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  1. I totally understand your point but what I have an issue with is that Intamin seems to not be able to accurately calculate the forces for some of their designs. Even if the park(s) want the biggest or fasted or whatever there is always a way to design it properly so they work within certain force limits. You can't tell me that CF made the request for the train change an no one at Intamin took the time to run a few computer simulations to find out if it was going to work or not before the first section of track was ever placed on Mavericks supports. The same with 305. They should have known what kind of forces were going to be produce and designed the track to take care of the issue before it was ever built. Why would any park want to go through the issues and cost of their new big thing causing problems with riders by telling a coaster company to build them something that the general public can't physically handle? Somewhere in the design process (at least for Maverick and 305) the ball was dropped and nobody bothered to pick it up and see the potential problems that could have been avoided. My only real point was that with all the speed, twists, turns and loops that B&M puts into their rides they seem to have it nailed down as to how to make them ride-able without issue. Don't misunderstand I love Intamin rides but in the case of Maverick and 305, Intamin either messed up their calculations on forces or allowed a theme park to dictate what is acceptable when it comes to forces. In either case that is not a good thing.

  2. Ever ridden Maverick? It kicks the A$$ of any B&M I've ever ridden...


    Really now, Maverick? Good ride but it's not all that and if it were designed properly from the start it would not have needed to have it's roll removed. Same goes for the issues with 305. Either Intamin needs to get better computers to figure out what's going wrong with their designs to cause issues so bad that a entire sections of ride need to changed or maybe they need to stop by B&M and borrow their computers. I am not aware of any B&M ride that has had any track alterations after being built with the exception of adding trims. I will be excited to see if B&M can really pull this type of coaster off without any of the ride comfort issues that the other versions have.

  3. Maybe I should have thought about this question back when Robb was doing his IAAPA updates but since X-Raptor was mentioned in the interview I'll ask it here. Were there any pictures or simulation videos showing off the trains and or track that are being used to build the X-Raptor coaster or is it so hush, hush they are not even offering this coaster type to other parks yet?


    If I some how missed any information about this type of coaster during the IAAPA coverage I am sorry for bringing it up again.

  4. I have a question... I would really like to post a few things but everything I have is already out in the forums and I know you (mcjaco) are already going post by post digging everything out so I don't want to double anything up. If I were to do some trial uploads and see how they work of just some random items (mainly RCT2) am I able to remove those trial items after we see if all works right or are will they be permanent in the database?


    1987385197_ThemePackPathsGroup1.JPG.b454896ab713ce575b85d12acce9a6a3.JPGDAT's - DPHNM001, DPPATH01, DPPATH02 and DPPATH03.

    Theme Pack Paths Group 1.zip


    872655723_ThemePackPathsGroup2.JPG.fa7980ceb7ba50fc988e6df25b0807a9.JPGDAT's - DPPATH04, DPPATH05, DPPATH06 and DPPATH07.

    Theme Pack Paths Group 2.zip


    2082270035_ThemePackPathsGroup3.JPG.14fcaccba2590a4cbb61fac0b47ecb9d.JPGDAT's - HPPATH1, HPPATH2, HPPATH3 and HPPATH4.

    Theme Pack Paths Group 3.zip


    146800587_ThemePackPathsGroup4.JPG.97b20af42d163174e0b387107a676933.JPGDAT's - HPPATH5, HPPATH6, JP-p-01 and JP-p-02.

    Theme Pack Paths Group 4.zip


    558620447_ThemePackPathsGroup5.JPG.b537a32ca5b257e57a1d67f9d4f74ff1.JPGDAT's - JP-p-03, JP-p-06, LOTRHTP1 and LOTRHTP2.

    Theme Pack Paths Group 5.zip


    655644091_ThemePackPathsGroup6.JPG.318bf9ec7a8d1f2f18418e41b80de8b6.JPGDAT's - LOTRHTP3, LOTRIS20, LOTRIS21 and LOTRIS22.

    Theme Pack Paths Group 6.zip


    723172837_ThemePackPathsGroup7.JPG.5fadf06f7570ac114d18a4d3b1dba7ea.JPGDAT's - LOTRIS35, LOTRLOP1, LOTRLOP2 and LOTRLOP3.

    Theme Pack Paths Group 7.zip


    449455143_ThemePackPathsGroup8.JPG.928abcefc7788c3f101d3a8b94db5dc4.JPGDAT's - LOTRLOP4, LOTRMDP1, LOTRMDP2 and LOTRMOP1.

