodie had the largest drop and was also the fastest coaster in the park.


    Hope you like what you see, as always comments of any kind are welcome. Thanks for looking!

    RCT2 Thunder Lakes (Reaper).avi

    Enjoy the ride.

    RCT2 Thunder Lakes (Witches Brew).avi

    Enjoy the ride.

    RCT2 Thunder Lakes (Demonic).avi

    Enjoy the ride.


    In the same area I had another small spot behind Reaper. It was just full of trees and a railroad tunnel and I had every intention to keep it that way until I saw the crowds of peeps in the area going to and from Pumpkin Twist. I decided to put in a Brick Maze. Blended in nicely and gave the little guys something else to enjoy in this dark little area of the park. The maze is just a but smaller than the one in the Medieval area but seems to much harder for the peeps to figure out.


    Back behind the building that houses Witches Brew I had this small area to fill in. The railroad comes out a tunnel here and ran through the area before disappearing again just before hitting the structure of Reaper (the rail tunnel exit is on the bottom left of the picture). I figured that no matter what I placed here given it's bad location it would be a totally forgotten attraction. So I went with something bright. Something that would catch my eye as I passed by. The bright orange Pumpkin Twist (another Methusalem ride) was placed on the other side of the tracks. It's brightness just yells "LOOK AT ME". Like I said I expected this area to be dead, no play on the area intended. Boy was I wrong! This little twist ride keeps a line and this area busy with peeps. I have no idea why, it is no different than the Coffee Grinder or any other twist ride. It must be location, location, location. The peeps just head right for it and keep coming back for more.


    Reaper is another coaster in this area that wasn't suppose to be. Once again the Side-Friction problem influenced this ride. I wanted a woodie for the area and the Friction was suppose to be it. Since it was not going to happen Reaper took it's place. This thing is a GIANT of a ride. I had this path going around the edge of Demonic's second half and believe it or not I started the ride with a curve in a pit behind it next to that same path. It was build out in both directions from that curve. It's weird building a coaster that way but I knew I wanted that spot to be just as it was. After about 10 attempts I was about to give up then I got it. The dive down to this curve is almost as big as the first drop and just about as fast. Peeps really enjoy watching the coaster fly by. This coaster is not as solid in the middle as it looks. A path cuts though it's center leading to the building Witches Brew is in and the coasters exit connects to it. In this area peeps are totally surrounded by Reaper. It's a great place to coaster watch. At the time of construction this coaster was the biggest, badest and meanest ride in the park.


    These two ferris wheels (by Methusalem) are on the edge of the haunted area. I placed a path under and through the ride. The path under also takes you to the entrance/exit of both wheels. If you choose the path through the rides center the counter rotation of the wheels makes for a great disorienting effect. Most peeps seem to like walking through the wheels rather than going under.


    Witches Brew (the ride) wasn't supposed to be here, in fact it wasn't supposed to be at all. A Side-Friction coaster was planned for the spot this Virginia Reel now sits on. The other coaster just didn't look right, no matter what I did to it, it just wasn't going to work. While working on the coaster I put in a Witches Brew soup stall next to the pit that Demonic's first inversion was placed in. Then it hit me. Get rid of the Side-Friction problem and go with a Virginia Reel. So the building went up and the Reel went in. Named it after the soup stall. The ride really works well with this area. It travels out of the building through the woods past the soup stall and back into the building. Inside the building the cars hit the lift while being surrounded by fire and ghosts and goo. The ride travels in and out of the build before it takes you back out into the woods before you end back at the station inside.


    The haunted house had it's location decided for it during the construction of Demonic. The coasters layout is in kind off a U shape and right in the middle you find the path leading into the area. At the time it was the only path into the area. What a great place to sit this attraction, in the middle of the U surrounded by Demonic and at the head of the path. It fit in perfectly. The screams coming out of the building and the ghostly image that hangs from the window facing the path made it even better.


