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  1. I'm not so thrilled with the idea of Wiggles World...it's coming to Great Advanture as well and well...Great Advanture doesn't need ANOTHER kids area. I'm hoping Shapiro can turn the chain around but what Great Advanture needs is flats for families. Six Flags New England is getting a Wiggles World as well. I guess it can be a good addition but the Wiggles doesn't faze me.
  2. LOL! I've watched the video a few times and it never lets up. Thanks guys that made me happy considering it's the offseason and I have an injured knee and can't walk. But you guys should make a sequal. Again GREAT video....I wish my delievery will come magically...but I think its coming the old fashion way...oh well. I'm looking forward to more awesome videos Jeremy and Matt.
  3. I like B&M supports. But I also like Intamins. Not to mention B&M rocks! But so does Intamin....even though Superman: ROS breaks down EVERY time we go...but oh well..
  4. I also want to see The Hitcher, as you know Linds. But I also want to see Freedom Writers.
  5. Yeah I don't know what I was doing...but here's me.
  6. Looks pretty awesome, I hope I can ride it this decade!
  7. Seriously I want snow! I will take some of your 47 inches of snow.
  8. LOL Lindsey, you WOULD. But if it counts as a credit I would ride it to lol.
  9. Thunder and Lightning can hold 16 Passengers on each arm if I'm not mistaken. So a total of 32.
  10. I agree Lindsey, but I would go with Cyclone at Six Flags New England. I think I lost my spleen on it....
  11. I just ordered a Tee! I can't wait til it arrives....this summer I will FINALLY represent!
  12. Gosh I wish I can save money like you guys. Robb and Elissa....you should help me budget lol. I buy everything...every latest movie release..some video games..and I go to the movies a lot. I would LOVE to budget my money and come on some TPR trips!
  13. Well, we are knew this was coming, but im glad Magic Mountain stayed. Im still looking forward to going there and getting credits.
  14. Well, we are knew this was coming, but im glad Magic Mountain stayed. Im still looking forward to going there and getting credits.
  15. My Home park is Lake Compounce in Bristol, but I'm about 1 hour from Six Flags New England and two and a half hours from Six Flags Great Advanture.
  16. Thanks Rob, after some thought I don't think I will join a coaster club. Thanks for your help!
  17. Hey Rob and Elissa. Im new here and I love roller coasters. I was just wondering what ACE is and is it worth it to be a member of. Im seriously considering it, my home park is The Lake, Lake Compounce. Great little park. So any information would be very helpful. Thanks!
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