    Theme Pack Paths Group 8.zip


    1713138144_ThemePackPathsGroup9.JPG.998cad8e41fb64e60e9e0915be17917d.JPGDAT's - LOTRMOP2, LOTRMTP1, LOTRMTP2 and LOTRMTP3.

    Theme Pack Paths Group 9.zip


    935891686_ThemePackPathsGroup10.JPG.fbbbcea1ea7fb3ec3dd1334a1366805c.JPGDAT's - LOTRRIP1, LOTRRIP2, LOTRRIP3 and LOTRROP1.

    Theme Pack Paths Group 10.zip


    392828035_ThemePackPathsGroup11.JPG.afe091dd9e2e2f6ec132db41d9487ef6.JPGDAT's - LOTRROP2, LOTRROP3, OZPATH01 and OZPATH02.

    Theme Pack Paths Group 11.zip


    325223647_ThemePackPathsGroup12.JPG.160798b5f3877bc114c2d06f70542a63.JPGDAT's - PATHSNOW, ________, ________ and ________.

    Theme Pack Paths Group 12.zip



    1468087940_MiscellaneousPathsGroup1.JPG.4eec9f4d44c2ea3f3b862e9cbeb27e98.JPGDAT's - boathire, DEWPAT, DirtDark and Gary.

    Miscellaneous Paths Group 1.zip



    *JAINVSFP & PAT25MKY are both invisible paths and ques.


    Miscellaneous Paths Group 2.zip



    *PATHCLR & PATHINVS are both invisible paths and ques.

    DAT's - pathchoc, *PATHCLR, *PATHINVS and PATHMST.Miscellaneous Paths Group 3.zip


    531961030_MiscellaneousPathsGroup4.JPG.b784238ca82a0ffdff4b85ddf8ff05f1.JPGDAT's - Patrick, PTHicest, RROOF and RUST.

    Miscellaneous Paths Group 4.zip


    1921287936_MiscellaneousPathsGroup5.JPG.cbcdd6546d28c747007b98442b351cdd.JPGDAT's - SIDEWALK, WATEU, XF-TEPH5 and ________.

    Miscellaneous Paths Group 5.zip



    All of these paths have in-valid DAT IDs (longer than 8 characters) and or were yellow/red flagged by the DAT CHECKER. All were tested in game and all worked without issue with one exception "AP Brick Path". The game does not recognize it at all but still may be need to open a park so I included it. The sad part is there are some really nice paths in here but I have to warn you to use them at your own risk.


    DAT's - Antiker_Pfad_By_GrindPower07, AP Stone Path, AP Wood Path, Blackwhite_By_GrindPower07, BrownPath(byMarcello), C-PATHBW-2, CPCBPathCPC, cpcBpathdunklhol, cpcBpathfichthol, CPCBPathHolz, CPCBPathHolzlat, CPCBPathKopstei, CPCBPathMaerwies, Dschungelpfad_By_GrindPower07, Edelpfad_By_GrindPower07, For Kings, Funkelndes_Rot_By_GrindPower07, Gletscherpfad_By_GrindPower07, Glutweg_By_GrindPower07, Goldstaubpfad_By_GrindPower07, Goldweg_By_GrindPower07, grey sparkley, Hallenpfad_By_Grindpower07, Industrieweg_By_Grindpower07, Jadeweg_By_GrindPower07, KrvlbyA91, Neo1byA91, NE-Splashway Path, Old Brick Path, PATHMaerWiesPat, patrctfan#dp, patrctfan#snd, patrctfan#st, Pineapple, Purpurweg_by_Grindpower07, QW-greensplat, Schalker_Weg_By_GrindPower07, Spain9Lines, Spongebob, Starlight Express 2 Path, Starlight Express Path, TN-Decorative Marble Path, TN-Green Marble Path, TN-Marble Tile Path, TN-Rocky FootPath, TN-Water Walkway, Waldweg_By_Grindpower07 and zzz (by player_2001).

    In-Valid ID Paths.zip

  6. Full Tile / Wall Paths

    917861998_FullTile-WallPathsGroup1.JPG.631ade7c496b6c0ec1357f4626e34c24.JPGDAT's - COAtmw1, CRAZY_W, DEPRESP1 and DEPRESP2.

    Full Tile - Wall Paths Group 1.zip


    1968133513_FullTile-WallPathsGroup2.JPG.cb197ce27d8de3419a939de6262d30da.JPGDAT's - FPRCZY, FPRDIRT, FPRTMC and JBPCN.

