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  1. You all need to pay more attention to detail in the roller coaster crash. They hydraulics rupture from that big african american teenager strapping in tight. The camera just sped up the destruction of the hyrdraulics, so no plot hole there. And even though they got off, the tracks were still broken, so they would have died anyway...


    The only thing that movie kind of scared me of was tanning beds...

  2. From the pics and videos I've seen of the monster, the first thing that really comes to my mind is the Forest Spirit, Habai, from Avatar: The Last Airbender. From the last part where it's the close-up shot of the monster's upper-body, they look pretty similar. This is the best video I could find of the Forest Spirit, you should be able to see the comparison a little bit. Sorry that it's an AMV, it's the only one with him in it.



    The link doesn't work, but it looks kind of like a praying mantis, but with tentacle things coming from his stomach. I know, bad description.




    Pictures speak louder than words.

  3. I've seen two movies in the last two days. First Cloverfield (9/10) I absoulutely loved almost every aspect of the film. First, no one can deny the effects were amazing. The sound was also very intense and made you shake in your seat. I thought the acting was really and I felt for EVERY character. The monster was awesome in my opinion, especially the parasites. I also saw 27 Dresses. My sister wanted me to see this so I said what the heck, and it was cool I guess, just not something I enjoy tons. It was also kind of sad (7/10)

  4. I love Vista! It's weird, becuase I never get security pop-ups unless I'm installing something, but I must have turned a function off, but I don't remember... Anyway, I prefer Windows because a vast majority of programs run on Windows, but not on Macbooks, and they are better for offices. Though, Macs are very innovative, so its really up to the owner's use.

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