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  1. 1 hour ago, swfan1988 said:

    Did you get a chance to try out Tremors and it's new RetraK (or whatever RMC calls it)?

    Not this time. The line was 3x longer than Stunt Pilot lol. I did get some rides in earlier this season (I think I mentioned it in an earlier post), but man, the great ops on Stunt Pilot really highlight how badly two trains are needed on the woodies. Maybe next season.... 

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  2. Well, I got 5 rides in on Stunt Pilot Sunday afternoon. Got a couple rides both the front and back rows - huge difference in intensity between the two, which I expected based on the long trains. The whip over the twisted airtime hill is one of my favorite sensations I've ever experienced on a coaster. Regardless of the seat, the ride is definitely the smoothest coaster in the park and really fills a previous gap in their lineup. It also had a sub-30 min line throughout the day, which was great for marathoning. 

    Operations was also incredible, with the moving station really helping create a sense of urgency to load trains. Most of the time the restraints were locked and the train ready to go within 25-30 seconds, which is super impressive. On the downside, the ride broke down 6 times over the course of the afternoon, but maintenance was waiting in the station all day (presumably this was expected) - not sure what the issues were, but it seemed like superficial software teething problems - nothing that took the ride down for a long time. Regardless, I'm really glad to see great two-train ops at Silverwood - definitely a huge step up from what i've experienced in the park before. Also, I was able to request a specific seat even with the moving station - the ride ops will do their best to accommodate. I'll probably be back later in the summer for more rides (I hear even *more* theming is on the way) but for now I'm really excited to see what crowds Stunt Pilot draws this season. Definitely a class above any other coasters in the PNW! 

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  3. 1 hour ago, swfan1988 said:

    Yeah, I've had generally negative experiences on opening day in the past. I don't know if its the $19.88 admission or what, but it seems to attract a more...errr..."rougher" crowd than the park normally does. There wasn't really a problem with line jumping, but other rules were not being adhered too like smoking where your not supposed too, not respecting the landscaping, breaking rules on rides, etc. Couple that with the notorious one train ops plus the "it's the start of the season and it's everyone's first day", and you get an experience that I wouldn't necessarily recommend to a first time goer...

    I really do think that Boulder Beach is the park's "people eater", and the theme park on it's own just doesn't have the capacity to keep up with the crowds. Even when I've gone in september, and BB was closed, the theme park was just overwhelmed. The theme park needs another high capacity ride that is popular *cough* cough*...dark ride...*cough* cough*.

    Thanks for the warm welcome! Honestly, ride operations were really good. Dispatch times were about average from what I've experienced but the major rides just weren't able to handle the crowds. I think that may have contributed to the poor behavior of some of the guests, but it was still a little disappointing to me. 

    And yeah, I have generally noticed that wait times go up pretty significantly after the waterpark closes. Silverwood itself is such a small park that it gets overwhelmed super easily. I am very excited for Stunt Pilot, but I do think that a high capacity dark ride would be a wonderful and much needed addition for the park. I think that it's really time for a 'next step' to really separate Silverwood from the rest of the pack. I saw Gary Norton walking around on opening day - I should have asked him 🙂

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  4. 1 hour ago, swfan1988 said:


    Did anybody here make it out for opening weekend, I would be curious to know what your thoughts are?


    I was there on opening day. Overall the park was insanely busy - I have never seen the park as busy as it was in the over 15 years I've been going there (although I generally try to go on off days). Lines for Timber Terror and Tremors were pushing 2 hours and the log flume line wrapped around close to the antique cars entrance. If they were 'limiting capacity,' I certainly didn't notice itI would say at most about 10% of people were wearing masks, which made me a little uncomfortable given how busy it was. Aftershock also wasn't open (no train in the station at all), which also didn't help absorb the crowds. Line jumping was also a huge issue and something the park needs to get under control. I counted at least 15 people line jumping throughout the day - definitely not okay. 

    Okay, with the (mild) complaints out of  the way, the main positive was the I-Box on Tremors. The ride is absolutely hauling and continued to get better as it warmed up. The I-Box runs from the end of the first topper track section, to right before the first set bunny hills. The laterals though the I-box section are extreme and the bunny hills now produce ejector airtime. The track though the last two tunnels had been repaired as well (just wood track - no I-Box) and is running very smooth. I got three rides in (two in the front and one in the back) and I can definitely say it's now much smoother than many steel coasters I've been on. The PTC trains still chatter a little especially in sections that have high laterals, but overall it is much more re-rideable, with no noticeable jackhammering at any point. I was told by multiple ride ops that after this season more I-box will be added all the way to the second section of topper track. The RMC truck is still sitting inside the first helix and it looks like there are more sections of I-Box onsite sitting under tarps. 

    Operations were generally pretty good on everything, but with how popular the park is becoming, the single train ops on the woodies is really starting to become an issue and should be addressed. Glad stunt pilot is getting two trains. Speaking of which, is looking incredible. There is a really tall construction wall on the midway side, but I got some good pictures from the Thunder Canyon exit. I didn't spot trains on site yet, but the maintenance barn looks pretty much done. The site still looks pretty unfinished - pretty crazy it's opening in under a month. Looking forward to May 29th!

    Here is an Imgur album of some of the pictures I took: https://imgur.com/gallery/vS9LpQ3

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