    Full Tile - Wall Paths Group 2.zip


    2124265684_FullTile-WallPathsGroup3.JPG.8c59b688d4bc6793814c0b8bea445d36.JPGDAT's - JB-PCRZ, JB-PCS0, JB-PDIRT and JB-PTMC1.

    Full Tile - Wall Paths Group 3.zip


    1396464722_FullTile-WallPathsGroup4.JPG.9480b09e0d788ea0d197eae9845ff3c2.JPGDAt's - JB-PTMC3, JB-PTT2, JVRWOPAT and JVSTPATH.

    Full Tile - Wall Paths Group 4.zip


    1908431283_FullTile-WallPathsGroup5.JPG.529190a90cb6e9d055d307e623f5bded.JPGDAT's - NE-SOLID, PATHCNJB, PATHLAVA and PATHST10.

    Full Tile - Wall Paths Group 5.zip


    306610530_FullTile-WallPathsGroup6.JPG.8bedd723861d5fa21f64604feac134e4.JPGDAT's - PATHST11, PATHSTO2, PATHSTO3 and PATHSTO4.

    Full Tile - Wall Paths Group 6.zip


    157570980_FullTile-WallPathsGroup7.JPG.9e6a724b43b3c6a82a56218245c55c91.JPGDAT's - PATHSTO5, PATHSTO6, PATHSTO7 and PATHSTO8.

    Full Tile - Wall Paths Group 7.zip


    1998047774_FullTile-WallPathsGroup8.JPG.36cb4202c195c6074cc7becb045c202e.JPGDAT's - PATHSTO9, PTHBRSTO, PTHCNNRL and PTHCONCR.

    Full Tile - Wall Paths Group 8.zip


    1923874566_FullTile-WallPathsGroup9.JPG.8d0d593982f9c565aa6c7371a6f10738.JPGDAT's - RICBRIC4, RICBTP01, RICNBP14 and RICNBP15.

    Full Tile - Wall Paths Group 9.zip


    2134322986_FullTile-WallPathsGroup10.JPG.b8546174c0aa4686f1daed7dabceea2d.JPGDAT's - RICNBP16, RICNBP17, RICNBP18 and RICNBP19.

    Full Tile - Wall Paths Group 10.zip


    1614580289_FullTile-WallPathsGroup11.JPG.4ab8ec637c83b16988c7b989e054b369.JPGDAT's - RICNBP20, RICNBP21, RICNBP22 and RICNBP23.

    Full Tile - Wall Paths Group 11.zip


    906886452_FullTile-WallPathsGroup12.JPG.258381189d0dfc9c7c4b7287e57cd183.JPGDAT's - RICPTH27, SFFTPBBR, SFFTPBRW and SFFTPCRZ.

    Full Tile - Wall Paths Group 12.zip


    445217781_FullTile-WallPathsGroup13.JPG.6e4d2a4e2fe6f4495a815b69e3b7c317.JPGDAT's - SFFTPDBR, SFFTPDIR, SFFTPDTR and SFFTPGBR.

    Full Tile - Wall Paths Group 13.zip


    378387531_FullTile-WallPathsGroup14.JPG.e3854d593fa77233a32749c5a58169e8.JPGDAT's - SFFTPGST, SFFTPPBR, SFFTPRBR and SFFTPTAR.

    Full Tile - Wall Paths Group 14.zip


    141418159_FullTile-WallPathsGroup15.JPG.b726ab06806fb63b4641ec2bbfc37979.JPGDAT's - SPANPA01, SPANPA02, SPANXP01 and SPANXP02.

    Full Tile - Wall Paths Group 15.zip


    2016923764_FullTile-WallPathsGroup16.JPG.d977d4c651fd745c87fceffb1322f7cf.JPGDAT's - SPANXP05, SPANXP06, TN-MARBL and ________.Full Tile - Wall Paths Group 16.zip



    1896311165_WoodenPathsGroup1.JPG.5b23fe63dddb531879951b0d70ddef00.JPGDAT's - AR, C-PATHBW, c-PathWD and JVORANGE.

    Wooden Paths Group 1.zip


    41145766_WoodenPathsGroup2.JPG.a1461cd835252b25010da614ef07149a.JPGDAT's - JVWOODPA, JVWOODPB, PATHWD and PATHWOOD.

