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  1. ive just returned from terra mitica.I will post a mini-trip report sometime next week,hopefully with a couple of photos.Ill just say that i enjoyed this park very much.It wasnt as good as parque warner or portaventura,but it was very well themed,a good selection of water rides,two amazing flat rides,the woodie-ill talk about that l8r,as i will the SLC.

  2. My local park,Tivoli world,in benalmeadena,spain,had added a log flume,and some new kids rides,in the 10-12 years i can remember it going there.New management took over about a year ago,and the park has seen a complete renovation of the main entrance and the area around the log flume,and partial renovation of the wild west themed section,along with a river rapids,a drop tower,and new flat ride,a train that goes round the park,a kids drop tower,and lots of new restaurants and shops,with more promised for the future.

    I have to say,thats one heck of an effort,and my vote goes to the new management of this park.

  3. I have been looking through your park photos,and i seen that you dont have any of Terra Mitica,in Benidorm,Spain.

    I am visiting this park next week,and,i was wondering if you would like me to take some photos of the ride,etc. for you.

    Just say if you would,its not a problem at all.



  4. Although this maybe rather contreversial,i believe that the hulk was significantly rougher,and,bacause of that,not as good of a ride,when i rode it in 2005,compared to the first time i rode it.

    The first section is fine,with the launch and the section over the lake.But,for the section behind the building,i had my eyes permanentaly closed and got off with a tremendous headache.This ruined for me an otherwise very good ride.

    I dont remember that section being that rough when i first rode it.

    I know this will probably cause an argument,but,hey,thats just my opinion.

  5. i love drop towers.The feeling you get as youre at the top of the tower,and youe waiting for what seems like an eternity,and,then,before you know it,youre plummeting back down to earth,the most extreme feeling of airtime i have experienced.Before you know it,its over and i dont know about you,but im left with a gaint grin on my face for the rest of the day...

  6. im new to these forums,and i just thought that it would be nice and polite to introduce myself before just going ahead and posting.So,here it is,i cant wait to get posting here as it looks like a really cool,active website.

    see you all around,

    james AKA coaster_king_1991

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