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  1. Well it better be open on Wednesday! I will be upset if its not, I am very excited to ride it. Do you know why it was closed?
  2. Awesome trip report! I really can't wait til I go. I only wish it was this year. Those were some awesome pictures and it made me want to go right now lol. To bad I live about 10 hours away and only have three days to do the trip in. I suppose I can do it, but I wanted to do atleast two days at the park. Hopefully next though!
  3. I can confirm this report as I was at Six Flags New England today and I saw the $39.99 admission. I think this is a smart move, lets see if its company-wide.
  4. Is Rich going to be working thursday June 4th? I'm going to have him escort Lindsey and I to the front of the line on Voodoo! Sue, don't forget to meet us there that day. We will be in Hershey that Tuesday so I won't be able to write you an e-mail reminding you. I can't wait though.
  5. Thanks for sharing your day. Those pictures are great. I still can't wait until I make my first visit to Holiday World! Hopefully soon I'll get to go.
  6. I hope they get it up and running soon. I'll be there the first week of June. I guess I will have to wait and see.
  7. Awesome pics Sue. I can't wait until we ride! Can June 4th come any slower? Say hi to Rich for me and Lindsey.
  8. I love Knoebels. It's one of my favorite parks. I can't wait until I go this year, but I'm trying to hold off as along as I can so I can go when and if Flying Turns opens.
  9. Awesome pictures Josh. I'll be there tomorrow to ride TDK for the first time! It does look good, for a wild mouse. Anyway, thanks for the pics!
  10. Yeah, I'm not expecting El Toro in a box. Call me crazy but I do like to ride Wild Mice IF the line is short enough. I'm still looking forward to it though!
  11. Awesome pictures. Was Kingda Ka running all four trains? I'm going on Wednesday hoping the park will be somewhat dead. I'm really excited about the Dark Knight though!
  12. I love to go to Rye Playland for a day. Those ugly green and white things were orange and yellow until a couple years ago. Any new rides that you saw? They were suppose to get a YO YO Swings ride. I'm only 20 min from the park, and hopefully I can go this year. I have so much planned, but it is a nice park to go to for the day. They have my favorite dark rides as well!
  13. Awesome pics! I can't wait to go next month. I love Dorney and I hope VooDoo is as awesome as it looks.
  14. I love Lake Compounce. It's a great place for a family to spend the day at. Does the park have flaws? Yeah, but what park doesn't?
  15. I think Lake Compounce's Music Express goes backwards. I could be wrong, but I think it still does.
  16. Fahrenheit does indeed look awesome! I can't wait until I ride this beast.
  17. The Good Superman: Ride of Steel at Six Flags New England on opening day.
  18. Looks like an awesome ride! I can't wait to ride it, hopefully I can get there this year.
  19. Awesome thread. I enjoyed this entire thread and I'm looking forward to my trip the World later this year. I'll be staying in Disney, but not yet sure where. It's still in the early planning stages. But thanks for making me want to go even more!
  20. Awesome videos Tyler. If you hadn't mentioned you were a newbie at editing, I wouln'd have even noticed. Thanks for the great videos.
  21. I think it looks great. But I haven't been on Everest so I can't say anything. But the themeing is pretty good!
  22. ^Being a Yankees fan, I buried it. Haha, on a serious note, I'm very disappointed in this. I don't blame the town either, but I would really like to know what happened. I still have Great Adventure's Dark Knight to look forward to, but now I have one less new credit to get this year.
  23. Here's a few pictures from Six Flags New England Opening day! Of course I'm in the TPR Hoodie, not zip up. Don't mess with me yo
  24. I'm so confused, is the ride dead? I guess I will have to wait until Six Flags makes an announcement.
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