    This anything but standard SLC was the first coaster to hit the area. Started off taking up a much smaller foot print. Re-worked it many times to reach it's current insanity level. The ride sends you head over heels before you even hit the lift. You can see this inversion in the picture it is on the left side behind the lift and the block brakes. In total you will go upside down 7 times on this coaster and travel from one side of the haunted area to the other and back. The picture above only shows half the ride. The ride dives under the walkway (on the right in the picture) and takes the ride over to a fiery island full of curves and inversions. If you didn't watch the video you should take a look. It's a great ride!


    Labeled area of the map.

  2. ^ Thinking about making a contest out of the park download. I have one area left to build (Jurassic). It has fixed path entry points (because it is surrounded by other areas) and might make a nice challenge for others to try and fit in what they think belongs there. It's a very limited space. Could be fun. What do you think about that idea?



    I've downloaded all of them and inserted them into RCT3...


    Man that must be GREAT!, I have RCT3 but my computer doesn't like it very much so I gave up on it for now. I really need to get started downloading stuff for the game before it all disappears so I can have it when I am able to play it. Getting those scenarios might be a good place to start my collection.


    ...at first I wasn't all that excited about what I was looking at. BUT, the individual posts focusing on the certain parts of the park have changed my mind. This is very nice, and I like the history behind some of the changes. I've often thought of doing something similar.


    If you feal like it, please tell me what it was that you were not happy with, been building parks for years and never shared one till now. Your blunt honesty about what you didn't care for or what was missing would be great information to have for any future parks I work with and in finishing this one.


    Used the link in you signature get myself one of those. Always wanted a good way to track where I've been and how many coasters I've been on. What great site Coaster Fanatics has there. So, thank you for the link.


    Here we go...

    this time I am posting 2 areas. They are small, each only has 3 rides. There is only 1 coaster in each of the areas (1 is a double though). The first will be the Pirate Theme followed by Hippie Trip area.

    RCT2 Thunder Lakes (Mystical Mouse).avi

    Enjoy the ride.

    RCT2 Thunder Lakes (Skull Mountain Blast).avi

    Enjoy the ride.


    Another one of the games perfect addions for this area was the Micro Bus simulator. Not much to do with this thing other than put it in. I did keep with the same entrance/exit style used on the Fower Power ride to help hold the area together. The other t-shirt stall is located near this ride. Have to say, working in this area was hard on the eyes. Way to much color going on. Was glad to be out of it.


    This ride was of course made for this area. Never really cared to much for the total openness of this ride or that of the space version. So I decided to remove some clearances and put a little decoration on top. Getting that sign up there on all 4 sides was no easy task. Lots of zeroing out and back in and back out again. Had a big problem with ghost signs also. It took hours and many game restarts to get it right. Off the entrance/exit of this ride is 1 of 2 Flower Power t-shirt stalls.


    This area of the park was my branching off point. You may have noticed that all the paths are even all the way up to and past the tower, right down the center of the park. Everything after this ride is no longer "in line". It is a Spinning Mouse (and a BIG one). Figured what would be better than a ride that makes you all dizzy like the drugs that go along with "HIPPIE" culture. Hope that didn't offend anyone. The ride is doubled, they come together at a few points but really wouldn't go as far as to call it a dueling or racing coaster. The cars are non spinning until right before re-entering the station house. When they hit the curve inside the house it's nausea time! They come out spinning and don't stop till the ride ends. On the way out the peeps can stop by the first aid booth under the station house and detox for a while or sit down and have a piece of pizza and soda or both, there is also a restroom in there.


    The final ride for this small area ended up being the usual Pirate Ship. Tried my best to make the area it sits in as unique as possible and yet leave it clean looking. I think I succeeded. In the picture you will see a building at the bottom. There is food in this build as well as a bathroom. This building and it's contents were moved here early in the game. This area was just a garden at one point and the building was on the far right side of the pirate ship at the end of a little lake. A coaster station now sits in that space.


    *If you read the post in the last set of pictures about the Gray Castle and the park exit hidden in the back of it, then you may remember that I stated that there was another just like it. Well under this building is the path leading to that other exit.


