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  1. It is quite possible that the DUKES005 used in that game has been modified from its original form. This is a problem when people alter anything in the file and then re-save it. Even the simplest thing like a single letter in the description will screw everyone who tries to use it. Being an NE park all of its content should have exported, unless of course it is a older park. Sometimes there is just nothing that can be done to get all the "right" files. Sorry. I have entire ZIP file filled with hundreds of parks downloaded from all over the world that I cannot open. So many custom files used and so few people smart enough to include these "special" items in a folder with their parks or remember to put a simple check-mark in export files box. You would think if a person thought highly enough about their park to share it they would have made sure everyone could open it. If you do manage to find the DUKES005 that opens that park remember this... the file will overwrite the real DUKES005 and in doing so will make every park that has the correct DUKE stall in no longer function unless you go in and remove the corrupted file and replace it with a correct version. So ask yourself is opening this park really worth it?
  2. I think this is what you're looking for. If not let me know and I will do a little more file digging. Built In Marble Stalls.zip
  3. The first item you're missing is a Duke Stall, so if you need one you might need them all. Same with the Built In Wooden Stall that you need. At the moment I can't find XXBQMCIG. I have found many that are close but not that exact ID. Sorry. DUKE stalls.zip Built In Wood Stalls.zip
  4. ^^ I have just about every custom DAT ever made for RCT2 but I don't have that one. What type of object is it? I may have it stored in a different place. I have many DAT's separated out from the main group for one reason or another. Hey Mr. Smith here is your file. I spent months sorting through all the rides, stalls, paths, entrances, trash cans and so on, made pictures for them all, tested and made detailed explanations of EVERYTHING so that everyone could have access to all this stuff whenever they needed all in the hope of making RCT2 less frustrating and more fun to play. Basically ending the need for this entire topic. WHERE DID IT ALL GO? What a complete waste of time on my part. AE-PTRPN.DAT
  5. There are no "IN GAME" money cheats. However, you can easily generate LOTS of money in an open park simply by raising prices on food and drink sales. I set all food with at 2.00 profit per item, all drinks 1.50 profit per item, all junk food 1.00 profit per item. Not just limited to food either, make all souvenirs have a 2.00 profit per item including "on ride photos". The only exception being balloons, keep that one low or nobody will buy any. This simple act will generate more money than you can spend in an average size park and your guests will remain happy. Not thrilled, but happy.
  6. Thanks Rudie, good to see so many familiar people, posts and topics still around and so many new active members. @ Ryan I see where your trying to go in your last posted picture but you're still a ways off on really getting the setting to give off the vibe your going for. Good start though.
  7. ^^ Looks like it's going to be one air-time crazy finale . Nicely done.
  8. Long time no chat Mr. Rudie. So... you have made the jump to RCT3 that I have always wanted to do. I am envious of you! I had no idea you could make those angled loops in RCT3. Now I do. As with your RCT2 work, I look forward to seeing where you take this park.
  9. Though I missed the vote for this I thought it was quite good. However I think my vote would have been just short of Design. It was a very strong entry just not quite strong enough. Keep trying, you are almost there.
  10. Have to jump on the bandwagon here and say that the last picture totally kicks butt! The sky backdrop adds an amazing touch to those great structures out front. Very nicely done!
  11. ^ that foliage in no way sucks at all! Your best in-game picture yet! Your skills are growing very fast. NICE!
  12. Though I have seen most of it already, I also would like to see what changes may have taken place. Also putting it out there may generate some feedback for you as to what is good, great or not so good and great besides what we have talked about in private with you. The more information from as many people as possible is always going to be a key to improvement. BTW, haven't seen anything from your latest park posted yet, then again I may have just missed it. I haven't been around much lately. Just wondering how it's coming along from where I saw it via PM.
  13. Love the park, I also agree with everything in the quote. One of these days I am going to whip out the big old credit card and go get me a new computer so I join in the fun and amazing possibilities of RCT3.
