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  1. The best Alt is brewed in a small village named Korschenbroich, which also prooves that an Alt doesn't need to be hoppy when you have softer water available
  2. Best strategy game in 2020 - SARS-CoV. Lol In general, this video with a review of games is really interesting. If you haven't looked, then I advise
  3. I think that there is a category of people who are constantly unhappy with everything. I understand that sometimes it is not pleasant to read bad comments, but if there are less than 5% of them, then you can not pay attention at all.
  4. Many happy things happened to me this week. Most of all I was enslaved by buying a new car. She had to be painted in my favorite color so I had to wait a whole month. It was thanks to https://oddsdigger.com/ca/badminton that I was able to easily buy a new car.
  5. I do not consider myself a stupid person, but it just annoys me that some people cannot properly formulate their request. This leads to great misunderstandings.
  6. Recently I watched the film Dune and really liked it. I want to see the sequel as soon as possible. Also looking forward to the release of Matrix 4
  7. I am a great music lover, so often listen to music. Sometimes there are days when listen to classical music, but more often rock. Favorite song Metallica: Nothing Else Matters
  8. I've been playing online poker on my phone more and more lately. Recently realized that it is better to try my free time more useful.
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