    Always one to use every space available I took the mountain that has the boat rides lifts in it and crammed in a LIM coaster. A great little mountain blaster with 5 inversions. At this point in construction it was the tallest and fastest coaster in the park. If you watched the video you may have noticed only one set of block brakes but 2 trains running. That was done by putting a block brake right at the front of the station. The train BLASTS right over it and it kept me from having only one train or an excessively long approach back to station. Inside this mountain there is also some food and drinks a restroom and few other stalls selling pirate stuff. A lot of the coasters action happens right above the deck area where the peeps can chow down and be entertained or nauseated by the coaster flying all around them.


    When I first made this landscape I had put water with hilly islands in this area. Looking at it before starting is seemed like a great place for some Pirates. The mountain popped up from one of the islands and became the hiding place for the splash boat ride. This boat is another one of Amazing Earl's creations. The ride has a double dip slope. There is a tunnel right after the splash down bridge and viewing area. Inside the tunnel the track goes back up for a little bunny hop. Look closely and you'll see water jets in the tunnels. You will defiantly get wet on this ride.


    Park Map, rides labled

  3. ^Thank You for the complement but I am shur your skills are just fine.

    Everyone does things in there own way. For me it takes planning, time, patience and more time. The park didn't get to over 200 games years old from just me watching it. Been working on it 98% of that time. Always making areas better. I am about to post the Medieval area and right after I took the pictures I saw 4 things I could have done better, went back and fixed it. Took me another game year to get it all done. The "this can be better" is never ending!


    On with the show.


    The second area of the park is the Medieval Theme. It has 9 rides (10) if you count doubles) and 3 of them are coasters. Nothing big or fast yet that will be in the next update. They are great coasters though and have been very busy with peeps over the years.

    RCT2 Thunder Lakes (Battering Ram).avi

    Enjoy the ride.

    RCT2 Thunder Lakes (Vermin Plague).avi

    Enjoy the ride.

    RCT2 Thunder Lakes (Jousting Knights).avi

    Enjoy the ride.


    The final ride of the Medieval theme is the games Trebuchet top spin. It was placed in a small area on the back side of the under siege brown castle. The wooden look of it make it a good choice for the area.


    Wanted an medieval conflict, so I put in the brown castle. It has been attacked the lord of the gray castle and is on fire. In the castle you will find the Battering Ram. It's spiral lift hill takes you to the top and spits you out. It travels in and out of the castle many times. It just fit in the area great, couldn't have been a better fit.


    The Castle Swans. These were originally on the lake by the Go Kart track. They were moved here a few short years ago. They replaced the bumper boats that once went around the castle moat. The bumper boats are now located in the just finished Jungle theme area of the park.


    Returning to the "fair" area again I still had a spot for something. So in went the Fighting Knight Bumper Cars. It also fit in well with the "Medieval Fair" theme. Don't understand why but unlike the other bumper cars near the tower this one is always packed with peeps waiting to get on. Maybe it's location?


    Back in the "peasant theme" area I put in a small grass maze. It is right across from one of the food areas mentioned two comments above. Thought is was a good representation of the poor people trying to get out of the mess they are in under the rule of a selfish king.


    After the castle was done I had a small space left. I stuck with the "fair theme" and put in the Mace Toss. It was perfect for the space and the area. What better at a fair than a test of strength type of event.


    This is one of my favorite coasters in the park. It was perfect for a PEASANT area of the Medieval theme. The "have" and the "haven't any" that where the core of the dark ages misery. It's a great ride. On each side of the ride about half way there are little villages with food shops and one has a tailor selling shirts.


    The big gray castle. Needed to get this in before I started on the rest of the area wanted to make shur I had enough space. It houses a DARK RIDE on the upper level with food and shops on the lower level. The entrance to the Swan ride that travels along the moat is also in the castle. In the back corner of the castle are 2 paths the meet over the moat that take you to a garden area with a bathroom. In this area is also 1 of 2 hidden park gates. It is only used to get those peeps out of the park who are complaining they can't find the main entrance/exit. Peeps coming into the park never use this gate.