  14. ^ I can't think of any function on the SoB trainer that would cause your game to crash for any reason. 8cars sure, but SoB? I have some questions I need to ask in order to try to figure this one out. When the game loads and your in the park does it crash... even when the park is rotated? no matter what zoom level your at? at the exact same place every time you scroll to that area? if you close all the rides in the park? Do you have any of the following in the park... a Giga coaster with a cable lift? dueling rides of any kind with synchronize stations turned on? rides that are hacked using 8cars?
  15. ^ It is available in the RCT/RCT2 download sticky. Click the link in the post before yours and use the search function.
  16. Burgf.dat - Ride / could not find listed < recheck the spelling of the dat. Shaking.dat - Ride / in the list and available bldblkbp.dat - Pathway / in the list and available DOWNLOAD STICKY Read the first post for searching instructions.
  17. Great example of how to use the ParkDat djb, but I want to put out a warning out about using the "Replace Selected (F4)" function. It is a very fast way to replace items in only a few clicks but you have to remember if you replace a large scenery item as shown in the example you MUST make sure the item you are replacing it with is also a large scenery item. Same goes for walls, paths, small scenery and rides. The reason for this is if you take djb's example and want to replace that large scenery item with item ________ (fill in the blank). Well that new item (_______) you picked out ends up not being a large item it's a small one. If your small scenery items are already at the game limit replacing that large one with a small one will crash the game when you try to open it again. The ParkDat is all about the numbers, meaning the numbers allowed for each type of item in the game. If you try to use the ParkDat to defeat the games limits you will lose the battle. You will also lose if you do it by accident. The accidental overages are the real sad part of using the ParkDat. They get punished by the game just like those who did it on purpose. If you pay close attention to what your doing and keep track of the DAT's you take out and put in using the ParkDat any mistake can be reversed to a point before the problem happened. ALWAYS OBEY THE NUMBERS! I keep this picture as my desktop background, but you could just print it out and keep it handy. It has all the NUMBER information you need while using the ParkDat so you can avoid going over limits and crashing your game.
  18. Your TR from SFMM brought back all the WONDERFUL memories I have of the park when I visited with my buddy, his sister and our very own tour guide barbie Erica (thanks again for going with us) the day after we got back from BAB trip in May. It was horrible! Of the 8 parks we visited on that trip out west SFMM was the most unpleasant experience of them all. Our last park on the trip, Six Flags St. Louis came in second. Coasters closed on/off all over the park or just closed all day, one train operations everywhere for the one's that were open and rude or stupid staff. Trying to make the most of our visit I even bought the flash passes for all of us. That was a total waste of money! The only good thing that came out of the visit was that after all these years I finally got to ride X. It was nice seeing members of management walking around with those little garbage pickers and I do have to admit the park was very clean.
  19. That was the best Ultra Twister course I have yet to see on a POV. I would think a coaster like this would have been a great addition to smaller parks with tight budgets and small land areas to build on. What was the cause of this type of ride not really taking off in parks all over the world? Was it a very expensive type of coaster to build, did they have a bad reputation for maintenance problems or ride comfort?
  20. Will this new version of suspended coaster do inversions? The over the shoulder restraint on Arrows suspended coasters always bothered me. They were never needed on any suspended coaster I have ever been on. A simple lap bar would be sufficient. Another question, is it really a suspended coaster if it does not swing? This is something I have always wondered about coaster types. Why are B&M's called inverted and Arrows called suspended? They both ride under the track so why the difference in titles?
  21. Had the chance to ride one of those at Glenwood Caverns in the fall of 09. Made 6 trips down it. Must say it was one of the funnest things I have ever done. Thanks for the video and flood of good memories from the rides I had on one.
  22. Well I spent the evening moving mountains and so the basic land forms are done and the buildings, viewing areas and other attractions are all planned out. Now I just need to decide which version of ride vehicles to use... Flying Turns 38mph - empty 41mph - full 1min 14 seconds total time. Much better capacity and better G's in the turns but just doesn't look like a real Bob Sled. Bob Sleigh (single car) 29mph - empty 32mph - full 1min 33 seconds total time. Mush better looking then the Flying Turn but very low capacity and not a very forceful ride. I just can't decide. Anyway a few shots of the finished terrain and building/viewing locations.
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