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  1. Was able to ride earlier today. Those trains are definitely a tight fit to get into the third rows of each car and for the most part you don't even notice or feel the comfort collars. EXCEPT that funky track profiling and transition into the third drop definitely bashes your neck/face into the comfort collar so beware of that part. 

    The way the trains are designed with an individual seat for each rider and a lap bar that I feel covers all bases on the safety side - I'm not really sure why on earth they decided to have comfort collars. The lap bar holds you in just fine and the comfort collars just add time to the loading/unloading process. Maybe they can come off at some point?

    Anyway, it's definitely not the best ride out there, but is at least more enjoyable and re-ridable now.

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  2. 3 hours ago, KarlaKoaster said:

    I think it's just because they are .heic files (maybe direct from your phone/camera) so when you uploaded they just appeared as attachments as they're not recognised as images. I think if you can somehow save as .jpg before uploading them they should appear in the post like normal. Thanks for posting them anyway, I appreciate it and welcome to the forum 🙂

    Ahh....makes total sense. Will try that next time and thanks to @SoCalJasonland for uploading the photos into the thread for me.

    Glad to be here! :)

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