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  1. On 4/23/2021 at 9:32 AM, IronWolfman said:

    So as I wait to hear about whether the park will accept out-of-state vaccinated guests (thanks to everyone for the reassuring that they probably wouldn't check but.. don't really want to risk it when travelling halfway across the country), I want to get some more insights on what to expect. I fully understand that visiting in about a month from now means the park may still be a bit of a wreck in terms of operations.

    I plan to get Flash Passes for the two full-ish days I'm there (Mon & Tues, May 17-18), though the former I wouldn't be there until roughly 11:30. I've heard some people say the Flash Pass line has been 1-2 hours every day, even week days, and that ride lines themselves have been similar. I know its hard to predict, but has anyone actually had a day since the park reopened that didn't have crazy lines? 

    I'm also expecting that a few of the coasters I may only get on once or twice, even with two days, due to breakdowns/operations/lines, but it's been good to hear that pretty much every coaster has been up at some point thus far since reopening. Even if I get to visit in May, I may return in mid-December to also visit Knott's. A longer trip then would probably go more smoothly, but I'm being a bit impatient, lol. 

    I can 100% guarantee you will be able to get in as an out-of-stater. My friend from New Mexico posted from SFMM on his Insta story last week and I asked how he got in--he had a friend order his ticket from a CA IP address and had zero trouble at the park because they do not check. 

    As many have shared, it does break ethics. 

  2. 9 hours ago, Jew said:

    They aren’t going to get shut down unless the state and county will also be shutting down every other large venue again in the event things get out of control for another big wave.

    You can watch fans not wearing their masks all night long in the dugout club on every Dodger broadcast. Or anywhere else you go. 100% compliance is not feasible while these businesses are limited on what profit they make.  I bash SFMM as much as anybody, but it’s very clear they added more security to do the best they can. 

    Anyone who visits a theme park knows the risks. You are knowingly going to a place where you know there will be thousands of people. Posting on Tik Tok to get some clout for still complaining about covid stuff is dumb and in no way a reflection of reality.

    You want to see blatant ignoring of safety measures? Try visiting a six flags park in a Republican run state. SFoG will make you very much appreciate SFMM.


    The park can still do better. If they're advertising about how clean the place is, then they might as well at least TRY to uphold their word. It is poor management at the end of the day. Employees don't give a fuck at the park to uphold COVID guidelines. I'm sure they receive little incentive to put in an ounce of effort, so it makes sense. Can they do better, though? YES! It's fair to critique them on this, there's no need to bootlick a big corporation like you're currently doing. We are able to critique these companies as consumers. 

  3. 18 hours ago, Mike240SX said:

    LOL in the shot of people with "no masks," literally no one did not have a mask, and only one wasn't wearing it halfway-properly.  That guy might have just taken a sip from the souvenir cup that he's carrying.  Sorry, but a sample size of 3 does not indicate anything.

    Also, for your own furthering intelligence, I'd recommend staying off of TikTok.

    TikTok is great and you're missing out bruh. But have fun with whatever you do. 

    Just bringing it up because it is viral, and I love this place and want them to do better so they don't risk getting shut down or having problems in the future if COVID isn't going away. 

    I went back this past Sunday and had a grand ole' time. Can they do better? Absolutely. 

  4. 8 hours ago, Jason Maier said:

    Has Goliath always been a rough ride; even with the original Vekoma train?

    It used to run amazingly! I rode it was Deja Vu at Magic Mountain. It debuted the same year as X. What a year for SFMM. I then went to college in NYC and took a Greyhound to SFNE to pay homage to the iconic coaster it once was...and was totally disappointed. The new trains are incredibly terrible. It was a fun experience in the front row, but it's not always guaranteed. Such a shame, because the drop and the elements are amazingly fun and thrilling...but with the Vekoma trains. I really hope they put in some work and bring back the old trains, or just remove it altogether and put in something new. 

  5. On 4/15/2021 at 7:40 AM, Jew said:

    In fairness to the park, I have not been anywhere recently that is actually still enforcing social distancing in common areas.  It’s treated as a suggestion at this point.  As others have mentioned, the CDC has found that the risk of exposures from surfaces is extremely low.

    I should also add that you should not being going to a theme park if you are worried about social distancing.  If you are willingly going to a place you know there will be thousands of strangers, you are assuming the risks with that.

    It's also completely fair to criticize Six Flags for not living up to its promises. I saw this viral TikTok yesterday with 1.5 million views. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMe9UFhRt/

  6. 5 hours ago, Vekomakid said:

    Hey everyone! I went to Magic Mountain yesterday (April 13th) and wanted to share some thoughts. First, my ride count for the day with how long I waited for each:

    Twisted Colossus-20 min              

    Drop of Doom-15 min                 

    Superman-45 min (including 20min breakdown)                                        

    Viper-10 min                                         

    X2-1 hr 20min                               

    Scream-15 min                                  

    Tatsu-15 min

    Overall I had a good day and managed to get on more rides than anticipated. Operations were a mixed bag with multiple rides going down throughout the day. However, no breakdown lasted more than 30 minutes and crowds completely cleared out once open. On the positive side, Tatsu was running both stations and Twisted Colossus dueled quite frequently. Long wait times were easily avoided in the morning and closing time, but in the afternoon every major ride had at least an hour wait (hence my X2 wait above).

