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  1. In related news: Looks like Staples and local leaders are ironing out terms and incentives now, with a goal to to get a portion of the water park reopened by Fourth of July.
  2. Looks like it based on the article. Though I doubt the Avatar/Korra franchise itself was a huge inspiration for the park owners as much as "elements" are an easy way to differentiate themed areas while continuing the Polynesian motif. Kind of wish they had found some "element" for the kids area, but it looks like 'Tamariki' is a Maori word that roughly translates to youth/juvenile so it at least makes sense. So glad to see a new independent park go up in an unexpected area, especially by owners who seem to want to do more than just put up a bunch of rides in a field and start selling tic
  3. A new article and aerial photos of the park's construction were posted on the Des Moines Register's website (courtesy of Reddit): Source Compared to the original site plan from the groundbreaking press conference, it looks like the log flume and Kanonen have switched site locations, which might be to add the ability for the park path to go under the coaster track. The full article also has more details about the park's background and theming: Owners seem to think the waterpark maxed out its growth potential and were looking for ways to drive more traffic to the area
  4. One alternative might be to build on some of the eastern part of the parking lot by Hellcat's station. There already appears to be a train crossing/service entrance there as well: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Clementon+Park+%26+Splash+World/@39.8032264,-74.9843532,128m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x89c6d2bbe6322dc5:0xbb7aa27b33febce4!8m2!3d39.803597!4d-74.98531
  5. Only used coaster I could think of that I actually could see going here would be Crossbow (Zierer family coaster) at the former Bowcraft park in Scotch Plains, NJ which is listed for sale online: Listing Link
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