    This coaster was the first item I put in this section of the park. Took the idea from the in-game ride and made it my own. Mine works and looks much better than the one that came with the game. It is a 2 in 1 coaster with 4 stations (2 in - 2 out) and has 10 cars running on it. The area it's in is supposed to be a MEDIEVAL FAIR kinda thing. In the upper area of the viewing stand is food and drink for the peeps to enjoy while watching the Jousting below. Has had a line on both sides since it opend over a 100 years ago.


    Labled Medieval Map

  4. Here ya go, not an exact replica.

    That would be illegal, and I'm to cheap to pay the fees involved with violating your rides copyrights.



    I have been playing around with for a while but I think people will get the point. I can't belive it worked and worked so well. Your coaster is most likely going to be showing up in a park or two in the future.





    I have NO IDEA why it showed up so BIG, sorry about that. If one of the higher powers around here can fix that, that would be great! It's only a little over 18mbs.


    Well like magic it is now small. Thanks to whoever took care of that.


    To see it full size "RIGHT" click on the player after you start the video and make it full screen.

  5. You can make video's with HyperCam2. Version 1.72 is free. It's about a 1/4 down the page. It's what I use anyway, there may be others out there.



    Went into the games track design area today and made one, very interesting, never would have thought of that. NICE! Crashed it once when the 2nd train left the station before the 1st made it over the hill.


    Can make a video of it for you if you wish, take me five minutes.

  6. Here is the Entrance part of the park. It has the largest ride count of all the areas coming in with 15 rides. It would be 21 but I'm not counting duplicates.


    The pictures here are of the rides in this area only. They are posted in the order they were placed. There are 2 coasters in this area of the park, a mini steel and a classic small out and back. Videos of both are are first with pictures below. The Coasters stats are at the end of each video.


    Enjoy and of course comments are welcome.





    If there is something you would to see a better picture of or a video of, like a Go Kart going around the length of the track, let me know. Anything you want explained like how to make duel elevators I would be happy to explain.


    note- You will see lift chains placed on many coasters at mid course. These chains ARE NOT used to get the trains through the ride, they are used to create that clang, clang sound most coasters make when they cross over a anti-rollback section of track. The racers at Kings Island are a good example of this. At 3 points (not including the lift) the train crosses these little noise makers. The first coaster you will see here with this is Jack Rabbit.


    Construction update, finished the Monster Truck ride in the Jungle area of the park. Turned out really well. Have to wait to see it though


    This is the final ride that was placed in the entrance area of the park. I is a long ride. It travels all over the place. This ride had been operating since the park opened over 100 game years ago. This is the only pay as you go ride in the park. It costs $2 extra. Even after all these years in operation the peeps are still lining up to ride.


    Had my self a small area to work with and didn't want to waste it or just turn it into water so that is how the Motion Simulator came to be placed here. There is also an Ice Cream stand in this area.


    This area once had Swan Boats moving around it instead of the current Jet Ski ride. After some thought it didn't seem right to have a noise maker like a Go Kart track next to something like Swan Boats. So the swans are gone and the Jet Ski is in.

    RCT2 Thunder Lakes (Jack Rabbit).avi

    Enjoy the ride.


    Jack Rabbit is your standard out and back wooden coaster. It has some crazy turns at the turnaround and a section of "trick track" right before the brakes behind the lift hill. Its small but it really gets moving and has great air.


    This one was difficult. The 2 cycle rides are off set by only 5 feet instead of the games normal 10. The stations cross each other in the building and the tracks pass over and under each other numerous times during the ride. They both give GREAT views of the gardens and lake. There are real trees growing inside the building. There is also a balloon stand inside and 2 food areas (funnel cakes & cookies), one on each side of the station house. At one time where the garden clock is located there was a bathroom. It was removed in favor of the clock.


    Well what can I say it's a slide. Needed something on this side of the tower so I chose this slide. There is a cotton candy shop located next to this attraction, figured the little peeps might want a sugar rush after climbing all those stairs in the slide.


    This was an easy placement for me, had in my mind the go kart track and how I wanted it to go around the bumper cars so in it went.