    Wooden Paths Group 2.zip


    1921314125_WoodenPathsGroup3.JPG.aef5d74565166b4bf424819e3ce74a6d.JPGDAT's - WOODPATH, WOODPATI, ________ and ________.

    Wooden Paths Group 3.zip



    2099506340_FancyPathsGroup1.JPG.0c229e897bbd45bc2e461818fe47bec7.JPGDAT's - ALEAVES, c-pathAN, C-PATHIB and DACAND6.

    Fancy Paths Group 1.zip


    1185491381_FancyPathsGroup2.JPG.2e351a2b8e4efd90e1a7aba18848a9d7.JPGDAT's - DACAND7, DACAND8, DACAND9 and DAHALP1.

    Fancy Paths Group 2.zip


    886599681_FancyPathsGroup3.JPG.4454c549db79b8a1d853b24d5baf6def.JPGDAT's - HALLPA01, JBPDC, KCANDY and PAT14MKY.

    Fancy Paths Group 3.zip


    538211857_FancyPathsGroup4.JPG.8798357e7eedb48f0b050d527737c9c1.JPGDAT's - PAT16MKY, PAT27MKY, PAT28MKY and PAT29MKY.

    Fancy Paths Group 4.zip


    974688833_FancyPathsGroup5.JPG.a1963a9afa7a67b908fb0c2875d87ffb.JPGDAT's - PATH5MKY, PATHDCJB, PATHGLA and PATHRR.

    Fancy Paths Group 5.zip


    145990423_FancyPathsGroup6.JPG.821b3858639135b0aa6e948c3b8b88cb.JPGDAT's - PATHSKYM, PATRCTFA, stars and STELPATH.

    Fancy Paths Group 6.zip



    1847867951_InteriorPathsGroup1.JPG.9681ee89a970055bdb26e58e7627e393.JPGDAT's - bldrikpP, bldtbrkP, DA10PA25 and DA2APA42.

    Interior Paths Group 1.zip



    1348887073_InteriorPathsGroup2.JPG.b6ff3ec0690baa37a7fd724a0b05f787.JPGDAT's - LBKMARBL, OCFPATH, PARQUE and PAT10MKY.

    Interior Paths Group 2.zip


    383019755_InteriorPathsGroup3.JPG.d34b3a96dcad04a5b3743a680c63d542.JPGDAT's - PAT13MKY, PAT17MKY, PAT22MKY and PAT23MKY.

    Interior Paths Group 3.zip


    1296583406_InteriorPathsGroup4.JPG.6cd636366f5b8c9ae3a5bd11aa28e420.JPGDAT's - PAT26MKY, PATHMGDJ, PATHTYTT and PTH1920S.

    Interior Paths Group 4.zip


    1846620425_InteriorPathsGroup5.JPG.f88ee56e7fbe3c7a7624ccacbe2b45d6.JPGDAT's - PTHBRGRA, PTHCESAR, PTHGLSWK and PTHINDYJ.

    Interior Paths Group 5.zip


    1162848356_InteriorPathsGroup6.JPG.3c8a2cfeb9778b3739ab104a00aa9de9.JPGDAT's - PTHMSAIC, PTHNEW4, PTHPURPL and pthtextr2.

    Interior Paths Group 6.zip


    1510185596_InteriorPathsGroup7.JPG.cdf84cd751a716c4a0e40e0550005bfe.JPGDAT's - PWFLPAT1, SIDEPATH, ________ and ________.

    Interior Paths Group 7.zip



    *JB-ROAD2 - Does not have road lines, works with JB-ROAD as a filler.

    DAT's - JB-ROAD, *JB-ROAD2, MWB-PLP1 and MWB-PLP2.

    Road Marking Paths Group 1.zip



    *PATHWOOE - Does not have a QUE, it is only available in the Scenario Editor.

    DAT's - MWB-PLP3, MWB-PLP4, *PATHWOOE and ricrph01.

    Road Marking Paths Group 2.zip


    1856359083_RoadMarkingPathsGroup3.JPG.4f95c3f482502fdc1f0b9450252c0996.JPGDAT's - ricrph02, ricrph03, ROAD1MKY and RoadopJB.

    Road Marking Paths Group 3.zip


    967036053_RoadMarkingPathsGroup4.JPG.5f291e5cfe54b3e562a20a1059804d26.JPGDAT's - ROADYELL, ________, ________ and ________.

    Road Marking Paths Group 4.zip



    1367292819_GroundCoverPathsGroup1.JPG.8116ae843659e535617f84f94849433d.JPGDAT's - c-pathDG, c-PathSa, DirtGras and DirtLite.

