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  1. I would like to add that PBJ Happee Days Shows of Marion, AR owns a Wisdom Cobra Coaster. In fact, they seem to be a Wisdom Wonderland with quite a few Wisdom pieces: -Moby Dick -Himalaya -Cobra Coaster -Area 51 (since 2012 it now has LED’s from Denny’s electronics) -Sizzler (since 2018 it now has LED’s) So yeah they own 5 rides from Wisdom. They’ve had the Gravitron, Sizzler, and Moby Dick since the 2000’s and I believe they purchased the Cobra Coaster in 2007 or 2008. The Gravitron was re-themed as the Area 51 with a new light package in 2012 and that summer they got the Wisdom Himalaya which has consistently been one of the top 3 rides on the show (along with the Moby Dick and the KMG Inversion called Flatline 360).
  2. Honestly my favs there are the Aviator and Pharaoh’s Fury. I don’t really care for the other rides except for the Tower, Carousel, Wheel, and the Train. Speaking of which, have they gotten rid of the fish artwork on the blue train? Blue’s my fav color and I rlly liked that train because the artwork was cool. Now it just looks like the red train (which they also seem to have refurbished) but in blue, and neither train has the car that has the back-most seat facing backwards anymore.
  3. Why did Kemah Boardwalk get rid of the Chance Inverter and Wipeout? Was it a popularity issue? I know some Inverters have had maintenance issues (Kemah’s was closed quite a lot) but the Wipeout seemed like it was pretty popular and usually ran with a full load and the Inverter (which was replaced with the Flare, a Larson Ring of Fire/Fire Ball but a bigger model than the ones you see at carnivals/fairs) commanded long lines during busy periods too. However they have replaced the Wipeout with the HypnoSpin (a Tilt-A-Whirl ride; tbh you can find the Tilt at a fair, Wipeouts aren’t as common).
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