    Now on to how they’re handling the pandemic. Mask compliance was fine with a handful of noses sticking out every once in a while, but not any worse than like your local mall. 6 feet distancing was certainly a problem though with markers being completely ignored in queues and stations (especially Twisted Colossus and Tatsu). I know this mostly falls on the park guest to do their part, but when the station is overcrowded there should a little bit of crowd control from the workers. Also, not once did I see any sort of sanitizing on the coasters. Supposedly they sanitize every 30 minutes, but It didn’t happen at all yesterday on the trains or railings in the queues, which is concerning. 

    Overall, I was happy to be back after over a year of no theme parks. I don’t know if I’ll come back anytime soon though with how they’re handling the pandemic. I can’t really blame Six Flags as it’s the park guests that aren’t spacing out in lines correctly. But I feel six flags could try a bit harder to fix these problems. Anyway, I had a decent day but there were times I felt uncomfortably close to others in lines and stations, and the lack of sanitizing was very apparent. 

    Lmk if you have any questions and I could try to answer them.


    I agree on the distancing, it was pretty bad when I was there. They had some employees by the Tatsu line to monitor, but they said nothing to non-distancing park-goers. I went to Disney World in December and they almost threatened to kick people out for wearing a mask below the nose. Definitely a difference in handling the situation. 

    I definitely did not see any sanitizing on rides while I was there either, and I have to say, the hand sanitizer they have across all Six Flags parks has the consistency of vodka. It's THIN. However, I'll do what it takes for my favorite park hahahaha.

    If you're getting vaxxed up and wear your mask, the risk is very little, and hopefully you'll be able to enjoy in the future. Thanks for the report! 

  7. 7 hours ago, Alex Sutcliff said:

    Hmm I didn't factor in labor Day. I haven't booked the internal flights yet so could do the weekend prior if it would make a massive difference. I haven't booked accommodation yet but will checkout the early access options

    I would DEF do the weekend prior to avoid the Labor Day crowds. 

    But either way, you're in for a treat. It's a magical park.

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  8. Finally got to hit this amazing park on Sunday the 11th since last year's closure.

    Arrived around 10:45 for an 11:15 reservation. Surprisingly scored the best parking I've ever gotten at Magic Mountain, just beyond Hurricane Harbor. 

    Went straight to Full Throttle. Took about 90 minutes. The capacity on this thing right now with COVID is super duper low. Very slow line, and it got PACKED by the time we got off. 

    Went on to Twisted Colossus. The employees were absolutely killing it. Pumping trains out left and right. We also got in a solid race (What an experience. Love this coaster till the end of time. Such violent ejector airtime and such a smooooth ride). Line only took about 25 minutes, though I saw it got more crowded later in the day. 

    Then hit Apocalypse. The line didn't look too bad but it moved SLOWLY. Operations weren't the best at this coaster. Took about 80ish minutes to get on.  However, I really forgot how great this woodie is. It was a violent, amazing ride, with some great pops of air. Solid coaster. 

    We ate at the Chicken Coupe. Food was a total miss. Hockey puck bun and dry chicken (yum). Some of the things we let theme parks get away with is criminal LOL.

    Then got on Tatsu. Employees here were also killing it. Running both sides of the station and sending trains out as quickly as possible. It's running at full capacity, because I believe the rows are already 6ish feet apart? Anyways, got on the back seat. Pretzel loop for the win. Running super smooth, too. 

    Ended the day at good ole' X2, perhaps my favorite coaster of all time. This too had great operations. It was running at full capacity (like Tatsu, I'm assuming, bc the rows are so far apart). Sat in the backseat. What a DROP. Feels like your soul is getting yanked out of your body. Truly iconic. And missed that final drop. 

    Got to sneak on the last train of the night and ride in the back one more time. God, I love this thing. Such a good, solid, intense, crazy coaster. And it's running amazingly. *make sure to keep your head glued to the head rest, and you'll have the ride of your life*

    Overall, very solid experience. I've usually gotten on more rides pre-pandemic, but I can't complain. The park is open, I went on a Sunday, and I still got to get on the top 3. Didn't bother with WCR. Some trains only had 4 people on them, and the line looked looooooong. Can't wait to ride in the future, though. 

    Regarding COVID, the social distancing in the lines wasn't the best. Didn't really feel like they were distanced at all, honestly, for the majority of the day. But I don't blame the park for that. I blame the park goers. I didn't really mind though, since I'm a lot less worried now that things are better in California. 

