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  1. Love the red building, it looks like a face. You putting thought as to what is going inside your buildings and arranging it like it would be in real life is a great touch. Also the basket ball area is perfect!


    Yes, I got your PM, why did you not add these pictures in a new post and get it bumped back up so everyone knows you updated? Not that it matters my post will do it now ...and yes I am so happy you have fixed your grammar issues in the captions under each picture. It makes it so much nicer to read and it will keep you out of trouble around here.

  2. I'm actually trying to learn how to do that myself.

    You mean with RCT or RCT2, I can help you with that PM me.


    As for the back up, is there a second lift near that location to cause it backup like that? I can only remember having that problem in RCT when the ride would break down and of course since there were no block brakes more than one would end up at the next lift but only the first one or two would actually get on the chain leaving the rest to pile up.


    Block Brakes are one of the best additions to RCT2, that and stacking items.

  3. Califolf, in your post you used the term Gator to describe the flume ride and I just wanted to toss this little bit of information out here in case anyone thinks you shouldn't have a ride named Crocodile Rock River in an American theme park in an area with a New Orleans theme. Not meaning to single you out, you just inspired this post. I just have a feeling most people here in the states and in other parts of the world don't know...


    There is such a creature as the American Crocodile. It is on the verge of total extinction here in the states. Most think of them as only being in Africa and Australia, but we most certainly do have Crocodiles here in the states. At least for now. While you most likely will never see one anywhere near New Orleans you can still find a few in Florida.

  4. One other little thing that just does not really belong, on the beach you have some vending machines. I don't think that is a good idea. If they are just scenery I would take them out and move them to an area just off the beach. If they are real (working) I would suggest exchanging them with one of those DUKE stalls. The ones where it is just a counter with a peep standing behind it serving guests. On a beach like that you need something that can be moved quickly and those vending machines are not it. One of those working food/drink carts would be good also.

  5. Here is just a little NCS park I made the other day with no *trainers. I really like this little diorama.

    It is really old school RCT2, so simple a caveman can do it. I made it to show how nice a simple coaster can be when surrounded by simple scenery and a few other rides. Thought I would really put it out here so if there are any other coaster builders around who would like to give it a try and really showcase their work. If you would like to have the work bench for this diorama you can get it HERE. It uses no custom rides or scenery and no WW/TT either. Just plain old RCT2. Most if not all coaster types are available and a great selection of regular scenry has also been placed into it. The objective has been set to HAVE FUN and there is no money involved. The guests are all average so they will ride anything, big or small. It can be loaded back into the editor at any time to add and remove rides and scenery if needed, you will lose the HAVE FUN objective though unless you use TRG trainer to get it back.


    Anyway if you want to see just how much NCS you shove into and around a couple Heartline Twister coasters the download for it is a few paragraphs below the work bench. Just use the "HERE" link above.


    *8cars trainer was used on the coasters to enable block brakes.

  6. I might have totally missed out and forgot to comment on the others but I got this one done.


    First let me say I am glad you used block brakes for these coasters, always a good choice. My only suggestion is to take the time to set the trains dispatch so they don't stack up on the lift. All you have to do is take the total ride time and divide it by the number of trains. Unless it is an unusually long ride with no MCBR this method works great to keep things moving smoothly.


    Americana - Loved the drop sequence on this coaster, it just kept going and going. One little drop at a time. I also really liked how the trains and track were colored. I don't usually like the Red, White and Blue thing but for some reason today I did. Maybe it was the way the trains themselves were colored also.


    Kamikaze - I found this one to be bit boring. I think it had to do with the loss of speed. For future builds I suggest putting in a chain on hill tops where the coaster is traveling less than or around 15MPH. It will give the coaster that anti-roll back sound. I also think this coaster could have been better if it used the 6 seater trains.


    Hellbound - Although this coaster was a bit choppy it had good speed through out it's course and ended up being one of my favorite coasters of the group.


    Quicksilver - I liked it but it really was nothing special (that just means it was a solid ride ).


    Panther - This one had great speed and great curves and was my favorite in the park until...


    While I was watching other coasters I happen to glance back over to Panther and it had stalled out in the last curve. I suspect it must have it the brakes harder than it should have and did not have the momentum to get completely onto the brake run. Anyway I still think it was the best ride out of all of them.


