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  1. This was my last Tuesday trip to MM. Taking my son and his friend to FF next Friday. Im going to cancel my membership as Tuesdays are my day to go. And thats not happening anymore. Park was nice today. Ride operators were on it today. Park and bathrooms were clean. My only gripe is that they should pressure wash the puke pad just before the Tatsu train goes into the station. Every seat has a puke stain when it stops before it goes into the station. Full throttle 2xs Tatsu 2xs Viper 1 X2 1 Lex 2xs Batman 2xs Wonder woman 2xs Twisted 2xs Goliath 1 Left the park at 1:20 today.
  2. I was going to take my nephew on Thursday. He is only 52" so not enough rides open to buy him a ticket.
  3. Took my son and nephew today. Beautiful weather and light crowds. Nephew is only 50" so we rode what we could. His first time to sfmm and he loved it. Revolution 2 Ninja 2 Superman 3 Apocalypse 1 Gold rusher 1 Twisted 2 Scream 1 Goliath 2 Buccaneer 1 Justice league 2 Riddliers 1 And finished off the day with x2 longest wait of the day 15 min. They were mostly running one train on rides today except TC.
  4. Did my normal Tuesday trip. In by 10 15 out by 1 00 Tatsu twice X2 Viper twice Ninja Superman Crazanity Twisted colossus Scream twice WW is coming along
  5. If your going to buy the flash pass. I would head to the back of the park first ( at opening, 10 00) and get multiple rides for the first hour. Then as crowds start filling in use flash pass to ride what you want.
  6. Tuesday 3/29/22 Quick trip report. I drive to Santa clarita on Tuesday for work. Tatsu 2xs West coast 1 Riddlet 2xs Crazanity 1 Scream 2xs Goliath 1 Good news all rides are running 2 trains. I was out of the park at 12:10 Lots of WW track and support on site. No pictures today.
  7. I was at sfmm on Tuesday. I think there is filming going on in the area under Tatsu. Lots of carts and cable around that area.
  8. Made a quick trip today. Ghost town today. X2 station at 1:00 was walk on. Tatsu painting seems to be going slɔw. X2 3x's West coast 2x's Justice league Riddlers 2x's twisted 2x's Scream 2x's Goliath 2x's Full throttle Viper Ninga
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