    Ground Cover Paths Group 1.zip


    168391199_GroundCoverPathsGroup2.JPG.3671ff2b4e63e9de7548a9dce6d2e7f8.JPGDAT's - DirtMedm, Grass, GRAST and Martian.

    Ground Cover Paths Group 2.zip


    1111894746_GroundCoverPathsGroup3.JPG.c2e5d30397ebbc5eec7b474925e0955d.JPGDAT's - Rock, Sand, Snow and ________.

    Ground Cover Paths Group 3.zip



    *Paths have a slow random animated sparkle to them.

    347703383_AnimatedPathsGroup1.JPG.e6b0f0e8401241c5fa9be0044d590d16.JPGDAT's - c-PathDI, CPCBPATH, gold and JVKIDPAT.

    Animated Paths Group 1.zip



    *JZ-PWTR1 - Has the same animations as game water, also has angled edges and invisible QUE.


    Animated Paths Group 2.zip


    21054210_AnimatedPathsGroup3.JPG.efb968d14bbbea39e480cfe94785f7f9.JPGDat's - PATHICED, PTHRED, PWFLAKSN and ________.

    Animated Paths Group 3.zip



    361544631_TexturedPathsGroup1.JPG.ce58d13314e24dc2c8e792b2a2fa53fb.JPGDAT's - AQ, CCRETPAT, CJK-PTH5 and c-PathCn.

    Textured Paths Group 1.zip


    1116858922_TexturedPathsGroup2.JPG.9fb56e1f95707138583c06e9ca64fc92.JPGDAT's - C-PATHLW, c-PathRo, c-pathWO and c-VpathG.

    Textured Paths Group 2.zip


    1953063534_TexturedPathsGroup3.JPG.deededb367ec3c4a75408dd89f5475b5.JPGDAT's - DA102P24, GREEN, J_GRVLPT and JBPRK.

    Textured Paths Group 3.zip


    1697456993_TexturedPathsGroup4.JPG.2d4e2eacc55f27cdc63eae355d66d43c.JPGDAT's - MPDVH9, PAT11MKY, PAT18MKY and PAT24MKY.

    Textured Paths Group 4.zip


    334587397_TexturedPathsGroup5.JPG.746a04d542c361787a8134ecaf2669f4.JPGDAT's - PATH7MKY, PATH9MKY, PATHBFJB and PATHRKJB.

    Textured Paths Group 5.zip


    1101120714_TexturedPathsGroup6.JPG.5eae60525d4e764660ef2dd31febe241.JPGDAT's - PATRCTFB, PBBLS, PTHCYAN and PTHFSTFL.

    Textured Paths Group 6.zip


    2089144064_TexturedPathsGroup7.JPG.d3925e0216c30c3398b14786c00f6b9e.JPGDAT's - PTHGLDRL, PTHMAYAN, pthtextr1 and pthtextr3.

    Textured Paths Group 7.zip


    1136793100_TexturedPathsGroup8.JPG.1873a668fd6622d72911084c1f415c95.JPGDAT's - roghgrvP, XF-TEPH6, ________ and ________.

    Textured Paths Group 8.zip



    761660246_DiagonalEdgePathsGroup1.JPG.83348b60750d5cac2d50bdee2157edb4.JPGDAT's - cobbpath, CRAZY_Q, NYBPath and PATH5.

    Diagonal Edge Paths Group 1.zip


    252629680_DiagonalEdgePathsGroup2.JPG.d368aa3fc18dcb74a693a0c0e73e0877.JPGDAT's - PTHDIAG, RICBTP02, xxpath02 and xxpath07.

    Diagonal Edge Paths Group 2.zip



    63897872_Brick-StonePathsGroup1.JPG.b9fc7e0b2db9e49c455d468cdf376a4b.JPGDAT's - AP, AS, bldaztcP and bldblkbP.

    Brick - Stone Paths Group 1.zip


    46907243_Brick-StonePathsGroup2.JPG.7f422298a8be40628cdcb709a8d21702.JPGDAT's - bldredbP, BRKPATH, BRKPATH2 and BRKPATH3.

    Brick - Stone Paths Group 2.zip


    815639648_Brick-StonePathsGroup3.JPG.5370ad568e33ed3c7d3515ac4a146c40.JPGDAT's - c-PathAz, c-pathbs2, C-PATHMO and DA11PA23.

