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  1. Ok, so this post is probably tied for "Worst bump" this thread has seen in a long time, but I'm looking for pics of B&M panels (platform and operator panels) - new-gen inverts & dives and dual-station flyers to be precise. I've found a couple pics of flying coaster host panels on RCDB and ArtStation (Harpy and Flynosaur, to be precise) so those don't need to be sought out, however I'm still at a loss on: Dual-load flyer operator panel (exc. Air) Invert host panel (preferably with gates control) Dive host panel (preferably with gates control) Invert operator panel It'd also be nice to get some transfer control panels and lift-jog panels too. I'd be extremely grateful if anyone could dig any pics up from archives, phones, etc - thanks in advance!
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