    Juggernaut - This coaster was DOA, you killed it by putting a banked curve at the top of the lift. There is not enough speed for that, the rest of the ride was also... well, boring. Sorry.


    Harbinger - This was the one I was looking forward to the most, love those large drops into sweeping truns. Well this coaster did deliver on that part and also had some good moves during it's course but it just couldn't hold my attention.


    On a side note I am glad you are putting your coasters on a map, much better than in the editor. I hope you take this to next level and start really putting some time into the coasters surrounding. I would like to invite you to download THIS blank map to use for your coasters. I made it the other day for Montuman99 to showcase his work and I would love to see your work on it also. Right below the blank park download is another download where I made a single coaster park diorama. I took it to an extreme and by no means think it is necessary to go to that extent. I just wanted to show how cool a little diorama can be. By the way it was all done without custom senery.

  7. Included will be Ginn E. Pigg's Barnyard Adventure: A Wild Mouse themed around my pet Guinea Pig.

    Now that is going to be interesting! Think we might have to invite Elissa to the grand opening of that one.


    You are a building machine Rudie. After all the picking on you for the over abundance of trees I have to admit in two of the last updates all the trees really worked well, I am referring to the Crooked House, WackyShack (great name again!) and the big gray metal structure, SimEx Simulators. All those carnivorous martian trees look great around the building and the use of the sculpted tall and short bushes really goes well with the Crooked House.

  8. I see the evil Panda Drotobot has cloned himself (twice) and his tiger attack forces are close at hand.

    Anyway, told you private good luck and I am going to do it again here. GOOD LUCK! May the judges over at NE receive this as positively as it was recieved here and you bring back another TPR member metal. You really deserve a big win with this submission. Vortex (Inferno) is hands down one of the best Arrow coasters ever made with RCT.

    Thank you for letting me be a part of it.

  9. Glad to see your work show up here, all I can say you really have a way with names. Wish I could come with names like that for my rides. Dizzy Daisies, Crashendo and such. I also tend to shy away from bright colors, it is something I really need to get over.


    My only complaint is your trees, your out of control.

    Keep it up and I am going to break into your park and chop down every other tree.

  10. nin, your work is a perfect as ever!

    Is that a Goliath train on wooden track? Were you going for the longer train or just something different?, I am working on a 6 seater wooden coaster that will have 5 cars instead of the games limit of 4 if your interested? It has to be built on Goliaths track and then switched over to wood via 8cars. The 4 car limit is hard coded into the game with the wooden coaster and is impossible to get around but putting it on the Goliath track works. Might even be able to get 6 cars, the last car will always be empty though. There are no animation slots for guests for the 6th car.


    Fat-G, the park is really coming along, look forward to when you open a topic for it. Are those WW/TT items I see, or are they converted items? I am still working on trying to find models to make your request. There is a problem though you may not have realized. I will send you an explanation and a possible solution to what you want done in a day or so. I need to try a few more options.


    Thanks for your patience.

  11. If you want to try and fix it yourself here is what you need to do...


    Save your game the way it is, and then make a backup version.

    Take that backup and put it back into the editor.

    Put you guest entry points back where they belong.

    Open 8cars and in the first column find the Change Guest Entry Points tab and open it.

    Write down those numbers (all of them, just as you see them).

    Exit out of 8cars and the editor.

    Open your real saved game and then open 8cars again.

    Input those numbers back into the Change Guest Entry Points.

    Go back to the game and see if it worked.


    You may have to remove all guests to get rid of the guests that are in the wrong spot.

    If nothing happens you may also have to remove all the paths the are connecting to the edge. You can replace them later when the park is done.


    Again, if you can't get it working please let me know and I will try and fix it for you.


    Good luck.

  12. ^ It involves the use of trainers. If you don't know how to fix it please PM your park to me and if it is fixable (and it should be) I will have it back to you in a day.


    FYI, never put so many paths on the edge of the map, or should I say never allow them to go off the edge. What has happened is the game has gotten confused as to where the guest entry points should be. This confusion is caused by all the paths at the edge of the map. Next time you want to put paths at the edge of the map build a wall while in the editor at the maps edge and then build your paths. The only path or paths that should go off the map are the ones you want to use as the guest entry points. Once the park is done and I mean DONE!, use a trainer to invert land ownership and remove the walls.

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