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  1. Well, an alternate design would be to have a 90 degree twist to the left or right to add variation to the redundancy. I've never riden one of these before.
  2. I wish I could live in 1920 3 times in a row. Sounds like a big bowl deja vu.
  3. I'm not fond of how Zero-G Rolls look in those angles. Makes it look truncated. The side profile view is awesome on this element. The coaster is going to be awesome.
  4. How is KidTums? That drop is insane! right then left and down at lightning speeds!
  5. Oh, that makes some sense. I honored to be corrected by you. Awww
  6. Hey Robb, I see 5 inversions on Jubilee Odessey, but RCDB says that there are 6. I'm confused.
  7. Derek, you did great. I really like those pictures. That's coming from the only black coaster entusiast on the site.
  8. Hey Robb, I'm thinking of working at this new amusement park called Wild West World in Park City. I was wondering, what position do you think I should do? I'm interested in the following positions: 1. Ticket Taker/Teller 2. Operator 3. Cashier/Window Sellers Yeah. I live in Derby,KS. And in my soph. year. So a summerjob wouldn't kill me, just add money to my life. Thanks in advance.
  9. I think Dan has so darn sexy eyes. They are so green. Haha. I laugh at any Joe joke I see really. Page 98. Alright!
  10. Does the station go under the heartlined roll underground. The overview makes it look like they clash, bash, BOOM! -mushroom cloud-
  11. Just to add to the list, Mega Zeph at SFNO. It has a double climb hill that "bruises your thighs" for a few days. It's fun though, but painful.
  12. Wow, looking at the photos of X and Eejanaika. I've got to agree with SharkTums. The only (ONLY) difference is the full-full, which replaces the hill on X. These coasters do share more in common than how they are unique. There's only 4 differences. It's still going to be a great coaster with the full-full. I though the screens on the trains were DVD's. X 1. Station 2. L Turn 3. Lift 4. Dip 5. Vert Drop w/ rotation 6. Inside RV Turn w/ rotation 7. Hill with Flip 8. R Turn 9. Half-Half 10. Outside RV Turn w/ rotation 11. Half-Half 12. Brake Run Eejanaika 1. Station 2. R Turn 3. Lift 4. Dip 5. Vert Drop w/ rotation 6. Inside RV Turn with Flip 7. Full-Full 8. Overbanked L Turn w/ rotation 9. Half-Half 10. Outside RV Turn w/ rotation 11. Half-Half 12. Brake Run w/ rotation
  13. I'm a noob here so this will be first DVD i hope to buy (and a t-shirt of course). I just need to save money after I go to SFFT on the 29th. Then I'll buy it.
  14. http://www.themeparkreview.com/uk2006/flamingoland/flamingo58.jpg Does anybody know why they would put these flatrides no only in the same park, but right next to each other. It's the same priciple of motion just one on a swing, and one on a track.
  15. ^^^ That's messed up. How can a whole park have only ONE pen. "A una pene."
  16. We could all send letters to Guiness; at least I will too. We should all complain because any coaster company would now that's only 7-11 inversions. We'll never know the real number will we?
  17. It looks like the country of Good Ol' England. That must have hurt. That's a great picture though. Elissa has got figure!
  18. If I knew JAPANese, I could translate to see what the 7, 5, and 2 mean.
  19. ^^^On that first picture, it looks like the train makes a flip there. Can you confirm this? Another thing, while looking at Inuyasha lyrics and listening to te songs, I noticed that they pronunced every vowel (even ones together). So (I'm just guessing) I think that the pronunciation is actually be E-e-ja-na-i-ka (Eh-eh-jah-nah-ee-kah).
  20. Wow. Only 5 rows. Do they want line time sign to read "At this point, line time is 4 hours." You could go to london, buy a scone and coffee, and still have 1 hour to wait.
  21. I decided to further investigate this ride layout to settle the inversion contradiction. Track 1. Inside Raven Turn - .5 2. Full-Full - 1 3. (Hypothetically) Overbanked Turn - 1 4. Half-Half - .5 5. Outside Raven Turn - .5 6. Half-Half - .5 3 Car 1. Before/During 90* Drop - 1 2. Inside Raven Turn - 1 3. Full-Full - 1 4. Half-Half - .5 5. Half-Half - .5 6. (Hypothetically) Brake Run - .5 4.5 Total 4.5 If every element is counted as a whole 12 Still not (14). Maybe there's 2 ultra violent flips on the turn?
  22. Just a thought; What if there is a flip during the overbanked turn?
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