    Hopefully in the future, as cases continue to drop and vaccines are even more widespread, the park can run coasters at full capacity. But for now, I'm happy with this :) 





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  9. On 4/7/2021 at 7:43 AM, ryder said:

    You mean those animatronics that never worked, and  just looked completely unnatural with their necks stuck in bizarre angles?  With the parking garage and other non-themed structures totally visible?  Yeah, I totally miss all that.

    Animatronics that they could have replaced, revamped, I don't know, ANYTHING. The new beginning of the ride can't compare imo. 

  10. 3 hours ago, KBrylczyk said:

    I'm extremely curious about these Jurassic World upgrades.  The initial retrofit was, IMO, terrible and unnecessary.  I'm not saying that because I'm a purist, I'm saying that because they "upgraded" a ride that in no way needed upgrading aside from new animatronics.  Adding screens in lieu of awe-inspiring, wide-open environments and larger-than-life dinosaurs towering above you was a disgrace.  Hopefully this new animatronic won't be a "blink and you'll miss it" cameo and we'll be able to get a bit of an action sequence.

    I agree. The problem with Universal is screens screens screens. It's a movie park so it makes sense, I just can't in my right mind get behind this Jurassic World refurb ever since they eliminated the opening scene and all of the animatronics. 

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  11. More info on tickets was released today. 

    Park hours for both parks will be from 9am to 7pm, and the reservation portal for people who do NOT already have a ticket opens on April 12th. 

    No word on a new pass program yet. 



  12. 4 hours ago, Jew said:

    Swung by the park for a few hours to see how things would be in the covid world, and I have to say that magic mountain did a pretty good job.

    For those wondering, it appears the only checks for residency occur during the online reservation process. At the turnstile I was only asked to show my reservation (note on that: I wish they would update their system on the backend to tie the reservation to your pass so you didn’t have to show the reservation and then take out your pass for scanning). The parking attendant asked me for my reservation time (which was 3pm and I arrived at 4), so it appears they are allowing arrivals after your slated time.

    Since I didnt arrive until 4, so I wasn’t going to chance a long wait for any of the headliner coasters taking all my time to do a lap, but I was able to get on justice league and revolution with about 10-15 min waits at each.

    mask enforcement was great, hand sanitizer was readily available, signage was everywhere, more security has been added, and they were following all the LA county guidelines down to even having the ride ops checking lapbars wear masks and googles for extra protection from being in close  contact with guests.

    They are running multiple trains on the coasters, but only loading every other row. So yes, I would recommend flash pass as the only way to ensure you can hit every ride.

    Now onto the photos to tell the story...



    With the vaccine site remaining open, you will probably be parked in the overflow lot. But good for six flags for working with the county to keep the vaccine site open!


    There is no shortage of signage with all the safety rules starting from the walk to the park (shuttle is closed). Also of note, since it usually drives me crazy: all the trash cans on the walk in were clean in empty.  Always hate seeing those gross, since it’s such a bad first impression.



    like all other SF parks, to enter you first go through the thermal camera screening and then the touchless security check. These should make the typically horrible entry lines go away for good when things are back to normal. Love that six flags is leading the way for this much needed technology upgrade for the whole industry.



    presumably with crowds limited both for park attendance and indoor dining in LA county, we won’t be seeing the sports bar opening any time soon.



    However, most other dining locations did reopen with mobile ordering and designated outdoor dining areas. It didn’t appear Six Flags was ready for the high demand of the food (presumably since so many passholders have dining plans). Hope they will adjust now that they have some real world data.



    Ride closures were better than I expected. Most flat rides were open, with crazanity being the notable one being closed (others were the bumper cars and the chair swings).  Both water rides were closed, as was ninja.  Hopefully with spring weather here, they can at least get jet stream back up since the boats will create natural social distancing and allow full capacity loading.


    In order to open justice league, the preshow was disabled to move people directly into the loading room, where groups were socially distanced and loaded one per car. Great way to meet the LA county indoor ride time guideline of 15 min.


    Some examples of how they are doing social distancing to get rides open.




    nothing visible going on with the potential new coaster site yet.



    Security with the bright yellow shirts were very visible in the park and doing a good job asking people to put their masks on.

    Awesome! I can't wait to go next weekend. Random question--did they scan your reservation barcode at the parking lot or entrance?

  13. 9 hours ago, coasterbill said:

    If you didn't pause your Diamond Elite membership they upgraded you to a new tier called Diamond Elite VIP where you get four. I don't believe it's actually offered for sale though. Also: From my understanding this benefit is good forever.

    Do you know if you can use the Diamond skip the line perks at all Six Flags parks? Magic Mountain is my home park (where my membership is linked to), but I'm going to the Roller Coaster Rodeo at Fiesta Texas in June and would love to use this feature there too

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