    Didn't know what to do with these 2 spots between the tower and the railroad. Nothing seemed to fit in right. So I decided to place 2 carousels. They balance it out like the ferris wheels do at the front of the park.


    Decided I wanted a small sub area along the fountain so I place 3 of Amazing Earl's skateboard rides together in a skate park setting, there is also a first aid station here so when the little peeps get all banged up they have a place to go.

    RCT2 Thunder Lakes (Litl-Lyi-Bug).avi

    Enjoy the ride.


    Litl-Lyi-Bug has to be one the most ridden coasters in the park. It's a mini steel with lots of turns. Not big on thrills but then again this type of coaster isn't suppose to be. Is it?


    I like this ride, the coffee grinder is just one of those flat rides that has a great theme. It never really fits in anywhere though. So I put it where it's theme could stand on it's own. To get to it you must travel through the "Grind House" where you can pick up a fresh cup of coffee and a warm donut.


    Needed a transport ride for a park this large. I went with a miniature railroad. It turned out to be the right choice. It fits in nicely with most of theme areas it travels trough and were it doesn't fit in so well it vanishes into tunnels. The railway has 3 stations, one here behind the tower, one located in the western area of the park and one underground in the Martian area. Each section is right around 3 minutes long and it has 5 trains running along it's tracks to keep peeps on the move.


    At the very front of the park are 2 ferris wheels, 2 bathrooms and 2 ATMs. Keeping this area open and functional was very important. The ATM's were placed to keep arriving guests happy. Some peeps only come into the park with $40 and that just covered the price of admission.


    The tower top keep peeps moving along and not LOST with strategically placed "no entry" signs. They are free to walk all around the top of the tower but are stopped from walking back to the elevators exits and get trapped when they wonder into the entrances. Sunglasses, toys, t-shirts, umbrellas and maps are also sold at the top of the tower.


    The tower base is extensively decorated and has shops all around including balloons and hats along with duel loading and unloading stations for the elevators. There is also an ATM and restroom at it's base. The tower has turned out to be one of the most popular rides in the park.


    Keeping with tradition a tower was placed at the end of the fountain. The tower is really 2 towers in 1. Doubling its ride capacity. The stations are side by side over lapping by 1 tile giving me 2 separate rides to the top and back down again.


    Wanted to keep the entrance simple, functional and pleasing to the eye so I started off with an old and well used layout. A fountain with a sky ride over it. There is popcorn and sodas being sold at the skyways turnaround point near the tower. Balloons are sold at 4 points down the length of the fountain.


    Here we have the Park Map. The "Entrance" area of the park is outlined and labeled to give you an idea of it's rides placement and overall size in relation to the entire park.

  7. Have to say, they were both good, liked the unusual inversions of ES's coaster better than what seems to be the standard ones of 4r's. However ES's station area (all of it pre, post and in station) was so misplaced. 4r's station and block areas were very well placed and just work much better for the ride.


    So this is what I got from this, ES's coaster beat 4r's just for being so unique and 4r's beat ES's for being realistic. Had to vote for ES's. That drop off the lift won you this vote.

  8. Thanks for the nice comments about the park. A lot of time and work has gone into it.


    ... love to see a download of it, when you can spare it!


    As for a download of it, I think I want to wait till it's done before I release it.


    Going to be posting pictures and some videos of each of the areas rides in the order they were completed. Until then here is a TEASER video with 15 second bits of 7 out of the 25 coasters in the park at this point.

    RCT2 Thunder Lakes (Coaster Teaser).avi

    15 seconds of 7 coasters

  9. Always wanted to share my parks but never have till now. Most of the time I play in RCT1 parks recreated in RCT2. Don't know why but I really like the old scenarios better than the ones that came with RCT2.


    Very rarely do I make a park from scratch. This is one exception. At this point in the park I have 1 ride left to build in a Jungle themed area and one area undeveloped. Going to go the Jurassic route with that space.


    The park has 12 areas in it. The order they were created were - Entrance, Medieval, Pirate, Hippy, Spooky, Roman, Egyptian, Space, Martian, Western, Jungle (under construction) and Jurassic (planned area). Each zone has 3-6 rides in it. Each is themed to the max.


