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  1. ^^^ All but 2 ticket booths have been demolished. That happened in November. It's now concrete. They have an additional inside show venue near Twisted Colossus. It hasn't been used in years. In the summer they used to have magic shows & amazing trampoline performances. It was air conditioned, so in the summer you could cool off and be entertained.

    This clearing has got to be something big - I hope. Nothing new was announced for the park for the 2024 season. Come on Santa bring us a giga!

  2. ^ I asked that question when I was at the park in August. I was told he left by his own choice. I also got the comment that Coasterstock is very doubtful. in the future.  He was a big part of that.

    He's recently been posting on Twitter. Nothing so far about the merger. I don't think he knew about this it  that far in advance. He wasn't that "high up" to be privy to that.. Although, I'm sure it was in the works then. This has got to be one of the biggest well kept secrets...

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  3. ^ This is according to another source. Sad developments...

    "So what has happened to Xcelerator at Knott’s Berry Farm? After many witness accounts of seeing crews on site, the ride making empty text runs, and crew members apparently being brought over for re-training ahead of reopening… all has gone SILENT.
        According to a source  during testing an issue arose with one of the coaster’s brake units. Like any major theme park ride, there are redundant systems in place, so nothing bad happened and the train stopped as it should, but Knott’s is not going to reopen Xcelerator until it is 100% and now they are waiting on parts (once again) to fit the brake.
        This is obviously disappointing to everyone, Knott’s included, as they had been planning on having Xcelerator reopen intime for Knott’s Scary Farm and now clearly that isn’t happening."


    Also some other bad news about Knotts. They maybe giving up on the Monte project. I really hope that's wrong! I really miss that ride...

  4. 4 hours ago, AmyUD06 said:

    You and me both.  Besides, even if the ride is stellar, I still have zero confidence in their ability to make a seat/restraint that even approaches "comfortable."

    Well I hated the Wild Mouse at Cedar Point. It was very uncomfortable and the ride was unreliable. Their new "lightning trains" look good, but time will tell. I'm mostly concerned about them getting TT2 to work and operate reliable.

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