    Brick - Stone Paths Group 3.zip


    1312612381_Brick-StonePathsGroup4.JPG.bba9313ec42802d47050c1c6af696ef9.JPGDAT's - DA100P66, DA101P14, Dbrick and JBPT1.

    Brick - Stone Paths Group 4.zip


    50205642_Brick-StonePathsGroup5.JPG.38df990fd872e3021002fd01d1bf0865.JPGDAT's - PAT20MKY, PATHSTO1, Pebbles and PEBLPATH.

    Brick - Stone Paths Group 5.zip


    683219124_Brick-StonePathsGroup6.JPG.a5b64c6b4cf4f18ecd3c61e6963df234.JPGDAT's - PEBLPATI, PTHATLB, PTHATLZT and PTHBRICK.

    Brick - Stone Paths Group 6.zip


    1229494977_Brick-StonePathsGroup7.JPG.c619df16af31a4d9f5fe1d078a26587e.JPGDAT's - STNPATH, STNPATH2, ________ and ________.

    Brick - Stone Paths Group 7.zip



    799784306_DecorativeEdgePathsGroup1.JPG.549854f1607dd2e4c05f63e41956ddda.JPGDAT's - JB-PDTA, JB-PDTB, JB-PDTBR and JB-PDTG.

    Decorative Edge Paths Group 1.zip


    386949716_DecorativeEdgePathsGroup2.JPG.4f30e4f6d5002bd2dd8a8a4eee5e6008.JPGDAT's - JB-PDTG2, JB-PDTP, JB-PDTP2 and JB-PDTPG.

    Decorative Edge Paths Group 2.zip


    1112862458_DecorativeEdgePathsGroup3.JPG.e8034a4513b38ab7ad99ba8c61d6e6c5.JPGDAT's - JB-PDTPR, JB-PDTT, JB-PDTY and POND2

    Decorative Edge Paths Group 3.zip


    704901278_DecorativeEdgePathsGroup4.JPG.3015c1515536c1dcb439786d51de1357.JPGDAT's - POND3, POND4, riccwp02 and riccwp03.

    Decorative Edge Paths Group 4.zip


    136958884_DecorativeEdgePathsGroup5.JPG.5aaf0fa1bdb34a2c4333b4095af79d2f.JPGDAT's - RICCWP06, RICCWP07, RICCWP08 and ________.

    Decorative Edge Paths Group 5.zip

  8. OK, I am getting stuck in a loop once I view a park.


    So I find the park I wanted to see. In this case Bob's Funland.


    Page opens just fine and was able to vote for it.


    Then I try to leave to see other things. I move up and select Game.


    Then select RCT2.


    What shows up is page with the icon pictures shown above. I can click on the pictures and they open in a new tab. But I cannot navigate away from this page using the selection tabs. To get out I have to use View All button on the right and start over from where I came into the database.

  9. I agree with both of the above post.


    Nice use of the angle supports on the Jack Frost coaster. Love the tennis court and the perfect use of the Matterhorn wall set. I think that last coaster pictured would look better if you either smoothed out the hill to one steepness or made it a double drop.


    The only thing in all the pictures that is bothering me is that Dippin Dots stall. It just does not fit in.

  10. PATHS

    DAT ID's are listed for easy search purposes.

    Download the group and then choose from the folder the item(s) you need or want.

    Pictures of each item with matching DAT ID's are in each ZIP file.


    All paths are build with ROCK base under them. The only exception is when the path itself is ROCK (Rock.dat). Grass is used as the base instead. Each path is shown going up and down, over water and in a tunnel so you can see what it does on different angles and terrain. * = there is more information available for that path. It will be listed under the picture of the path set.



    90395717_TarmacPathsGroup1.JPG.402afbfad3c7ce57e8315e5704931bb7.JPGDAT's - 2, ATLPTHT, CJK-PT10 and CJK-PT11.