    I am at 230 some years in the game at this point, the park is OPEN and has been since about year 100. Over 5000 peeps and a 999 rating. I strive for realistic parks that are peep friendly and supper smooth roller coasters.


    This park has custom objects. Some are mine and some are not. I focus only on simple things like roofs, walls, flowers and such. The complicated stuff gives me a headache, so thanks to those who make such complex scenery. You really make this game fun to play.


    This park also contains custom rides. None are mine. Amazing Earl and LadyCroft (Methusalem) are the creators. Love your work, the two of you should have been hired by the game designers!


    Cheating, don't care to much for it. With that said I do zero some clearances form time to time and make it possible to build things higher then they are supposed to be. I use the 8cars trainer for such things. The tower in the park is a good example of where I "cheat". It has 2 working elevators side by side just like some real towers have. It also has shops at the top - Sun Glasses, Info Booth, Toys and T-Shirts.


    Enjoy the pictures.


    side by side elevators


    the map

  10. Guess I should make an amend to my last post, have to admit I don't have any problems getting dates. That is not where "my" loneliness comes in. The problem is the quality of the dates. I seem to attract what do not want in a relationship. That would be girls. Both the male and the female variates. I am looking for my equal, a man. Those of us gays and I hate this phrase but I can think of no other way to put it, those of us gays that are straight acting have a very hard time finding each other. When I walk into a sports bar with my friends I know that I am not the only gay guy in there, problem is which one of the guys other than myself is gay. If the guy is also looking for "that" other gay man like I am, he would look right past me just like I looked right past him. That is where my loneliness comes from. Nothing needy about me in anyway is projected to anyone face to face, if anything what I project in person is solid confidence wherever I go and everything I do. Here in the anonymous world of forums it is just easier to let out some of my inner thoughts and aggravations with being what I am and that is gay.

  11. ^ Glad to see you have come to terms with it at such a young age. Knew I was gay around the time I was in the 6th grade. When all the other guys were starting to look at girls and I found myself looking at guys instead. Lived my life as a lie all through high school and beyond. Had girl friends, almost got married. Didn't deal with my true self till I was 25. Just didn't want to admit it. Almost went over the edge many many times in the drunken years running from it. Still to this day sometimes when I come home from work to an empty life I often think about ending all. Don't know what keeps me going. Sit at home alone running it all through my head trying to figure out what I did to deserve this. It can be so depressing being the type of gay man I am. I don't fit in with and don't enjoy being around the stereo typical gay crowd. They type more often than not portrayed on TV. All my friends are straight and if anyone meets me they assume I am also. I don't try to hide it and I don't have any problems telling anyone at any time that I am gay. Usually comes out when someone who doesnt know me very well want to hook me up with a "girl friend" they are trying to find a boyfriend for.


    Very lonely! SUCKS!

  12. ^While you're busy being stupid, read this:


    Iran Executes Two Gay Teens In Public Hanging


    I'm being serious, so let's not work my nerves with Borat.




    ...and my few gay friends wonder why I am so for the war in Iraq and wouldn't mind if it expanded to Iran. Muslim extremist would kill everyone of us (gays and anyone who wasn't also Muslim) if they ever got the chance, would rather kill them first!


    Sorry to get off topic.


    As for the pride stuff, just can't get into it. Went to the small one here in Dayton last summer just to check it out. Not my thing. It seemed over the top on the stereo typical gay lifestyle and I don't fit into that.

  13. I'm as straight as a gay man can be and by that I mean you would never know I was gay until I told you. Just your average everyday football loving, beer drinking, factory working guy who prefers the company of other men. Makes for a lonely life but I am what I am.

  14. I found Raven and Legend to be fairly average. Good, but nothing special.


    Voyage blew me away. There's not many rides that can leave me winded by the time it's over.


    Have to agree with the Raven comment, have ridden it many times all over the train and still don't get what people see in it. How it was ever #1 amazes me. How it still ranks at #11 really amazes me. It's just average at best.

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