    Tarmac Paths Group 1.zip


    1605171382_TarmacPathsGroup2.JPG.871909702cd0525ff571d8e584d55599.JPGDAT's - CJK-PT12, CJK-PTH6, CJK-PTH7 and cjk-pth8.Tarmac Paths Group 2.zip


    232520527_TarmacPathsGroup3.JPG.c260fac2b5bd3198c36c264902b9a25b.JPGDAT's - cjk-pth9, CURSTMC1, ECC-P2 and GOLDTARM.Tarmac Paths Group 3.zip


    832324972_TarmacPathsGroup4.JPG.6917775b572e4198e267fe55cf6a299c.JPGDAT's - GRYCOM, ICFPATH, IJTARMAC and JABKTRMC.Tarmac Paths Group 4.zip


    1182169179_TarmacPathsGroup5.JPG.1a292049b56c4f2e85819c0dd5358130.JPGDAT's - JABTMCFL, JATPthY, JAWTTRMC and MATTBP.Tarmac Paths Group 5.zip


    1263905931_TarmacPathsGroup6.JPG.9dddb60958b1a47db7d2647d23226a5c.JPGDAT's - MATTGP, MATTOP, MATTPP and MATTPP2.Tarmac Paths Group 6.zip


    1932220030_TarmacPathsGroup7.JPG.302cb30a21261c90686a3b564a7d4a3c.JPGDAT's - MATTRP, MATTYP, MPBRICK and NE-EgPat.Tarmac Paths Group 7.zip


    1372339197_TarmacPathsGroup8.JPG.5826c5f124be1eeda99387e7d993d210.JPGDAT's - NEWPAT, pataqua, PATH1MKY and PATHOR.Tarmac Paths Group 8.zip


    181305810_TarmacPathsGroup9.JPG.ad363ada784f289c30e10250262d236c.JPGDAT's - PATHOR2, PATHRCTG, pathspcg and PTHMECHL.Tarmac Paths Group 9.zip


    501905799_TarmacPathsGroup10.JPG.3f57455d6fd7199d283dfd77472b3d28.JPGDAT's - PTHNEW9, RFPthJ, Tarmac2 and TARMACBLTarmac Paths Group 10.zip


    1436792670_TarmacPathsGroup11.JPG.823d46d574ef4c18fc41eaecbe72be1c.JPGDAT's - TARMACG, TarmacJB, TARMACOW and TARMACP.Tarmac Paths Group 11.zip


    410253901_TarmacPathsGroup12.JPG.e1cdf81464f6698c6f88d4abf84e7594.JPGDAT's - TARMACPA, TARMACPB, TARMACPC and TARMACPD.Tarmac Paths Group 12.zip


    1981274154_TarmacPathsGroup13.JPG.256e4e70c4d0b045a44943965619ce8b.JPGDAT's - TARMACT, TARMACW, TARMACX and TARMADNF.Tarmac Paths Group 13.zip


    1380855293_TarmacPathsGroup14.JPG.e9c6c1e27379be826ba9e4a832e7a098.JPGDAT's - XXPATH13, ________, ________ and ________.Tarmac Paths Group 14.zip



    1152358212_CrazyStonePathsGroup1.JPG.4214ea14169125ba1e7ac9e6f9164405.JPGDAT's - 1ANGPATH, AQUAPATH, CHRISTMA and CRAZYBLA.Crazy Stone Paths Group 1.zip


    182712453_CrazyStonePathsGroup2.JPG.206d2dcecd607758adac783c574ea8b8.JPGDAT's - CURSCRZ1, PATH2MKY, path3gry and PATH3MKY.Crazy Stone Paths Group 2.zip


    441601661_CrazyStonePathsGroup3.JPG.492f7991b56fcb189cfc5e146d8d3a13.JPGDAT's - PATHCRAZ, PATHHOJO, PATHYMKY and PTHCRAZY.Crazy Stone Paths Group 3.zip


    52722434_CrazyStonePathsGroup4.JPG.5474c243728ddc7aa121a92202e3d54e.JPGDAT's - TB-PTCZY, ________, ________ and ________.Crazy Stone Paths Group 4.zip



    892705485_TiledPathsGroup1.JPG.489c75d470962ad8b1bb76ca48438343.JPGDAT's - CURSTIL1, CURSTIL3, GREPATHM and JATLPBG.Tiled Paths Group 1.zip


    1111011513_TiledPathsGroup2.JPG.a374c3a68f8bc73c673fb3bb9492e219.JPGDAT's - JATLPBK2, JATlPBl2, JATLPBL3 and JATlPBlk.

    Tiled Paths Group 2.zip


    941274980_TiledPathsGroup3.JPG.19b84fdc12dcd98523b3fbd4b213e0b7.JPGDAT's - JATLPBLL, JATlPBlu, JATLPBLV and JATLPMAR.Tiled Paths Group 3.zip


    922804356_TiledPathsGroup4.JPG.b97dfd3a0f608dcc5a61d29a4f1bb444.JPGDAT's - JATlPPch, JATLPTHR, JATlPthT and JATLPTHU.Tiled Paths Group 4.zip


    102870576_TiledPathsGroup5.JPG.ed1e08087f5ed285f8fafe214e87f6d5.JPGDAT's - JATLPTHV, JATlPtR2, PTHHWEEN and SFPATH1.Tiled Paths Group 5.zip


    614160156_TiledPathsGroup6.JPG.12b80ec16a3e51ba5e1bbb8a206d1f81.JPGDAT's - TWeg, xxpath01, xxpath03 and ________.

    Tiled Paths Group 6.zip



    1368936383_Ash-DirtPathsGroup1.JPG.56dd1165553a4361d3aeef893756ec90.JPGDAT's - BRWNDIRT, CURSDRT1, GRAVPATH and JV7SKIDP.Ash - Dirt Paths Group 1.zip


    1318009431_Ash-DirtPathsGroup2.JPG.8ac0c1e34a0fb034907323f8eeb4a77e.JPGDAT's - JVKIDPAU, JVKIDPAV, Pathash2 and pathbash.Ash - Dirt Paths Group 2.zip


    497025313_Ash-DirtPathsGroup3.JPG.d9a6235eb7d751882504d27f60b4ad66.JPGDAT's - PATHBLU, PATHDRTD, PATHDRTE and PATHGRN.Ash - Dirt Paths Group 3.zip


    802229613_Ash-DirtPathsGroup4.JPG.e164111e9ab8ca3ffdc58205abe25e4b.JPGDAT's - PATHPRL, PATHRDRT, PATHRDRU and PATHRED.Ash - Dirt Paths Group 4.zip


    1575793217_Ash-DirtPathsGroup5.JPG.7e57ac04b5e4c5c4f51ca7111a88bd77.JPGDAT's - PATHYEL, PRIMPATH, TESTPATH and XXPATH0A.Ash - Dirt Paths Group 5.zip


    1513405116_Ash-DirtPathsGroup6.JPG.729099ac306df7a2b05df841de4c9511.JPGDAT's - xxpath04, xxpath05, xxpath06 and XXPATH0B.Ash - Dirt Paths Group 6.zip


    1969344095_Ash-DirtPathsGroup7.JPG.76f785e71fd5a372575621baa8409cde.JPGDAT's - XXPATH08, XXPATH09, XXPATH10 and XXPATH14.Ash - Dirt Paths Group 7.zip


    361899516_Ash-DirtPathsGroup8.JPG.a87861b89bdfb64ddd87147eb4cd2fc3.JPGDAT's - XXPATH15, ________, ________ and ________.Ash - Dirt Paths Group 8.zip

  11. ^ send it in anyway.


    ^^ lol, I wasn't kidding, it's really bad and is not finished.


    Good luck everyone, from the few parks/coasters I have had the privilege to see in person while fixing problems, giving advise and from what is pictured in the teaser shots there are some REALLY good entries in this. Should be fun one for the judges.


    This contest was about as perfect as they come. Congratulations to TLM for putting it together and to everyone who gave this a shot even if you (like me) did not get it finished.


    On a side note, hope to start seeing some pictures of every one's entry for Roomies' Christmas Giveaway soon here at TPR or over at NE. I have put up 2 copies of the original RCT (CF+LL) myself and would love to see someone (or several someones) from TPR take home a prize or 2. Don't forget that there is also a Chris Sawyer signed copy of RCT2 available also and a very rare ROLLERCOASTER TYCOON BOARD GAME was just added to the prize list. If you haven't stopped by the Lost ObjData topic or the RCT-RCT2 Download sticky. Give them look. I have posted lots of Holiday items for the game and there are over a dozen different holiday rides and stalls available. GOOD LUCK and get BUSY!

  12. How in the world are you missing that?.. it is the standard Balloon Stall that comes with the game.


    Someone may have tried to alter the in-game stall and kept the same ID for it. If that is the case either yours is now corrupted or the one in the park you are trying to open is corrupted. Either way that is not a good thing. Below is the download for the REAL version of BALLN. If yours is corrupted this should overwrite it and solve whatever loading problem you are having. If not you will need to un-install RCT2 and then reinstall. If that is the case make sure you remember to make backups of your ObjData folder and any Saved Games or Landscapes you want to keep. With one exception, before you replace your new clean ObjData folder with the backup you made, you need to take the bad BALLN out of the backup ObjData folder or it will overwrite the new one you just installed.


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